Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Note, This is the First Aid Heart Attack Patient

A heart attack can be fatal if not treated immediately. Because the heart is a vital organ of the body for the role. Little disturbed or damaged, lives are at stake.

If you find someone who had a heart attack, you do not need to panic. Because Panic will makes the mind becomes cloudy so prone to act rashly. So how appropriate first aid measures?

"If you find someone who had a heart attack, anywhere, which was first performed immediately called emergency, " said Dr. Maria Silvia Merry Godeliva, M.Sc.

The next step is to do while waiting for help to come is to ensure smooth supply of oxygen to the victim's path. In an unconscious condition, usually tend bent neck and tongue so that the tongue limp ' fall ' clog the respiratory tract. So that the airway is not blocked, the victim should be put to sleep in the supine position.

"Lay down the patient on his back with his head, chin up. Because usually, people that are not aware, his neck bent so that the tongue falls into the throat of the esophagus, and it inhibits the airway, " said Dr. Silvia, doctor and teacher at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ambassador Christian Discourse ( UKDW ), Yogyakarta.

Further still in that position, said Dr. Silvia, do check breath. If there was a sense of breath, give help breathing or CPR. Ensuring smooth respiratory tract is essential before performing CPR. Because artificial breathing will be useless if the obstructed airway due to neck or tongue buckle.

However, first aid to heart attack victims can also be done by directly checking breathing and pulse. If breathing and pulse was not palpable, it must be immediately performed cardiac massage and artificial respiration.

" There is also a direct check breathing and pulse. If no, do heart massage, " said Dr. Silvia