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Ultrasonografi Health Benefits

The Benefits of Ultrasonografi for Health

For common people, ultrasonografi (USG)  is useful for monitoring the development of children each month. But there are other benefits of ultrasound is that?

What Is Ultrasonografi ?

what is Ultrasonografi

The Benefits of Ultrasonografi

USG or ultrasonography is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses ultrasonic sound waves with a frequency that is higher than the ability of human hearing. This technique is used to image internal organs and muscles, as well as the size of the structure. In general usefulness of ultrasound is to help establish the diagnosis in a variety of abnormalities of body organs

Ultrasound examination uses sound waves with a frequency of 1-10 MHz. Frequency selection determines the image resolution and penetration into the patient's body. High frequency sound waves are generated from the crystals contained in a device called a transducer / probe.  

Changes in shape due to mechanical force on the crystal will cause the voltage where the phenomenon is called Piezo electric effect. Crystal form will also change when affected by electric fields. Crystals will expand and contract according to the pattern of the electric field that is generated through high frequency sound waves.

Ultrasonografi Benefits in trimester I

Ensure pregnancy and fetal position. In most cases, an ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy outside the womb. Ultrasound helps obstetricians to detect and handle cases of ectopic pregnancy. Gestational age can be seen in the first trimester with minimal errors (4 days). 

With such events through the time of labor and premature birth can be avoided. Also in some cases ultrasound can detect alpha thalassemia. In the normal fetus, the size is bigger than the stomach. In the fetus with alpha thalassemia allegations, the same size of the head and abdomen. Cases of neural tube defects with signs of fetal skull bones have not, big eyes, and small head, already apparent in the trimester I.

Ultrasonografi Benefits trimester II

If doctors suspect there are pregnant with twins, an ultrasound will be done to ensure these allegations. A variety of congenital abnormalities can be screened through the 2nd trimester ultrasound abnormalities such as head, spine, heart, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, and Down syndrome. 

Early diagnosis followed by interventions to repair the possibility of interference or even save the lives of babies. The sex of the baby can also be identified in this phase. The doctor will perform a series of measurements, such as distance of the head to the tail, diaeter head, femur length, and abdominal circumference bone.

Ultrasonografi Benefits trimester III

Evaluate fetal growth determine the condition of the placenta which supplies the essential nutrients a baby at the same time oxygen-rich blood, and to know the position of the fetus before birth.

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Confident benefits for daily life

Confident benefits for daily life

Benefits Confident Attitude

Confidence is a matter relating to the world of psychology that is within each of us. Have high confidence that is needed to be able to achieve a success as well as a sense of optimism and businesses who do not know unyielding. To achieve the required troubleshooting tips growing confidence in ourselves.

There is some sense of confidence in itself. Here is a confident sense of the term Dictionary Thantaway in Guidance and Counseling (2005:87) that is the definition of PD (confidence) is a mental or psychological condition of a person who gives a strong belief in himself to do or perform any act. Anita (2004) defines the meaning of the confidence which means that a person believes in the ability to complete a job and also a problem.

Confident benefits

When we talk about the benefits of self-confidence for people who lives in the world of business and is financially benefit could mean that he is a brave man in all areas of life, dare to take decisions, big bold capital issued, and also willing to issue in public opinion, and other daring acts. It's just going to science must be balanced and also experience a lot. Origin not only courageous. Because the real key is self-confidence is our belief in the ability of ourselves. And it is also a part of healthy living tips.

The positive influence of self-confidence is good and which is owned by someone high will affect the following points:
Someone Soul Emotion.
When a person has had and has a sense of self confidence (confidence) is good, then the question would be better in controlling the feelings when you are in emotional problems or stress tententu both at work, home life, and may be better to control themselves in the act and quieter and can determine the right time to perform an action in solving the problems of life.

Trying spirit.
Other positive effect of self-confidence in relation to this is the spirit of trying the person concerned will not be easy discouraged to achieve goals in life even though it is not easy. And people with a high level of confidence will tend to bend over backwards to keep his business he yielded good results.

Some troubleshooting tips how to improve self-confidence can be done by:
Choose an activity that you think we still lack confidence. With this we will learn more about the cause of insecurity we are. With this we will be expected to slowly overcome a sense of inferiority or not PD on us. And explore every way to be able to grow the confidence.

Set targets success of an activity. Target is something we want to accomplish. When we have a targat to be achieved then this will foster the spirit within us to keep trying and trying to reach the target of success.

Do not Be Afraid To Challenge. Because we are doing a challenge is the first step in a way to convince yourself to oneself. If we just do what only we can, then we can not see ourselves the ability of the real. By doing challenges, our eyes will be open, and will even be in a conclusion that apparently we can do anything as long as we think it might not be even impossible. So by doing things like this confidence will rise.

Constraints and problems on this confidence is inferior (not confident). And these are some of the causes of inferiority can because of environmental factors, the fruits of parental upbringing filled with restrictions, lack of parental affection, do not get a good example of the parents, the trauma of failure and adverse events in the past will also become factors causing this insecurity in a person.

Real confidence is an attitude that is positive for our lives and ourselves in terms of mentality. Confident will lead one to a sense of optimism in life. Confident and optimistic is the initial capital that determines success, in the face of any problem to be faced.

benefits of cow bone marrow for child brain intelligence

Bone marrow is the soft and super savory, often used as an ingredient to make the broth on the food. Some are finally enjoying the softness of the bone marrow directly in the cow. Indeed, the food is delicious and gives the sensation of another meal than others.

The Benefits of Marrow Bone for Health

marrow bone health benefits

Turns marrow has good benefits to anyone consume, both children and adults. If you have children in infancy and difficult to eat, give them a cow marrow can improve brain function so that they become more active and smarter. Beef marrow is also believed to increase appetite for children are difficult to eat.

Maintaining excellent beef marrow bones and teeth. For children and adults, marrow cows can boost immunity, so we did not get sick. Wow, delicious, nutritious anyway.

Eating beef marrow is also good for you to accelerate the healing of injured bones. Beef marrow contains nutrients such as iron of 480 mg, 8 mg calcium 4.7 mg protein and phosphorus 3.1 mg. With the content of the many benefits we can get from eating beef bone marrow. Including those who want to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

If you want to eat more delicious with beef marrow, can make a soup or skewers so that more tempting. Especially for the children who are growing.

Google Map Benefits for Daily Life

The Benefits of Google Map for Everyday Activity

Google map is an internet software which contains a map of the area or location. The map shows the picture as is frequently encountered in conventional map created print. Either in book form or also in the form of painting.

Google map is an extension of the benefits of google sites. Previously, the site is only known as a search engine or internet search engine in the world alone. however, as the development of the technological breakthrough that makes google different from other search engines.

This is a strategy made by managers sistus google, in order to attract the interest of Internet users. So, they not only visit the google site while looking for a site that contains content that they want. However, there are other facilities provided by the google site for those who want to find a location. You do this through the software.

In the software, will be presented a map display area created digitally. So, for those who want to know the map of an area, simply go to the site the google map and pressing the button or typing in an address. Thus, the location you want will soon be found without long wait times.

What Is a Google Map?

Google Maps is a service from Google to show the roads that exist in the entire world. Shaped like a common map you see. But Google's service is only showing the streets alone, and there is no name of a mountain, a river, or the boundaries of the area commonly found in the general map. However, existing maps in the Maps service is very complete.

How to View Google Map

benefits of google map

Google map Benefits

How to view the Maps service is very simple and you do not need to install software such as Google Earth. Importantly, you must be connected to the internet. To be able to see the Maps service, you have to slide to the official website at

Upon entry to the official website, you can simply search for the desired road map by typing the path or area being searched on Google Maps. Keep in mind that in typing the name of the street or the area you are looking, you have to actually type in detail so that the results of the map that appears in accordance with the street name or area desired.

The reason is, a lot of roads that have the same name in different areas. For example, Ahmad Yani street. Could all cities in Indonesia to use this name for the road that is in their town. So, write down the name of the street and the area they want to know the maps.

One more facilities or services provided to you is very useful is the print facility map. After finding the road map will be known, you can print the map onto a paper. Of course to be able to print the map in Google Maps, you need a printer.

This map printing facility can be determined amount of area you want to print. For example, you can print the entire map of Jakarta with street names that are less obvious. But if you want to print a map with street names are clear, you can print a more specific area.

One of Google's more interesting is that you can use it for free and did not charge at all. So please go to Google Maps and get all the information about the map of an area.

Benefits of Google Map

Any additional facilities other than as a search engine on this map service, would be very helpful to users. It is especially in the process of finding a location that is still foreign. Because of the presence of this software will give you some of the benefits include:

1. Speed ​​up the search of a location within a short time. Because the digital technology search system will take place quickly. With this service, one can find a place that he meant it. Very easy, even for places categorized as remote areas are still accessible.

2. Help someone who is traveling to find a quick way to be at the location of its target. This is another of the advantages of this service.

There are so many who want to travel paraorang not clearly understand the direction of the road that will be delivered to the intended destination. Many of those who are lost because they do not know the way. Ask anyone who met on the road was not a solution that is easy to do.

Therefore, these services help people with this type. Before traveling, they are sufficient to access the site, type in address or place name that will be addressed. And within seconds, the service will let you know where the location of the destination as well as the placement of the other places around the point.

Thus, this service will indicate which path should be taken in order to get to the destination. So it certainly will not get lost again. And ask the people who met in the street only when the urgent course. Surely it would be more optimized again.

3. Simplify storage system map. Because, with digital technology we do not need to make a special space to store a map. Therefore, the software is the data stored in digital form.

For people who are always struggling with digital world, of digital map service is very helpful. Someone does not have to bother bringing a complete map and certainly not small to determine intended place. with these services, simply by accessing the site provider, then the service is already digital maps can be available and assist the work of the seeker.

4. Can be accessed from anywhere. With the technology of the Internet, we can make the access maps from various places that have internet facility. this is another convenience that is in the service.

Timeless for its fig connected in internet services, they still may to access this service. Also timeless, still can access it at any time.

5. Knowing new places we might not have known before. This is very helpful when we're heading to that place. before traveling we've got enough stock on the direction to be taken to arrive at the venue.

Sometimes it difficult for someone to go to a place that he knew or had never visited before. Maybe the previous era, someone asked the people who know or have ever visited the venue to make maps or routes to get to the venue.

Like the route that is in the service. There is a path or route that will deliver the seeker to the intended place.

6. Renewal of data faster than using a conventional map. Renewal is in this service must be done very quickly, much faster than the existing conventional maps.

If the required fieldwork conventional map directly to the field where the change of name of the place or the conditions where it is the presence of these digital services, it should not be done.

Well, probably many of you who often have lost or stray. This happens because of ignorance on the road to be traversed to reach the destination. Especially if you live in a crowded city street memorize difficult, because so many.

However, with Google maps you will no longer need to fear getting lost, even if we wanted to go away to a place we had never attended. Yes, you can see which way these must be passed in order to get to the destination in an easy way, by using the Google Map.

Indeed this service from day to day enjoyed by many people. Therefore more and more users. Google Map service users are increasingly able to find it useful in their work and lives.

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Benefits of Fat for Body

The Benefits of Fat for Body

Fat benefits for health

Fat benefits for health

We usually would feel uncomfortable if our body is fatty. Therefore, we will soon find a way to get rid of Spry fat-especially in the abdomen-in any way offered. Either by drinking tea diet, acupuncture, or exercising. 

Have a lean body mass (muscles) will help your metabolism high, keep bones strong, prevent injuries, and repel diseases, including osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, and high blood pressure. Even more importantly, a slender body obviously more delicious.

But you need to know, keep body fat levels remained within the normal is also required. Body fat is basically needed for bodily functions can run normally and healthy. There are several other reasons why we must continue to maintain a healthy body fat levels.

Top 7 Fat Benefits for Body

1. Protection. Fat is important to protect our bodies, to help regulate body temperature, and protect us from the weather is very hot and cold.

2. Body functions. Body fat is important for the functioning of the body with healthy and normal.

3. Absorption of the vitamin. Fat serves as a carrier of vitamin A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble. Lean body, you can vitamin deficiency that can cause disease.

4. "Shock absorbers" private. Fat is the body's natural cushioning mechanism. Fat surrounds and protects vital organs, and keeping the joints. Even athletes also require body fat to protect them from potential injury suffered while playing.

5. Cell structure, beauty, and age. Fat is part of the structure of our cells, which is important for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails. Although we are diligent in our body fitness and toned, healthy body fat but will also keep us still look feminine, not like Madonna that makes her look like a man.

6. Fertility. Body fat helps to ensure the production of hormones, including sex hormones. Women, who have very low body fat, tend to have low estrogen levels also. This could result in the cessation of menstruation.

7. Energy and endurance. By having body fat in healthy levels, we can avoid illness and chronic fatigue. In addition, a low body fat will reduce or decrease the energy.

There are several different ways to measure body fat content, and the method may be more accurate than other methods. But everyone needs a different fat content than others, so it would be better if we know that healthy levels of fat in a certain percentage range. If you have stopped menstruating, or if you are susceptible to flu or fatigue, you should see a doctor to find out if your body fat levels are at healthy levels.

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Benefits of Yoga Asanas for Health

Health Benefits of Asanas Yoga

Asana Yoga Benefits for Health

What is Asana on Yoga? Asana yoga is movement associated with body position. The combination of flexibility motion, circular motion and balance helps you to distinguish them from other types of yoga. Asanas in Yoga posture prioritize, focus on breathing and concentration on the mind.

there are dozens or even hundreds of asanas in yoga, the asanas but basically divided into 5 groups, What are the types and benefits of asana in yoga? Please listen to the benefits that we can reap by doing the following 5 types of asana.

Types and Asana Benefits for health

1. Standing asanas: standing poses such as mountain pose tadasana or give vitality, energy, spirit. If coupled with a raised hand movement, heart rate will be increased and pep. Therefore, this kind poses a very good done in the morning, when we needed pep. Instead of drinking coffee or tea, do it standing yoga poses to pep. Healthier and do not drain the water in the body.

2. Sit Asana : sit like Paschimottanasana Pose (body folded forward), vajrasana, or sukasana easy and everyone can do makes us who do become calmer. Calm, so said the West.

3. Twisted Asana : Play or called twisting is great for cleaning (cleansing and detox) in organs such as the digestive organs polluted every day we continue to include food and drinks that are not necessarily healthy, but instead weighed the body. 

If you are suffer from constipation for instance, try to do the poses twisting torso or torso so that the digestive organs are stimulated and eventually compelled to remove waste materials and toxins in the body. Coupled with a healthy diet and adequate water intake, the body undoubtedly will expel twist pose constipation. 

4. Pose jump: In doing yoga, sometimes performed leaps, like when we had to move from downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana) towards half standing forward bend (ardha uttanasana). Here, skill and agility (agility) we sharpened.

5. Pose upside / inversion: Doing the pose that would make the heart are on the head spur faster heartbeat and for many people, relatively challenging asanas such as risk of falls, upside down, dizzy, dizzy and so on makes it feel 'scary' and should avoided by all means. 

Though feeling dizzy, afraid that if it lived as good as possible and is done in moderation will make our mental strength is better than ever and that would make us to be more courageous in facing the challenges in life. Trying something new will be easier, especially for those who like the comfort zone (who do not like the comfort zone?).

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Benefits of Manganese in daily life

Benefits of Manganese in daily life

Manganese History

First identified by Scheele, Bergman and other experts as an element and isolated by Gahn in 1774, with the reduction of manganese dioxide with carbon.

Manganese Source

Benefits of Manganese in daily life

Benefits of Manganese in daily life

Manganese minerals are widely spread in many forms; oxides, silicates, carbonates are the most common compounds. The discovery of a large number of manganese compounds in the bottom of the ocean is the source of the manganese content of 24%, along with other elements with less content.

Most of the manganese compounds currently found in Russia, Brazil, Australia, Africa sSelatan, Gabon, and India. Irolusi and rhodokhrosit mineral manganese is most often found. Metals, manganese is obtained by reduction of manganese oxide with sodium, magnesium, aluminum, or by electrolysis.

Manganese Properties

Manganese grayish white, with a hard but brittle nature. Manganese is very reactive chemically, and decomposes cold water slowly. Manganese is used to form many important alloys. In steel, manganese improves the quality forging both in terms of strength, hardness, and hardenability.

With aluminum and bismuth, especially with small amounts of copper, forming a ferromagnetic alloy.

Manganese metal is ferromagnetic after a given treatment. The pure metal exists as a form allotropik with four types. One of them, alpha type, unusually stable at high temperatures, whereas the type of gamma manganese, which turned out to be an alpha at high temperatures, said flexible, easy to cut and forged.

Usefulness of Manganese

Manganese dioxide (as pirolusit) is used as depolariser and dry cell batteries and to remove the green color in the glass caused by iron impurities. Manganese violet color itself gives the glass. Dioxide is useful for the manufacture of oxygen and chlorine, and in drying black paints. 

Compounds permanganate is a strong oxidizing agent and is used in quantitative analysis and in medicine. Manganese is also widely spread in the body. Manganese is an essential element for the use of vitamin B1.

Benefits and function of Manganese

Manganese market prospect is very dependent on the world steel industry. Currently 90 percent of the production of manganese is consumed by the steel industry and for this purpose usually used a mixture of iron manganese, which feromangan. 

Feromangan produced by reduction of a mixture of iron and manganese oxides with carbon. The most important manganese ore is pirolisit, MnO2 Manganese is one of the mining products with outstanding usability. 

Commodities are included in the group of twelve mineral in the earth's crust into raw materials which are not replaceable in the world steel industry. Ferro Manganese and Manganese are two forms of silico manganese steel industry which is widely used.

Manganese is also used for the production of dry batteries, ceramics, glass and chemicals.
Manganese is essential to iron and steel production. Manganese is a key component of low-cost stainless steel formulations and certain widely used. Manganese is used in steel alloys to increase the favorable characteristics such as strength, hardness and durability. Manganese is used to make the glass and making glass achromatic color purple.

Manganese dioxide is also used as a catalyst. Additionally Manganese is used in the electronics industry, where manganese dioxide, either natural or synthetic, which is used to produce manganese compounds which have a high electrical resistance; among other applications, is used as a component in every television set.

Manganese is a mineral that is used by some to help prevent bone loss and reduce the annoying symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl is used as an additive in unleaded gasoline to boost octane and reduce engine knocking. The manganese in the unusual organometallic compound is in the oxidation state 1.

Manganese (IV) oxide (manganese dioxide, MnO 2) is used as a reagent in organic chemistry for the oxidation of benzylic alcohols (ie adjacent to an aromatic ring). Manganese dioxide has been used since antiquity to neutralize oxidative greenish tinge in glass caused by trace amounts of iron contamination. MnO 2 is also used in the manufacture of oxygen and chlorine, and in drying black paints.

In some preparations it is a brown pigment that can be used to make paint and is a constituent of natural umber. Manganese (IV) oxide is used in the original type of dry cell battery as an electron acceptor from zinc, and is the blackish material found when opening carbon-zinc type flashlight cells. Manganese dioxide is reduced to manganese oxide-hydroxide MnO (OH) during discharging, preventing the formation of hydrogen at the anode battery.

Manganese is also important in photosynthetic oxygen evolution in chloroplasts in plants.

Manganese Handling

Exposed to manganese dust, vapor and compounds should not exceed 5 ppm even for a very short period because of the level of toxicity of the element.

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Nitisinone Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Nitisinone

Liver Treatment with Nitisinone
Nitisinone Health Benefits
Nitisinone used to treat disorders of tyrosinemia type 1 (HT-1). HT-1 is usually found in infants and require lifelong treatment. This condition is caused by a deficiency of a certain natural substance that is needed to break down nutrients (tyrosine) that are found in food.

This effect causes the accumulation of tyrosine and related substances in the liver. Nitisinone works by helping prevent the formation and accumulation of toxic substances which caused some damage to the liver, kidneys, and nervous system. This medication should be used along with a diet low in protein and tyrosine phenylalanine.

Drugs to treat disorders tyrosinemia (HT-1), Tyrosinemia is a disorder that causes serious problems with liver metabolism

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HYDROCARBON Benefits In Daily Life

A. Usefulness of Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbons many benefits to human needs, both in the field of food, clothing, housing, art and aesthetics. In this case the use of hydrocarbons will be presented in daily life for humans, namely in the field of food, clothing, housing, art and aesthetics.

1. Field of food
If you've talked usefulness of hydrocarbons in the field of food, the language is not a pure hydrocarbon anymore, but a little wider namely carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are present in nature. Many carbohydrates have the empirical formula CH2O.
Types of carbohydrates
Monosaccharide is a carbohydrate the simplest that can not be hydrolyzed into smaller carbohydrate molecules again.
Glucose / sugar wine is widely available in fruits, corn, and honey.
There fructose together with glucose and sucrose in fruits and honey.
Galactose, the source can be obtained from the hydrolyzed lactose digestion through our food.

Disaccharide is a carbohydrate that is composed of two monosaccharides.
Maltose (glucose + glucose), can not be easily fermented by colonic bacteria, it is used in baby food, milk powder leavened bread (malted milk)
Lactose (glucose + galactose), found in cow's milk and 5-8% in the mother's milk.
Sucrose (glucose + fructose), sugar is normal. When heated to form invert sugar called caramel brown. Used for the manufacture of ice cream, soft drinks, and candy.

Polysaccharide is a carbohydrate composed of many monosaccharides. Usefulness of hydrocarbons on polysaccharides in food such as rice, starch, corn, etc..

2. For clothing
Of hydrocarbon material that could be used for clothing is PTA (purified terephthalic acid), which is made of para-xylene in which the material is essentially kerosene (kerosene). Kerosene is all of the material formed into aromatic compounds, ie para-xylene

Para-xylene is then oxidized using air into the PTA (see map above petrochemical process). Of PTA shaped like detergent powder is then reacted with methanol into polyester fibers. Ester poly fiber that is the synthetic yarn that looks like thread. Almost all uniforms sisters may wear made of polyester. To facilitate their identification can be seen from the price. Prices of clothing made of synthetic polyester yarns are usually relatively cheaper than clothing made from raw cotton, silk or other natural fibers. Fineness of material made from polyester fibers affected by additive (additive) in the process of making yarn (when reacting with methanol PTA). Actually, there are others who also dibunakan polymers for the manufacture of synthetic fibers finer or softer again. Eg fiber content material for sanitary napkins. The polymer is made of polyethylene.

3. Field board
Building materials derived from hydrocarbons in general the form of plastic. Plastic base material similar to LPG, which is a polymer of propylene, the olefin compound / alkenes of carbon chains C3. Of plastic material is then so wide, ranging from the roof of the house (plastic tiles), furniture, interior equipment, bumper car, tables, chairs, plates, etc..

4. The arts
For matters of art, especially painting, the main role of hydrocarbons exist in the ink / oil paint and solvent. Maybe the brothers knew thinner used to thin the paint. Temporal affairs sculpture for many of the sculptures are made from plastic or trophies, etc.. Hydrocarbon solvents used for paints made of Low Aromatic White Spirit is a solvent or LAWS resulting from Pertamina refinery in Plaju with a boiling point range between 145o C - 195o C. LAWS hidrokarbonyang form solvent compound is a mixture of paraffin, cycloparaffins, and aromatic hydrocarbons.

1. Usability and composition of hydrocarbons in everyday life can be grouped in the field of food, clothing, housing, commerce, art, and aesthetics.
2. Example of the usefulness of hydrocarbons in the field of food that is in the carb.
3. Example of the usefulness of hydrocarbons in the field of clothing is PTA (purified terephthalic acid), which is made of para-xylene in which the material is essentially kerosene (kerosene).
4. Example of the usefulness of hydrocarbons in the field of the board is a polymer of propylene, the olefin compound / alkenes of carbon chains C3.
5. Example of the usefulness of hydrocarbons in the arts: the main role of hydrocarbons exist in the ink / oil paint and solvent.
6. Example of the usefulness of hydrocarbons in the field of aesthetics, among others: lipstick, waxing (hair removal using a foot candle) and other ingredients mixing cosmetic, pharmaceutical or shoe polish.
7. Petrochemical industry is the result of material-based oil and natural gas. Some examples are the petrochemical plastics, deterge, and artificial rubber.
8. Petrochemical basic materials can be olefins, and aromatic sy-gas.

Hydrocarbons: Compounds composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms of carbon atoms.
Carbohydrates: A compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are found in nature that has the empirical formula CH2O.
Petrochemical industries: petrochemical industry is an industry that materials derived from the fuel industry, da petroleum gas (natural gas).
Olefin: The basic ingredients are the most important petrochemicals like ethylene (ethene), propylene (propene), butylene (butene), and butadiene.
Aromatic: Benzene and turunanya example benzene (C6H6), toluene (C6H5CH3), and xylene (C6H4 (CH3) 2)
Synthetic gas: A mixture of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2)

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Efficacy and Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit For Health

Top 11 Health Benefits of Mangosteen

benefits of Mangosteen

Mangosteen health benefits

Mangosteen benefits we have seen since the first and for the health benefits of mangosteen have been realized and used either traditionally or in modern in Southeast Asia, China, Africa to treat various health problems. 

For the moment we find a lot of different foods and processed from the mangosteen fruit which does not reduce substances contained in the mangosteen fruit when we consume them. Tropical fruit that has many benefits and efficacy is also known as the "Queen of Fruits" in which most of the mangosteen fruit producer, Indonesia is one of them.

Mangosteen fruit benefits not only lies in the fruit that has a high nutritional value, but it also has the Mangosteen Skin properties and benefits are pretty good for the health. The content of the mangosteen fruit such as vitamin C, fiber, potassium and even some biogas active compounds such as catechins and Proanthocyanidins make this tropical fruit a lot diuru by all circles of society. 

On the skin of the mangosteen, are antioxidants called Xanthones and a few other ingredients that are very useful for the human body such as: anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and antioxidant.

Efficacy and Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit For Health:

  1. Helping to combat pain (anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation, pain and joint damage associated with arthritis, or pain caused by exercise and minor injuries)
  2. Reduce free radical damage and inflammation - help maintain healthy blood vessels, lower cholesterol, protect the heart muscle, lowers high blood pressure
  3. Boost energy without stimulants
  4. Maintain intestinal health - relieve diarrhea, constipation, stimulates normal bowel health
  5. Both are used in Skin and Face - can be applied to the skin for eczema, fight bacteria that cause acne and teen issues which also helps accelerate wound healing
  6. Help fight infection - viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, fever
  7. Can reduce blood sugar in type II diabetes by making insulin more effectively
  8. Helps to fight free radical damage resulting cell mutations (cancer and tumor growth)
  9. Protect the brain and nerve health - helping to combat Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease
  10. Help to combat allergies (anti-histamine), supports the immune system
  11. Helps to manage weight - reduce body fat

Top 10 Benefits of Cheese

The Benefits of Cheese

Cheese Health Benefits

Cheese is a food that is produced by separating the solids in the milk through a process of thickening or coagulation. Coagulation process is done with the help of certain bacteria or enzymes called rennet. The results of this process will be dried, processed, and preserved in various ways.  

Milk can be produced from a variety of cheese products. Cheese products vary determined from the type of milk, coagulation methods, temperatures, methods of cutting, drying, heating, as well as the process of cheese ripening and preservation.  

Generally, animals are used as a source of milk is cow. The milk of the camel, goat, sheep, horse, or buffalo used in several types of local cheeses.

Besides it tastes good and tasty, the cheese also save a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Among them are:

Top 10 Benefits of Cheese

1. Amino acid profile of the cheese is quite complete for building muscle tissue, metabolism of body cells and bone.
2. Rich in riboflavin useful to help metabolize carbohydrates and maintain healthy mucous membranes.
3. Rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid are beneficial in cheese helps DNA synthesis, maturation of red blood cells and maintain nerve function.
4. Rich in vitamin A which is important for the sense of sight, healthy skin, tissue surfaces and protection against infection.
5. Rich in selenium which is essential for the synthesis of an antioxidant enzyme.
6. Phosphorus rich useful as forming ATP for energy production, bone and teeth formation and acid base balance.
7. Rich in calcium which is important for the formation of bones and teeth, blood clotting, maintaining nerve function, muscle and heart rhythm.
8. Cheese also contains tryptophan, an amino acid that can relieve setress, aid sleep and reduce pre-menstrual syndrome.
9. In calories and very low in carbohydrates are also making it suitable as a diet food.
10. Contains a lot of minerals so it is good to protect teeth from decay.

Other Health Benefits of Cheese

Often set aside cheese on food that was served? It feels fear of cheese that are considered fat and just adds a little weight should be removed.

Blue cheese or blue cheese for example. This cheese has a low fat content is quite friendly for the heart. Sightings cheese the same as cheese mostly, it's just that in it there is a blue fibers formed from the mold. Here are some benefits of eating blue cheese:

1. Lose weight
Almost everyone who did diet program, always put the cheese in her diet menu list. This cheese has an extremely low calorie which helps the weight loss process.

2. build muscle
The process of making blue cheese from sheep's milk and cheese aging. Thus, this cheese contains a lot of amount of milk protein. If you want to build muscle then it is advisable to consume this cheese.

3. anti-inflammatory
Blue cheese has a high level of anti-inflammatory, which helps keep arteries clean and healthy.

4. anti cellulite
This type of cheese can prevent the development of fat in the body that tend to form cellulite. If you are prone to cellulite, you'll want to eat this cheese every day.

5. Prevent osteoporosis
Especially in women entering menopause phase, the consumption of cheese is highly recommended. Calcium content are extremely high to prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthriitis.

Appendix Benefits for body

Appendix Benefits for body

Appendix is often regarded as a useless organ and so easy to cut when there is an infection. However, Bill Parker of Duke University in its publication in the Journal of Biology 2007 Theorethical refute that view.

Parker said, when a person experiences digestive tract infection, beneficial bacteria counts will decrease. Appendix has helped restore populations of beneficial bacteria back to normal.

Benefits of appendix

Appendix benefits for body

Appendix benefits for body

More recently, James Grendell of Winthrop-University Hospital on Long Island found evidence to support the view Parker. He conducted a study in 254 patients infected with Clostridium difficile, a common type of bacteria mengibfeksi hospital patients, especially those taking antibiotics.

Grendell, based on the results of the research, said that the C. difficile can not directly compete with the good bacteria in the digestive tract. However, if the number of good bacteria is reduced, the number of C. difficile directly increases.

As reported in March 2012 issue of Scientific American, Grendell said that the growth of C. difficile in humans who did not have appendicitis faster. Sick from C. difficile occurs in 18 percent of people with appendicitis, while the man who did not have appendicitis reached 45 percent.

Grendell said that the appendix acts to save human lives from infection. He said the research needs to be done so that in the future, doctors are not the origin of the appendix cut.

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Benefits of Google Plus +

The Benefits of Google Plus for SEO Purpose

Google Plus Benefits for SEO
Google Plus Benefits for SEO Purpose
As we know, the development of social media is increasing very rapidly from day to day. Of the many social media is of course that became champion Facebook and Twitter. but did you know that it is actually useful for webmasters like us is google plus. Why? yes because google plus very good for SEO.

Yes, Google plus is very good for seo because basically google plus social media itself is made by Google, of course, each is a positive impact on the SERP. for more details refer to the following explanation of the benefits of google plus for seo and blog:

Authorship Rich Snippet

In content indexing, Google will provide a filter to every website / blog is in the index, one of which is the use of filters authorship. With the Google plus is every webmaster can verify the author website uses google google plus so that the content would prefer the website / blog. If the language easily google will prefer the person who he knows, knows not want to cook in rank on page one .. hehe. In addition to the article author rich snippets will also increase the confidence of visitors in your article.

Recommendation +1

As with any other social media, google plus also provides the facility to share things like user. In this case the call +1 google. so what is +1 for SEO benefits?. Actually tremendous benefits for blog and seo as google will read your article as the article is useful for many people because it was recommended by many people. and its impact was predictable, the possibility of your article in page one perched become large.

Dofollow backlinks

It's the most delicious, hehe. So google will provide compensation in the form of backlinks for each article by a user should be +1, of course this is dofollow backlinks. Which is more stable again, each user gives an article +1, then the article will automatically go to his profile and appears also in connection veranda (circle) of the user. so imagine if you have 10,000 people in your circle, then how many backlinks coming into your article.

So from now on do not underestimate Google Plus, because he is part of our stained. hehe. okay if you find this article useful please give +1 this article yes. Better yet if you add me to your circles.

And after knowing about benefits of Google Plus, please don't forget to give this article plus +1 :)

18 Benefits of Stop Smoking

Smoking is known to have a bad effect on health. Even so, smokers still have difficulty or even reluctant to stop doing it. Here are 18 benefits to be gained if quit smoking, as quoted by the Times of India, on Monday (29/04/2013):

Top 18 Benefits of Stop Smoking

18 benefits of stop smoking

quit smoking benefits

1. Healthier body
Not the cliche, but if it was smoke and immediately stop this habit, in a matter of minutes, the body will return to its normal response. Ranging from blood pressure, pulse, body temperature up overall. All activity in the body will be normal.

2. Stopping Cough husky
Soon after quitting smoking, the tendency to cough with severe levels will be reduced. At the same time, heavy breathing that often occurs is also reduced because the lungs begin to return to normal functioning without interruption cigarette smoke. Because lung function began to return to normal, the lung's ability to control mucus, clean the lungs, and reduce the risk of infection increases.

3. Enhance Sexual Ability
For those of you who are married and have a couple of smokers, immediately warned to quit because quitting smoking will improve one's sexual performance. For men, by stopping smoking will facilitate the process of erection, while for women will be easily aroused.

4. Aroma smoking in the Missing Body
If you stop smoking, within a few minutes the aroma of cigarettes from the body will be lost. Additionally, where you live will be fresh and clean.

5. Reduce the Risk of Health Problems
Smoking just makes life vulnerable. Quit smoking if you want to live a healthy life without diseases like impotence, fertility problems, cataracts, gum disease, tooth loss, and osteoporosis.

6. Extend Age
Smoking increases ten times the risk of disease to die from a variety of life-threatening health problems.

7. Looks Younger
Smoking causes premature aging. By quitting smoking, not only will benefit your overall health, but also the appearance. Smoking causes wrinkles and dull skin.

8. No More Shortness of Breath
Do you often feel anxious and short of breath after walking for 2 minutes? This is due to nicotine. Once you stop smoking, within a day will decrease the level of carbon monoxide and respiratory system for the better.

9. Improve Self Confidence
Stop smoking if you want to regain self-esteem and confidence. With stops, you will stop hiding behind cigarettes every time you interact with someone or dealing with something.

10. Reduced heart problems
As mentioned earlier, smoking makes closer to death and shorten the life. If you stop smoking, the possibility of death by coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke will be down nearly 50 percent.

11. Sensory Organ Back to Normal
After quitting smoking, you will get back the ability to recognize the touch and taste. Damaged nerves will begin to grow again, and finally a sense of touch, taste, and smell will return to normal.

12. Checks to Reduce Costs for Doctors
Smoking causes several diseases that arise, both now and later. Diseases such as cough, bronchitis, sores in the mouth, all will begin to disappear. If you quit smoking, you will feel healthier.

13. Handle Stress with Better Health
Generally we think that smoking helps to relieve stress. But it's not true, your body experiences when smoking a stress reaction due to reduced oxygen levels in the brain, it actually increases stress. Therefore, stop smoking if you want to deal with stress in a more healthy.

14. Oxygen Transport in the Body of Being Good
After quitting smoking, the carbon monoxide levels will be reduced. This will increase the level of hemoglobin, the oxygen transport will be done so efficiently throughout the body.

15. Reduce the Risk of Cancer
Because of the environmental carcinogens in cigarettes, the more they smoke the more likely to trigger different types of cancer, such as the throat, mouth and esophagus.

16. Better Oral Health
Oral health is necessary for better overall. With smoking, would reduce the ability to taste, appearing stains on teeth and improve gum problems. Could eventually lead to tooth loss and damage to the overall appearance.

17. Stronger Immune
Within a few days stop smoking, the immune system will grow stronger. This will reduce the likelihood of falling ill from various health problems such as colds and flu.

18. More Energized
After quitting smoking, the circulation in the body will improve. Good circulation means oxygen will make the body become more energetic and healthier.

The Benefits of Beards and Mustaches for health

The Benefits of Beards and Mustaches for health

Illustrate: Tom Cruise
Do you know the benefits of beards and mustaches for health? doesn't know yet? read this article, most of men often shave his beard and mustache. due to the diligent man shaves mustache and beard is going to look more clean and tidy. 

However, there is no harm in letting the beard and mustache growing on your skin because recent studies find that the beard and mustache beneficial to your health. because the beard and mustache can be neat to make it look nicer, more people see from the look of the face but not pay attention on health side.


Top 3 Benefits of  beards and mustaches for health

1. protect Skin
Research conducted at the University of Southern Queensland state that men are bearded and mustachioed face a third lower than the exposure to UV light clean-faced man without a mustache and beard. This research uses dosimetric technique that measures the amount of radiation absorbed at any given time. 

The result, it is known that the more bushy beard then the more protected skin. Bushy beard that can protect the skin from sun exposure as much as 90-95 percent. Another theory also suggests that a thick beard and curly ultraviolet radiation is able to break down so that the light is difficult to reach the skin surface.

2. prevent asthma
Man with a mustache is also a lower risk of asthma, especially those caused by pollen. Mustache that reaches the nose can block the allergens inhaled into the nose and into the lungs. However, mustache can not prevent the entry of dust into the nose as microscopic dust size.

3. prevent Flu
Beard growing around the chin and neck are also able to avoid the flu due to temperature, around the neck warmer.  Body temperature warm and drink plenty of water to accelerate the healing of flu.

Benefits of Pregnancy Gymnastics for Mother and Fetus

Benefits of Pregnancy Gymn for Mother and Fetus
HAVE A healthy fetus is not as easy as desired. Many ways to improve the health of the fetus, one of them pregnant women gymnastics premises. This exercise also helps the mother to keep it healthy and will facilitate the delivery process.

Dr Abdul Rival has held a pregnant woman gymnastics classes since a few months ago. The program is conducted every Saturday. "So, in the class of pregnant women are taught how to keep his body in order to stay healthy and fit," said Abdul Rival PR dr, dr Erva Anggriana.

Sports are very important to pregnant women. Therefore, through the direct physical activity can help maintain health and fitness. "In fact, not only during pregnancy, healthy and fit will greatly help the delivery process will be," he explained.

Explained Erva, exercise during pregnancy is done to maintain stamina remains good, control weight gain, reduce trouble sleeping. "Equally important is also reduces the risk of cholesterol during pregnancy.

The concept, pregnancy exercise performed to train the specific muscles that can help the process of giving birth normally. "As the abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles, and thigh muscles. This pregnancy exercise, breathing exercises taught during contractions and when to push, "he continued.

Found in his office, Erva explained that pregnancy exercise contains movements that combines breathing exercises, working heart muscle, relaxation, and flexibility. Thus improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles, reduce pain, cramping, and finally help the baby into the birth canal. "So, in addition to a healthy and fit during pregnancy, pregnancy exercise later after working out, pregnant women (pregnant women, Red.) Can give birth normally and safely," he said.

At what gestational age should pregnant women exercise classes? "Age above 22 weeks of pregnancy, is consult and examination of the doctor or midwife. And of course, done under the direction of pregnant women special gymnastics instructor dong ya? "

However, he said, more fun for the participants to invite the husband to pay attention to his movements. So that could help to repeat at home. Asked gymnastic activities other than pregnant women, she explained that there is also a matter for the breastfeeding (breast milk).

Benefits of White Blood Cells

Definition of White Blood Cells
White blood cells are also called leukocytes (English: white blood cell, WBC, leukocyte) and circulating in the human body is the circulatory system of cells that make up blood components.

Benefits of White Blood Cells
Benefits of White Blood Cells
Benefits of White Blood Cells
White blood cells are used to help body against various infectious diseases as part of the immune system. White blood cells are colorless, have a nucleus, can move amoebeid, and can penetrate the walls of the capillary / diapedesis.

In normal circumstances contained 4x10 to 11x10 9 9 white blood cells in a liter of blood in healthy adult humans - around 7000-25000 cells per drop.

In all there are 6000 millimeters of blood swelled to 10,000 (8000 average) of white blood cells. In the case of leukemia, the amount can be increased up to 50000 cells per drop.
In the body, leukocytes associate not tight with a particular organ or tissue, they work independently as a single cell organism.

Leukocytes are able to move freely and interact and capture cellular debris, foreign particles or microorganisms intruders.

In addition, leukocytes can not divide or be reproducing in their own way, but they are the product of pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells that exist in the bone marrow.

Number of leukocytes (White Blood Cells)
Leukocyte count less than that of erythrocytes. In men and women every cubic mm of blood there are only about 4,500 to 10,000 the number of grains.

Leukocytes have varied shapes and sizes have larger than erythrocytes. Leukocytes have a nucleus round and concave. These cells can move freely in amuboid and can penetrate the capillary wall (diapedesis).
Type of White Blood Cells
Leukocytes can be divided into two, namely leukocyte granulocytes (granular plasma = basophils, eosinophils, neutrophils) and leukocytes agranulosit (not plasma = granular lymphocytes, monocytes)

The formation and function of White Blood Cells

Leukocyte formed in the red bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, and network retikulo endotelium.
Granulocytes and monocytes have an important role in protecting the body against microorganisms. With the ability as phagocytes (Fago-consuming), they eat live bacteria that enter the circulatory system.

through a microscope can sometimes be found as much as a 10-20 microorganisms ingested by granulocytes. at the time they perform this function are called phagocytes. the strength of the amuboid movement he can move freely inside and can get out and walk around the blood vessels throughout the body.  
This way white blood cell can:
Surrounded the affected area of ​​infection or injury, capture capture organisms and destroy, get rid of other materials such as dirt, and other debris, in the same way, and as granulocytes have enzymes that can break down proteins, which allows damaging living tissue, destroying and throw. in this way are sick or injured tissue can be removed and healing is possible As a result of the work of phagocytic white blood cells, inflammation can be stopped altogether.

If activities are not managed properly, it can form pus.
Pus Store "corpse" of friends and enemies - who were killed in the performance phagocytes called pus cells. There are so many germs are dead in the pus and coupled with a large number of networks that have been melted. and pus cells will be eliminated by a healthy granulocyte working as phagocytes.

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Benefits of Chlorophyll

Nowadays many Chlorophyll products sold in the market either through MLM, or with conventional marketing. Clearly, the product is made from natural green pigment commonly found in the leaves, has a property which is very good for human health.

Chlorophyll is very useful for people who have been proven through research by some experts. The ancient Greeks showed their ability in terms of natural remedies using plant green leaves to cope with various diseases. such as cuts or abrasions. Chlorophyll is a supplement that is rich in essential minerals, which can help repair tissue, cleanses the blood, helping with the liver in producing red blood cells and internal body cleanser.

In addition, chlorophyll supplements are also necessary for the body to boost the immune system, regulate blood circulation, digestive, urinary and respiratory systems. As a remedy, chlorophyll supplements are also efficacious as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, wound healing, improve digestive problems such as constipation (difficult bowel movements) and anemia (Chernomorsky & Segelman, 1988).

Prof. Benard Jansen states, healthy people have more blood than the amount of sick people, but the people ill after consuming sufficient amounts of chlorophyll, showed an increase in blood count and improved health. Dr. Richard Willst├Ątter. Hans Fisher has successfully identified the true function of chlorophyll and explained that the chlorophyll molecule has structural similarity to hemoglobin, the red pigment in human blood.

Chlorophyl therefore very useful for people who eat less vegetables, article, 1 tablespoon (1 shot) Chlorophyll equal to 1 kg of vegetable consumption. This means providing nutrients, boosting your intake of nutrients in the blood to increase oxygen in the blood, helping to regenerate red blood cells, inhibit the oxidation process and stimulates cell regeneration.

Chlorophyll is a health drink which is very suitable for young and old. Chlorophyll serves as a disinfectant, antibiotics, even before the existence of synthetic drugs. Chlorophyll cleanse the body tissues and metabolic waste disposal sites in the rest of the body, as well as cope with parasites, bacteria and viruses that exist in the body. Chlorophyll can eliminate chemical compounds are toxic in the body.

Tail of chlorophyll molecules that are hydrophobic (fat-soluble) can dig into the cells or tissues and lift hydrocarbon compounds from the cell wall also heavy metals (in the drinking water and emissions of motor vehicles) as well as the issuing of toxic compounds, such as lifting soap grease and dirt on our hands.

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benefits of  electromagnetic wave for our daily basis

benefits of electromagnetic wave for our daily basis

There are many electromagnetic wave we use on daily basis, below you'll find benefits of electromagnetic wave for our daily basis
Range / spectrum of Electromagnetic Waves (GEM).
=> Gamma rays, X-rays, ultra violet, visible light, infrared, radar and TV waves, radio waves, microwaves, etc.
=> In this order (from left to right) the smaller the frequency, but the greater wavelength.

Gamma rays.
> Frequency: 10 ^ 20 hz-sd-10 ^ 25 hz
> Has a very large penetration power
> Used in industry
> Detection devices: Geiger Muller

X-rays (= X-ray)
> Frequency: 10 ^ 16 hz-sd-10 ^ 20 hz
> Great penetrating power
> Used to detect organ in the body organs
(eg, determining the position of the fracture)

Ultra Violet.
> Frequency: 10 ^ 15 hz-sd-10 ^ 16 hz
> The main source of the sun
> Needed in the assimilation process plants
> Kills some types of skin disease germs

Looks light (= light)
> The only GEM can be seen (observed human eyes)
> Wavelength: 430 nm-690 nm-sd)
(narrow frequency range)
> Benefits / functions: allows us to see

Infra Red.
> Frequency: 10 ^ 11 hz-sd-10 ^ 14 hz
> Used in photography (aerial photography or satellite) for mapping the surface of the earth and natural resources
> Can also be used in physical therapy (physical therapy)

Radar waves. (Radio Detection and Ranging)
> To detect aircraft that moves close / away from the air base.
> Can also be used in the means of communication.

TV and Radio Wave wave.
> Use mostly for radio and TV transmitters

cure asthma with benefits of nebulizer

The Benefits of Nebulizer to treat respiratory disorders

Benefits of Nebulizer

A nebulizer is a tool to help smooth breathing for the patient. Due to respiratory problems, if left unchecked, could reduce the patient's condition is concerned ..

Nebulizer was pointless to have any problems with the respiratory tract, such as coughs, colds, or asthma, which also serves to help remove phlegm. He's better than oral medication because it does not settle in the blood, because of steam, so the side effects of the drug are very small.  

Nebu is not just for asthma, cough and cold too powerful for use with oral medication 3 times a day, usually vapor mixture of drugs is to facilitate the child's airway if the asthma, Ventolin can use the ampoule, solution & NaCl dosage bisolvon depending on body weight and age of the child should consult a doctor so that proper dosage.

We just say it to the pediatrician when we already have the tools in String together a nebulizer and prescription medicine ask, the doctor will usually prescribe appropriate to age and ill nebul child.

About nebulizer and evaporation is a way of drug delivery via inhalation / exhalation, the same function as with other drug delivery but has a higher effective power than by mouth. medication through a nebulizer is more effective than taking medication, because it is directly inhaled into the lungs, so the dose required is smaller, automatically also safer. 
Usually used for children with asthma or cough that is often severe because of allergies. If it were just a regular cough occasionally do not have to use a nebulizer (or can ask your doctor first)

goal Giving Nebulizer: to deliver drugs through the client spontaneous breathing.

Preparation to Giving Nebulizer
Tools and drugs:
1. oxygen set
2. nebulizer set
3. Normal saline fluids and drugs to be used
4. 5 or 10 cc syringe.
5. Mouth piece if necessary
6. crooked
7. tissues

Giving Nebulizer is giving mixed aerosol substances in airborne particles with air pressure.
procedures Provides Nebulizer: 
1. Monitor vital signs before and after treatment especially in clients who use bronchodilators.
2. Explain the procedure to the client.
3. Adjust the position of the client as comfortable as possible is most often in a position semifowler, guard privacy.
4. Attendant hand washing.
5. Filled nebulizer medication (according to the program of treatment) and normal saline fluid ± 4-6cc.
6. Turn nebulizer nebulizer and then connect the hose to the oxygen flow meter and set the flow at 4-5 liters / minute, or to the air compressor.
7. Instruct client to waste breath.
8. Ask the client to take a deep breath through the mouth piece, hold breath while breathing through the nose and then throw away.
9. Observation of the development of lung / chest client.
10. Ask the client to breathe in slowly and after all the drug vaporized.
11. Completed action, encourage the client to cough after breathing in a few times (effective cough techniques).
12. Clients trimmed.
13. Trimming tool.
14. Attendant hand washing.
15. Record the client's responses and actions taken.

The things to note:
1. Treat clients carefully.
2. When clients need to be accompanied by the initial actions to be seen calm.