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do not lie down at least 2 hours after eating

do not lie down at least 2 hours after eating

After eat or consumming food is usually a big plus desire to sleep, or at least some direct lie down. You should not make this a habit again. At least, avoid sleeping position within two hours after eating.

Medicine specialists Doctor. Ari Fahrial SpPD - KGEH, MMB, FINASIM, P.hd, FACP suggested body should remain in an upright position for at least 30 degrees even though drowsiness attack. To ensure the upright position, use the backrest.

Ari said, actually this condition by gravity. Sleeping position will automatically open the hull valve. While the upright position ensures hull valve remains closed.

"When the stomach on sleeping position valve will open, as a result of stomach acid out and meet the upper body. Fact gastric acid is needed to process the food consumed," he said at the seminar lay Chest Pain, Symptoms of Stomach Acid, Saturday (26/10/ 2013).

Ari explained after eating should not be in a position to sleep for about two hours. Therefore, during the time of the stomach in full condition. At the same time the hull is in the stage of preparing food. Facilitate sleep position and acid stomach contents up the esophagus out.

Ari further advised to set the time between meals is not too late. This is to prevent drowsiness attack when eating was too late. Types of dishes at dinner also should not consist of red meat, chocolate, or cheese potentially debilitating stomach valve.

Weak stomach valve which lead to disease Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). GERD disease, Ari added, actually a disease due to poor lifestyle. This disease is caused by the consumption patterns of plant and animal that is not balanced, eat often too late, or too much caffeine consumption. This disease must be avoided.

"Balance the consumption of vegetables, fruits, meat, caffeine, and alcohol. Besides eating habit on time so as not to consume an excessive, which would be bad for digestion especially the stomach valve," said Ari.

High dose vitamin C Trigger Cancer Risk?

Consumption of vitamin supplements in food or pills as long as it is believed to increase endurance. Not surprisingly, most people consume a lot of supplements in the hope of staying healthy body.

But the assumption that many supplements will give more advantage seems to be thrown away. Research shows that men who consumed more high -dose vitamin C supplementation increased risk of developing prostate cancer. The researchers said the increased risk ranged up to 30 percent.

The findings of the scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, U.S. and University of Oslo Norway is not the first to warn the risk of excessive vitamin. Researchers linking high doses of vitamin C with increased risk of mortality and prostate cancer.

This research also involves 48 thousand men aged 40-75 years during 1986 to 2008. Every 4 years, the respondents completed a questionnaire designed to record their eating habits. Researchers followed them to see which one is more likely to experience prostate cancer.

The results, published in the International Journal of Cancer that showed antioxidant intake from food or pills, do not reduce or increase the risk of tumors. Antioxidants can fight the tumor process called oxidation. It is this process that destroys the tumor cells.

It is important to note that men who consumed the most antioxidants from vitamin pills 28 percent higher risk of developing prostate cancer than those who consumed little or no supplements at all.

Those who drank the most vitamin supplements are also at risk about 15 percent higher advanced prostate cancer. These tumors can quickly spread to other organs and reduces the chance of survival.

According to researchers, this study confirms that the intake of high amounts of antioxidants are associated with increased risk of lethal prostate cancer and quickly spread.

"Contributors primarily vitamin C. These findings further research to be a reference,"they said.

But the researchers said, until more research is done they are not sure whether vitamin supplements actually cause cancer.

Dr Carrie Ruxton of the Health Supplements Information Service in the United Kingdom expressed a different opinion. According to him, he is very likely to experience symptoms of prostate cancer terkair or weakness long before being diagnosed.

"Cancer has nothing to do with the consumption of supplements," he said.

Consumption of high doses of vitamins are popular lately. Stores sellers can sell supplements vitamin C tablet dose of 1,000 milligrams. Though the body only needs 40 milligrams in order to quickly recover and stay healthy.

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Research: No Knowingly This Sleep Position Can Improve Sex Desire

Everybody would have have a favorite sleeping position that suits their convenience. But if you and your partner want to legitimately increase desire to make love, it's worth trying this sleeping position at night-the night before.

The Benefits of Prone Sleep Position

Reported Limelife, Sunday (27/10/2013), with the prone sleep position is the best position that can increase a person's likelihood to experience an erotic dream and ultimately help improve one's desire for sex. So that couples who are saturated or decreased sex drive could do to improve relations.

Researchers from Shue Yan University, Hong Kong, Calvin Kai - Ching Yu, conducted a survey on 670 respondents in which two- thirds of whom are women. All respondents are asked about what they experienced dreams and sleeping positions what they use at night.

Results showed that respondents who slept with the prone position were more likely to report the emergence of sex drive. It is possible that when the prone sleeping sex organs you will be dealing directly with the bed. You will also be more difficult to breathe, just like when making love.

The researchers believe the condition is associated with the fact that when you sleep on your stomach, then you will get a little more air, so it will be more difficult to breathe. If you and your partner want to add another variation, try adding a pile of pillows below the groin.

"I believe that during sleep the brain is not completely detached from the outside world, so that the conditions caused by the position during sleep can affect what the body feels," said Kai-Ching Yu.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Healthy Benefits of Bitter Food

Although it feels unpleasant on the tongue, but bitter foods are known to help prevent asthma attacks. Recent studies show that bitter foods can help breathing more smoothly.

Bitter taste will stimulate the taste receptors on the tongue. This will eventually affect the cells in the respiratory cavity muscle that helps calm breathing air and make it easier.

Some bitter vegetables like kale are also known to be able to open airways that have been contracted and tense when a person feels an asthma attack. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts hope the discovery could pave the way for the treatment of asthma patients better in the future.

"I'm interested because someday researchers could use this food to reverse the situation for the better asthma patients without side effects," said lead researcher Dr. Ronghua Zhuge.

Bitter taste receptor normally serves to signal to the body if they find dangerous or poisonous food. Researchers feel that this receptor cells on the tongue only. But lately they found that these cells exist throughout the body.

No bitter taste receptors on the muscle cells could be useful to relax the esophageal contractions and the muscles become more relaxed when in contact with food are bitter.

When an asthma attack occurs, the channel between the cell membranes in the respiratory tract open so that calcium can enter the cell and cause contraction. This is what causes a person having trouble breathing. This study found that bitter foods could close the calcium channels so that the cell back calm and not contracting.

Lymphocytes in the Immune System

The Benefits of Lymphocytes in the Immune System

benefits of Lymphocytes

benefits of Lymphocytes in the Human Immune System

Lymphocytes are types of white blood cells that are part of the immune system. Recognize the role of lymphocytes involves harmful particles, or antigens, and implement processes to deal with them.

There are different types of lymphocytes, known as T cells, B cells and natural killer cells, the role of each cell varies. T cells and natural killer cells to destroy harmful cells and some T cells activate other immune cells. B cells produce antibodies, and both B and T cells creates memory cells that remember the threat.

Lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow before traveling to areas of the lymphatic system such as the spleen, thymus and lymph nodes. Appearance as well as the role of lymphocytes may vary. A T cell or B cell is an example of what is called agranular cells, in which the gel that fills the cell cytoplasm or a clear and spherical nuclei. Natural killer cells are large granular lymphocytes, with visible granules contained in the cytoplasm and nucleus lobe.

B cells and T cells have receptors on their surface that recognize a specific antigen. This antigen can be anything that threatens the body, such as viruses, bacteria, allergies or toxic molecules. Role of lymphocyte natural killer cell type specific and they are not able to recognize different types of antigens, including some infected cells and tumor cells.

T lymphocytes can be subdivided into helper cells and killer T cells. T helper cells have what is probably the most important role of lymphocytes in the immune system. They activate the immune cells of the body, including the killer T cells and B cells The main role of killer T cells is to destroy cells that have been infected by the virus. They also can attack cancer cells and cells that have been infected by the bacteria.

B lymphocytes become activated when they bind to their specific antigen. Then they are divided into two types of cells, known as memory cells and plasma cells. One important role of lymphocytes is the production of antibodies, and plasma cells that are responsible for this. They can quickly produce and release antibodies into the thousands of blood circulation, ready to stick to the antigen.

Some antigens, such as viruses, can be neutralized when the antibodies attached to them. A coating antigen antibodies can also be made ​​more attractive to cells called phagocytes, which then can devour and destroy. Other types of cells are produced by B lymphocytes, memory cells, since antigen so that the body can respond more quickly if they invade again.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Scallion Health Benefits

Scallion Health Benefits

The benefits of scallion

scallion is a green vegetable that is often used in a variety of dishes. scallion are also known to have a distinctive aroma and unique flavor. Especially when eaten with spring rolls. Well, it's definitely addictive! Here are the health benefits of onions, as reported Boldsky.

Top 5 Health Benefits of scallion

1. Boost the immune system
This is one of the health benefits of green onion. scallion also contain allicin, the sulfur compounds responsible for boosting the immune system.

2. scallion as antibiotics
scallions also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the body from infection.

3. scallion cure anemia
scallion are also very rich in iron. People with low blood count or anemia should often eat green onion to ensure adequate intake of iron. Chives ferroportin protein that carries iron stored in the cell to the outside of the cell. Increased iron levels in the body to help increase the amount of blood.

4. Good for the heart
scallion consumed to maintain good heart health because it contains polysulfide which protect the heart from disease. These vegetables also contain manganese, a mineral that maintains good cholesterol ( HDL ) in the body.

5. Against gastrointestinal infections
In addition to fighting colds and coughs, chives are also effective in treating gastro-intestinal infections.

These are some of the health benefits of green onion. So, include green vegetables in your daily diet.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranate fruit is just like legend fruit. Mentioned in many tales, Pomegranate fruit, it is also full of benefits. In addition to offering the freshness of flavor, pomegranate also offers a lot of benefits.


Pomegranate health benefits

In many tales, pomegranate fruit called a ' long life '. Scientific studies prove, pomegranate is full of antioxidants that effectively prevent premature aging. Pomegranate juice is on a scale of 2,860 the amount of free radicals that are absorbed per 100 grams.

Pomegranate has also been shown to be beneficial to cope with osteoarthritis because it contains phytonutrients and polyphenols.

Here are another benefit of pomegranate based on many studies :

Protect the liver and kidneys
Recent research suggests that pomegranate extract to prevent kidney damage and protect the kidney from harmful toxins. In addition, pomegranate also protects your heart and help to regenerate damaged heart.

Boost the immune system
Pomegranates and pomegranate juice boost immunity. Pomegranates are loaded with vitamin C known

Pomegranates are rich in polyphenols high doses has been shown to reduce the biochemical processes associated with allergies.

Prevent heart disease
New research published in scientific journals show that pomegranate increases the body's ability to synthesize cholesterol and destroy free radicals in the vascular system.

prevent cancer
Study at a university showed that pomegranate juice and pomegranate extract can cause cancer cell death. Pomegranates can also prevent breast cancer progression and decrease both types of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

protect DNA
Phytonutrients and antioxidants in pomegranates interact with the body 's genetic material to protect it.

Normalize blood pressure
Initial study, published in the journal found that pomegranate extract can help prevent blood pressure increases associated with eating high-fat foods.

Regulate metabolic syndrome
Research published in the journal show that pomegranate helps regulate blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, able to fight inflammation, and increased range of other factors involved in the metabolic syndrome that is often associated with obesity and diabetes triggers. Because of this effect, pomegranate can help with weight loss.

Protect from infection
New research published found that pomegranate fruit extract increase the effectiveness of medication used against gram-negative plant which is known resistant to the drug.

Protect against Alzheimer's disease
This fruit can prevent or slow the progression of age-related diseases generally. In one study, mice bred to develop the disease and were given pomegranate extract showed a reduction in plaque accumulation associated amyloidal this disease.

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Top 10 Fruit for Healthy Eyes

In addition to vegetables, many fruits are increasingly waking maintain eye health. Yuk, peep what fruit that acts to maintain eye health.

1. watermelon
Not only refreshing, watermelon is also rich in nutrients and low in fat. Watermelon contains a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin A is to maintain eye health.

2. cantaloupe melon
One study quoted from Freshfoodcentral said that, sweet and fresh fruit contains vitamin A as much as 68 % in 100 grams of fruit flesh.

3. kiwi
The content of lutein in kiwifruit can maintain eye health and also prevent cataract.

4. strawberries
Seductive red ripe fruit contains a variety of vitamins, one study conducted by the Eye Institute in New Zealand, the content of vitamin C in strawberries served to strengthen connective tissue and maintain healthy blood vessels in the eye.

5. orange
Known as a producer of vitamin C, fiber, folate, calcium, and potassium, oranges are believed to play a role as well as maintaining eye health.

6. tomatoes
Not just a cooking ingredient, tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin A.

7. papaya
Papaya contains many nutrients, one of which vitamin A is abundant.

8. mango
One type of seasonal fruit is also rich in vitamin A in the fruit section.

9. apple
In addition to good diet, the content of vitamin A in apples helps in maintaining eye health, so keep a clear eye.

10. starfruit
Besides having a lot of water content, this one has a fruit content of vitamin A and C yan enough.

Health Benefits of Mango Leaves

In addition to its delicious taste, apparently eaten a mango leaf also has medicinal properties that are useful to overcome various diseases.

Mango tree or scientific name Mangifera indica L is thought to originate from the Indian subcontinent and then spread to many countries, especially tropical areas. If your mango tree does not bear fruit because of the uncertain seasons do not cut down because the leaves can be used for cheap drugs.

Based on scientific research in the young mango leaves are antimicrobial and antioxidant substances that can prevent cancer. Active compounds in the leaves of mango called anthocyanidins. You can use mango leaves as a remedy in the form of tea that can be mixed with sugar or honey.
Following the treatment with mango leaves:

Mango leaf herb for Gout:
Enter young mango leaves in a glass of hot water add up to one cup. wait until the color changes to brown, then add a little white sugar. then drink the infusion of young mango leaves in the morning and evening.

Mango leaf herb for Diabetes
Soak a few mango leaves in a glass of water overnight. After the morning drink the water until they run out.

Mango leaf herb for varicose veins
Drink 1 cup every day with 2 tablespoons of mango leaf tea can strengthen fragile blood vessels and curing varicose veins on your legs.

Papaya Leaf Health Benefits

papaya leaf benefits to health. Papaya plant is a plant that has many benefits. There are at least 7 different health benefits of papaya leaves for us is very important to us.

Top 7 Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Health

1. Help facilitate breastfeeding.
The trick is to take 3 pieces of young leaves, then squeeze the leaves and place it over the fire until wilted, then stick papaya leaf around breast, but do not put it in the nipple area.

2. Benefits of Papaya Leaves to cure digestion
Papaya leaves contain a chemical called karpain. Substances that can kill microorganisms is an enemy to us as often interfere with digestion.

3. Papaya leaves can cure dengue fever
You never would have thought that the bitter papaya was very beneficial to our health, which could treat dengue, dengue fever can be relieved with papaya leaves.

How to create a remedy for dengue fever :
Take some leaves of papaya, then squeeze the water about 1/2 liter. Having crushed papaya leaves, then strain the juice, and drink 3 times a day, namely : Morning, afternoon, and before bed. DBD Hopefully you get better soon.

4. Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Acne Medication.
This time also serves as a papaya leaf cure acne. Usually pretty girls and mothers : P who always crave appearance, so that the face of acne it will be insecure and not confident. Papaya leaves can be a solution to your acne.

How to make a papaya mask
Take 2-3 papaya leaves around 30g old. Later in the sun to wither then puree. Add a half teaspoon of water and create masks, more young papaya latex on apply on the acne. Do it regularly.

5. Papaya leaf to treat menstrual pain
Papaya leaves can also be a solution for treating pain while menstruating. How: Take one young leaves, add tamarind and salt. Then mix with a glass air/250 cc and Rebus. Take water, then add 2 tablespoons honey stir. And drink when cool.

6. Papaya leaf cure cancer
It is still uncertain, but from several studies indicate that the benefits of papaya leaves can also be developed as anti- cancer. Actually, not only alone but stem papaya leaves can also be used. Because both have milky latex ( milky sap ).

7. Papaya leaves is also beneficial to add appetite.

KIWI Fruit Benefits for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy was a time in the lives of women who need special care, especially for the mother's health and the health of the fetus. This treatment starts from hygiene and consuming a variety of foods that contain extra nutrients. In order to maintain adequate nutrition of pregnant women keep the fruits and vegetables are an important food for her.

KIWI Fruit Benefits for Pregnant Women

Kiwi Fruit supports maternal diet

You are asked to speak about what is a good fruit for pregnant women consumed, the kiwi fruit is the choice. The main benefits of kiwi fruit is low-calorie diet. One kiwi fruit contains 50 calories and could be the best choice to run the maternal diet program.

Kiwi fruit benefits for pregnant women is very amazing, because this fruit contains several vitamins, including B vitamin, iron, zinc and minerals. All of these substances are needed for pregnant women as nutrients for the baby.

Sufficient Kiwi Essential Vitamins During Pregnancy

Vitamin C is one of the important vitamin to take during pregnancy. Absorption of calcium and iron will be better with a higher level with the use of vitamin C contained in kiwi fruit.

Vitamin C is required for direct use and maintain other bodily processes. If you ask for vitamin C in pill form to your doctor, you can easily switch to a kiwi fruit. Besides the best thing about this is the fruit contains vitamin C 2X the amount of the amount of vitamin C in citrus fruits.

Kiwi fruit Overcoming Constipation While Pregnant

Substances Carbohydrates are another important component obtained by a pregnant woman after eating kiwi fruit on a regular basis. Carbohydrates are needed to process the food in the digestive system.

It is very important, if the digestive system is impaired and not addressed, the mother may suffer from constipation during their pregnancy. Kiwi fruit will help prevent and relieve constipation and prevent more severe conditions.

Interesting is not it? So during the period of pregnancy, keep the kiwi fruit into your diet menu, order vitamins and nutritional needs can be fulfilled for you that you are pregnant and fetal bladder.

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Benefits and Efficacy of Noni Leaf

below there is information from the leaves of Morinda citrifolia benefits that will be useful for all of us, because it has been very reliable noni very powerful for our health.

Benefits and Efficacy of Noni Leaves

In addition to the benefits of the fruit turns the leaves of Noni with the Latin name Morinda citrifolia L also has properties that are no less great than his men, one of them is as a remedy for body slimming.

Drinks are of course better than cure as natural as without involving chemicals. Of course the natural way treatment therapy is not as fast as chemical treatment, therefore, required patience and get rid of boredom to consume natural medicine.

For those who want to have a slim body below is the recipe
provide :
Handful of noni leaf
Handful of yellow leaves Java
Intersection dribbles half the little finger
Lemon juice 1/2 point
How to make :
Mash all the ingredients together until smooth
The crushed material was then given a glass of boiled water ( 200 cc ), stirring until smooth
Wring the cloth to separate the waste water with
Drink the potion every morning before eating. If you do not like the taste may add a little honey.
In addition to drinking the potion of course supported by proper diet, for example, avoid fatty foods, high carbohydrate, snacking habits, eating before bed, drinking sweet drinks, drinking alcohol.
Expand eat vegetables and fruit, if necessary, reduce the high carbohydrate foods, such as rice or potatoes replaced corn or potatoes, enough sleep, and do not forget regular exercise.

Banana Leaf Health Benefits

Banana fruit was delicious and filling ! Proportional calorie content makes it the best companion when dieting. Banana plant is a giant plant with relatively large sized leaves. This plant produces fruit of the same name ie, bananas. 

During this time, part of this tree is the most popular fruit used. However, there are some people who also benefit from a banana plant in our daily lives. One part that has many benefits is a banana leaf. Perhaps you think banana leaf waste only. It is wrong because the benefits of banana leaf is quite diverse.

The Benefits of Banana Leaves

Banana Leaves Benefits as a remedy against fever

Other benefits of banana leaf is a natural remedy fever relievers. Banana leaf types used are young. is easy enough. Young banana leaf or commonly also called vanished. Considerable amount of the midrib only. Next, clean the banana leaf and apply coconut oil on the surface. Then, attach the leaf on the forehead, neck and also the back of the abdominal pain. Wait for some time until the fever disappears.

Benefits of Banana Leaves For Culinary Packaging Materials

Benefits of banana leaves is the most popular as a snack food wrappers or culinary. Banana leaves contain polyphenols in considerable amounts. Polyphenols itself is a compound that is also found in tea leaves. This compound is made ​​of tea leaves have a distinctive aroma. 

Therefore, do not be surprised if the food is wrapped in banana leaves taste better than food wrapped in plastic for example.

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Protein Benefits

Type of protein based on its components

Based on its constituent components, proteins are classified into three types of protein that is simple, complex, and derivatives.

1. Protein (simple proteins)
Results of this type of total protein hydrolysis is a mixture that consists of only amino acids.

2. Protein complex (complex proteins, conjugated proteins)
Total hydrolysis results of this type of protein, in addition to consist of different types of amino acids, there are also other components, such as metals, phosphate clusters and so on (example : hemoglobin, lipoproteins, glycoproteins, and so on)

3. Protein derivative (protein derivative)
It is a bond between (intermediate product) as a result of the partial hydrolysis of native proteins, for example albumosa, peptone, and so on.Protein types based on the source

Based on the source, the protein is classified into two types namely animal protein and vegetable protein.

1. Animal protein is a protein in food ingredients derived from animals, such as protein from meat, milk protein, and so on.

2. Vegetable protein is a protein derived from plant foods, such as proteins from corn (zein), or wheat, and so on.
Types of proteins by function Based on the function associated with the carrying capacity for growth and for the maintenance of body tissues. Proteins into three proteins under perfect, perfect half, and imperfect.

1. Protein is perfect (complete protein)Referred to as the perfect protein when the protein is able to support the growth and maintenance of body tissues. This type of protein is the highest class of proteins in terms of their nutritional function, capable of supporting the growth and maintenance of body tissues that are worn or damaged unused. This is the type of protein needed by children who are growing (CHILDREN) rapidly. Children who do not show a good growth rate, can not be said to be a healthy child.

2. Protein half- perfect (protein half- full)Referred to as protein half complete if the network can support the maintenance, but not support the growth of the body. This protein is able to maintain the health of adults who no longer shows the growth of the body, but it still requires maintenance of damaged tissue or worn unused. But the type of protein that is not able to support this growth is not good for the kids who still need the growth. So this protein can not be given to children who are growing as the sole source of protein in the dish.

3. Protein is imperfect (incomplete protein)Referred to as the protein is not perfect when it is not at all able to support the growth of the body, as well as network maintenance. These proteins can not support any health care, because it is not capable of maintaining a network of UAS unused and broken, especially to support the growth of the body. Although consumed in large quantities, the quality of this protein will be burned to produce energy and not used for body protein synthesis is required for the growth and maintenance of tissues.

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Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle for Avoid Cancer

To avoid cancer, there's nothing wrong if you start putting these five things in your daily life :

1. Stop smoking
Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer associated with nearly 30 percent of other types of cancer. Inhaling cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoking can make people around exposed to secondhand smoke and cause respiratory diseases.

2. Avoid excessive sun
In that sense do not let your skin exposed to the sun too much. Better to use sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, or long sleeves, especially when the sun was scorching-hot. Excessive sun can cause skin damage and skin cancer.

3. Reduce fat
Eating high-fat foods have certainly resulted in weight gain and obesity. Two of these relate to cancer in the womb, bladder, breast, and colon.

4. Expand fiber
Wheat, rice, vegetables, and fruits are a good source of natural fiber for the body and protect you from colon cancer. Fibrous foods that should be consumed each day such as bread wheat, bran, corn, rice, spinach, potatoes, apples, pears, and tomatoes.

5. Regular Mild Exercise
To gain the maximum benefit from the exercise according to the American Heart Association should be 3-5x a week for 30 minutes. This recommendation was issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American College of Sports Medicine. Start a healthy life from now.

Possible Body reaction When Doing Detoxification

Detox or detoxification is the process of cleansing toxins from the body. Toxins come from a variety of pollutants from the environment or result from the body's metabolism. This process can occur naturally because the body can actually clean it yourself.

But over time, the body's ability to cleanse toxins begin to decrease due to the aging process. Some experts advise to undergo detoxification through various therapies and certain foods. What are the reactions experienced by the body due to the detoxification?

Feeling unhealthy while detox process?

while undergoing a detoxification process generally people tend to be nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and others. Normal effect of this kind occur, especially in the first days to detox, "said Dr. Phaidon L Toruan, which is a healthy living practitioner explained that the effect or reaction experienced by the body only lasts for a while.

After the detoxification process goes, the body will feel much healthier because it has undergone a process of cleansing. Detoxification itself can be done in various ways. But efficacy remains a separate debate among experts. 

Some considered the detoxification process can be done by liver and do not need to use weird therapy, whereas some other experts argue. Because there are a variety of methods, be sure to consult with your doctor before undergoing the process of detoxification. 

In addition to searching for the consideration of the benefits and disadvantages, doctor's opinion is also useful to know the possible side effects that may be experienced due to undergo detoxification with a particular method.

In extreme cases, such as the patient drug detoxification process is done can be more complicated because the chemical has been so badly affected the nerves in the brain. Effects experienced can affect the patient's physical and psychological condition. But in general, the reactions which occur when the body's detoxification can indeed affect the emotional or psychic.

If you want to detox your body natural way, I suggest you to try oil pulling, which is simple and powerful detox method

Friday, October 18, 2013

top 7 lifestyle for a healthy heart

To get a healthy heart does not merely have the medical treatment or food that may just apply and should not be eaten.

Some habits or lifestyle contribute to maintain normal heart works. A study reveals, among other things, that a volunteer force.

Researchers from Canada involved 106 students who voluntarily participated in the study for 10 weeks and found cholesterol levels, body mass image (BMI) and decreased inflammation after following services than their counterparts who are not involved. The key is to be voluntary, without coercion.

top 7 lifestyle for a healthy heart

1. laugh
This practice increases the blood flow. A study called the laughing increased blood flow the same amount as when moderate exercise or lowering cholesterol levels due to taking the drug.

2. People who are easy going
Have a light hearted attitude, sociable, more relaxed and simple have a lower risk of heart disease threat

3. optimistic
Be an optimist. Harvard researchers analyzed more than 200 studies and found that the most optimistic have lower risk of heart disease.

4. You have a pet
Have a good pet for heart health. A study found more than 2000 people who have pets and those suffering from blood pressure or high cholesterol more likely to survive heart disease.

5. Active in physical touch
Hugging, kissing, touching and even make love not only reduces stress and lowers blood pressure but also make the heart healthy.

6. Simple physical exercises or mild exercise
Sitting too much is bad for health. People who spend most of their time sitting had a 54 % higher likelihood of dying from a heart attack.

So when it breaks or when it works, sometimes stand and walk to stretch your body.

7. enough sleep
Not excessive or less correct is enough sleep for health. Study in 2012 found that sleeping too much or too little closer to the risk of heart attack.

People who sleep less than six or more than eight hours are more likely to suffer a stroke, heart failure and heart attack. Bed while sleeping environment and atmosphere also affects the quality of sleep.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Distinguish Heart Attack with Ordinary Chest Pain

Research reveals that in fact over a third of heart disease patients do not complain of pain in the chest. However, symptoms are felt long before that is when he felt pain in the chest and missing arising within 5-10 minutes.

However, the critical point is often overlooked by many people. For symptoms of a heart attack, said that is not exactly true but the sensation of chest pain in the chest that felt very unwell severe tightness in the chest. So, how to distinguish between them? The following is a detailed explanation.
How to Distinguish Heart Attack with Ordinary Chest Pain
how to distinguish the experienced chest pain due to heart disease caused or by other diseases or disorders? statement of Dr. Rob Lamberts said that people need to distinguish when a serious chest pain or a heart attack caused by other diseases.

If the chest pain is suffered strongly indicated leads to heart disease then swift action to address them must be done prior to the occurrence of damage to the heart muscle which can ultimately lead to sudden death.

Typical Symptoms of Heart Attack

Let us consider the typical symptoms that occur in people who have heart attacks. After reading it, ask yourself, if you are experiencing some of these symptoms?

• chest felt tight and heavy making it very difficult to breathe
Maybe you've seen an advertisement of asthma medication on the screen , which looks a woman who illustrated 're feeling like severe shortness of breath were tied by a strong rope and tight . Well , that's what it feels breathless man who had a heart attack .
• sweating, queasy stomach, and anxiety arising
The condition arises necessarily coincide with crowded breath until breathing difficulty.
• Pain that radiates
Neck pain, followed by pain in the left arm and jaw, on the back of the abdomen, and also occurs on one shoulder.
• Heart rate beat faster or faster than usual
At the same time, the agency also suddenly felt very weak. And notable dangerous symptoms above can happen even when you are resting in the sense of not doing the activity. Nevertheless, the above symptoms can also arise after exercise, after spending a great meal menu, or when under stress.

If you feel some of the symptoms above, see your doctor and get help immediately. You need to know, the heart muscle will be permanently damaged after a heart attack. In order to prevent more damage and severe, seek immediate help if you are experiencing symptoms of a heart attack.

Non Mycrocardial Infarction or Heart Sickness, Chest Pain

As the title goes, not only heart attack, other cause can give pain on chest. Here are some of the culprit responsible for chest pain.

•    Pain on chest while coughing
Pain that strikes when coughing is a lesser concern, it’s not likely caused by heart attack. It is commonly by infection of upper respiration organs cause by virus. A proper treatment is still in order, though.
•    Pain On Ribs
This one is a common companion for other kind of disease such as zoster herpes.
•    Pain on flesh or chest bone.
A commonly normal condition, frequently happens for people with increased physical activity.
•    Broken Ribs
Pain on chest can also happen because of damage on one or more ribs, it may be broken after an incident or result of a fight.
•    Pneumothorax
Is a condition of lung, inflicting pain on chest and causes the patient suffocation.
•    Frozen blood on lung
The condition known as emboli can cause a troublesome pain on chest. The doctor’s advice is in order to deal with the pain.
•    Spinal Core Illness
    Surely you are familiar or at last have heard of pinched spinal cord. A condition that can hurt the chest, very painful and extremely annoying.

Those are some symptoms we can use to tell which pain that may caused by heart sickness or regular pain with lower level of mortality risk yet still a risk.

Pay attention to the description to reduce the risk of heart sickness. Miss diagnosis will lead to fatal conclusion of condition and treatment, which resulting in increased death factor.

Keep in mind that pain on chest that is caused by heart sickness or Myocardial infarction occurs in very short duration, making it hard to detect. It required high degree of sensitivity and tremendous level of responsibility.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Oil Pulling Benefits; Detoxify body

oil pulling benefits

HOW to detoxify the body simply by using appropriate oil. Traditional techniques and Ayurvedic Oil - pulling is said to detoxify the body as well.

Oil - pulling techniques that are used for the traditional Ayurvedic detoxification techniques, are stated to have many health benefits. Oil - pulling therapy should ideally be done in the morning with an empty stomach.
Way, take a tablespoon of oil, mix with sunflower or sesame oil, then gently rinse for 20 minutes in your mouth. Make sure that the oil reaches all the corners of the mouth.

Dr Chandrika Shah, conductor yoga, says the therapy is not very popular among young people because they are reluctant to do so. In addition, they also want immediate results and fast.

Shah says it takes approximately 15 to 20 days to know the result of this therapy for the body or not. It all depends on how serious the techniques practiced. Oil - pulling is not only good for oral health, but also provide benefits to the throat, voice, eyes and face as well.

" I recommend this therapy, especially for those with more than 40 years of age, because that's when health problems began,"

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Caffeine Beneficial to Liver Health

Exciting news for those who are used to sipping coffee or tea every day. It turned positive habits contribute to health care, according to the findings of a recent study from a team of international researchers DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School and Duke University School of Medicine, USA.

The research team found that increased intake of caffeine can reduce fatty liver disease in people who suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), or a disease closely associated with obesity, insulin resistance, and dyslipidemia.

Using cell culture and mouse samples, researchers found that caffeine stimulates the metabolism of lipid stored in the liver cells and reduce fatty liver of mice fed a high-fat diet. These findings reveal that consuming caffeine equivalent to four cups of coffee or tea a day beneficial in preventing and protecting against the development of NAFLD in humans.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Heart Disease Self Detection Through Eyelid

Heart Disease Detection Through Eyelid

Heart Disease Detection Through Eyelid

Heart Disease Detection Through Eyelid

Yellow circle around the eyelids or the scientific term xanthelasmata turned out to be a marker of a person's risk of heart problems. According to a study from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, recently.

The scientists used a survey of 12.745 people who are free of heart disease, with an age range between 20 and 93 years. In early studies have detected as many as 563 people and 3,159 other xanthelasmata detected arcus corneae.

During some periods of the study, as many as 1,872 people had heart attacks, 3,699 people had detected problems in heart, and 1,498 people had a stroke. While 1,815 people suffering from cerebrovascular disease and 8,507 others died.

Based on these results, there are those who have xanthelasmata in all age groups, both men and women. They are also potentially high risk for heart attack, heart disease, or death within a period of ten years. Instead, the results suggest that people with arcus corneae can not be used as a significant marker for heart problems.

The research, led by Professor Anne Tybaerg - Hansen at the University of Copenhagen concludes that white or gray rings around the cornea ash ( arcus corneae ) are not associated with an increased risk of heart problems. Although it Xanthelasmata and arcus corneae are both cholesterol deposits.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Natural Ingredients for Sun Burn Treatment

Natural Ingredients for Sun Burn Treatment

The Benefits of  Natural Ingredients for Sun Burn Treatment

Perhaps you have experienced burns stung exposure to sunlight (sunburn) for too long sunbathing on the beach. Or scalded, stung pot / pan is still hot, exposed to splashes of cooking oil, or stung board. If you burn treatment supplies was discharged. Maybe these tips can you make as a first aid. Here will share knowledge about the natural ingredients that can be used as a burn treatment.

Cucumbers and Potatoes
Take a slice of cucumber and slice the potatoes with the same part of the comparison. Peel and wash. Puree in a blender. Apply on body / burns. Mixture of cucumber and potato absorbs heat in the skin as well. Potatoes contain anti- trade. Water content contained in the cucumber will make your skin cold and burns better. Let the burn skin for a few moment, then rinse with cool water. (Can be used one: cucumbers or potatoes)
Aloe vera
Take a Aloe vera, take the meat. Aloe vera can be used safely on the skin affected by burns. Apply on the affected skin burns. Aloe can reduce heat and pain burn, so it burns quickly recovered and improved. Or you can puree (blender), then apply to skin burns.

Tomatoes and strawberries
Take tomatoes and strawberries with the same comparison. Rinse and blender. Apply this natural cream on skin burns. It is suitable to reduce redness pain on exposed skin sunburn. Water content of vitamin C and natural strawberry tomato mixture burns can reduce sunburn, prevents skin inflammation and nourish from the outside. (Can be used one of them : tomato / strawberry only)

Milk or yogurt
Apply pure milk or plain yogurt to compress the sunburned skin. Leave for a couple minutes, then rinse with cold water. Milk or yogurt will also restore the skin affected with sunburn.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Here's The Easiest Way Breast Cancer Detection

The Benefits of Breast Self Examination Techniques

benefits of breast self detection

breast cancer self detection

Breast cancer can be detected early through a few checks for example by mammography or ultrasound. But, there are way easier and cheaper to detect breast cancer through breast self-examination techniques.

"Handle does it feel breast lumps. Moreover, in the armpit or on the neck also examined a lump or not. Then felt pain in the breast or not, " said Chairman of the Pink Ribbon Program Titien Pamudji from Jakarta Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPJ).

The information given in the press conference Titien Reebok Pink Ribbon Fun Walk 2013 at CityWalk Sudirman, Central Jakarta, Thursday (03/10/2013).

In addition, another sign that must be considered when performing breast self-examination is a thickening of skin, changes in the size and shape of your breasts, wrinkled skin, discharge from the nipple, and some swelling in the upper arm.

Well, here are the steps perform breast self-examination :

1. Standing in front of a mirror with your arms dangling down. Notice if there is a lump or change in the shape and size of your breasts.

2. Raise both arms up behind his head, repeat the inspection at the side of the body.

3. Press firmly on the hand and hip and elbow arm movement forward with a shrug. This movement will tense muscles and makes breast lumps more easily visible.

4. Raise your left arm and touch the breast with his forefinger, middle finger and ring finger of your right hand. Do the twist, to the bottom, or the movement from the middle out to feel a lump.

5. Slowly squeeze the nipple, note whether the discharge is not normal.

6. Lying down with your left hand under the head. Put a small pillow under your right shoulder. Feel the entire surface of the left breast in a circular motion, from the middle out, or up and down. Repeat the same method to examine the right breast.

7. Notice the top of the breast near the armpit because that is where many found breast tumors. If a change occurs, consult a doctor immediately.

that was 7 step to breast cancer self detection. if you find this article is useful to read, please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Health Benefits of Apple Skin

Apple Skin Health Benefits

Many people peels apple before eating it. It is quite concerning because a recent research suggested that the chemical behind the apple skin’s waxy shine contains ursolic acid. 

Researchers in University of Iowa point out that the acid is being credited with a host of health benefits from building muscle to keeping the lid on weight. The chemical is proven to help improving the mass of muscle and prevent muscular atrophy on lab rats. The result that is most likely applicable on human’s muscle.

Apple peels is also known to reduce body fat, blood sugar, cholesterol and trigliserida. Given that, it’s no wonder the peels often become the ingredient for muscular disease and metabolism problem such as diabetic.

The Benefits of ursolic acid

 “Muscle atrophy is a quite general issue. The condition affects most people especially when under treatment for some illness of for ageing. However, there’s no known cure for it,” said Christopher Adams,  an endocrinologist and senior study writer.

Atrophy rises because of muscle wasting or lack of physical exercise. For most people atrophy is caused by not enough utilizing muscle. Think of astronauts who are lying in bed for a long period, away from earth gravity.  

We learn the gene of muscle activities on people with atrophy and use the information we gathered to work on a chemical component that can block atrophy. One of these chemical is very important known as ursolic acid and it is we found a highly concentration amount at apple peels, “he added on.

Researchers suggested that ursolic acid can reduce muscle atrophy and pushing the growth of muscle such as insulin-1 (IGF1) to bulk up muscle. “It is done by supporting two hormones that develop muscle, insulin -1 (IGF1. Since the acid increase the mass of the muscle, it reduces the atrophy. The interesting part is, for rats, the peels show some additional benefit which is reducing body fat, controlling the blood sugar level and cholesterol,” he concluded. 

In addition, even the ursolic acid increase the muscle mass on rats, it doesn’t affect its weight. Rats that consume ursolic acid have lower body fat.