Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Banana Leaf Health Benefits

Banana fruit was delicious and filling ! Proportional calorie content makes it the best companion when dieting. Banana plant is a giant plant with relatively large sized leaves. This plant produces fruit of the same name ie, bananas. 

During this time, part of this tree is the most popular fruit used. However, there are some people who also benefit from a banana plant in our daily lives. One part that has many benefits is a banana leaf. Perhaps you think banana leaf waste only. It is wrong because the benefits of banana leaf is quite diverse.

The Benefits of Banana Leaves

Banana Leaves Benefits as a remedy against fever

Other benefits of banana leaf is a natural remedy fever relievers. Banana leaf types used are young. is easy enough. Young banana leaf or commonly also called vanished. Considerable amount of the midrib only. Next, clean the banana leaf and apply coconut oil on the surface. Then, attach the leaf on the forehead, neck and also the back of the abdominal pain. Wait for some time until the fever disappears.

Benefits of Banana Leaves For Culinary Packaging Materials

Benefits of banana leaves is the most popular as a snack food wrappers or culinary. Banana leaves contain polyphenols in considerable amounts. Polyphenols itself is a compound that is also found in tea leaves. This compound is made ​​of tea leaves have a distinctive aroma. 

Therefore, do not be surprised if the food is wrapped in banana leaves taste better than food wrapped in plastic for example.

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