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healthy mouth with this 4 food

Saliva can eliminate the sour taste so that your teeth will not be easily perforated . Saliva also contains calcium and phosphate which increases defense enamel .

Besides saliva , there is some good food consumed to protect dental health . What is it? Here it is , as reported by Best Health .

1 . Chewing sugarlessEating sweets , especially chewing gum can increase saliva production which is good for hygiene and dental health . Saliva produced while chewing gum will control the pH in the mouth and keep the teeth are not easily perforated . But make sure you eat chewing gum that contains no sugar so as not to harm the teeth .

2 . Cheese is good for teeth and mouth because it contains a high pH . high pH which is owned by the cheese can neutralize the acidic pH can make a quick dental cavities . If you eat foods that are sweet , and no cheese around you , you should close the food by eating cheese .

3 . CranberryDuring this cranberry fruit known as a potent prevent bladder infections . Though the fruit is also good for oral health . Substances suspected role in cranberries can cope with a hole in the tooth and mouth disease .

4 . healthy snacksHealthy snacks will not ruin your teeth , it can strengthen teeth and make healthy mouth . Some healthy snacks can you eat is fresh fruit , raw vegetables , yogurt , pumpkin seeds , beans , and boiled eggs . According to a Canadian dentist Dr. Alastair Nicoll , these foods contain sugar that is not easily broken down into acids , so it is good for the teeth .

Those are some foods that should be consumed to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth . Also, make sure you also take care of and maintain oral hygiene so as not susceptible to the disease . Good luck !

Hula Hoop Benefits, flatten the abdomen

Various ways people take to get a flat abs. If you have the same mission, you can make as an alternative hula hoop to flatten the stomach. Because this powerful tool to lose weight and burn fat, especially abdominal streamline.

Well, before you take hula hoop into your fitness exercise routine, it is important to know that in order to flatten the abs, do not use the same hula hoop like children's toys. For fitness and lose weight, use hula hoop specifically designed for exercise, namely hula hoop who has the burden.

The goal is to increase the intensity and burn calories. hula hoop that was design for the burden will be heavier than usual hula hoop. If you are able to play this hula hoop for 10 minutes without stopping, you've pretty much burn fat and calories in your abs.

So, how to choose the right hula hoop to flatten the abs? Consider the following. First, make sure you buy hula hoop size appropriate to your needs. The trick enforce hula hoop so vertical to the ground. Make sure hula hoop reach waist high up your chest. That hula hoop size that fits your body. Consult with your doctor if you have problems with the back, to prevent adverse effects from the use of hula hoop.

While playing hula hoop, there are several muscles in the body work. When you act with hula hoop on your stomach, your stomach muscles will move and eventually was able to burn calories and fat. If you lower the hips to the waist to hula hoop, then you will burn calories in that section. Do not worry, it turned legs and hands also helped move when you play hula hoop.

Here are some of the advantages that you would get with a regular playing hula hoop : burn fat, clarify the shape of the body, increase endurance, improve mental health, and also increase the flexibility of the spine. Thus quoted from the Health Me Up, Saturday (30/11/2013).

Friday, November 29, 2013

High cholesterol make breast cancer more malignant

High Cholesterol Level Could Make Breast Cancer More Malignant

Cancer patients, especially breast cancer should pay attention to their cholesterol levels. Research shows that a byproduct of cholesterol to function similar to the hormone estrogen that can make cancer cells more rapidly evolving.

Researchers from Duke Cancer Institute conducted a study on mice to unravel the link between tumor cells and cholesterol. The study also reveals that lowering cholesterol can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent breast cancer.

"There are many studies that show a link between obesity and breast cancer. Especially they know that the increase in cholesterol levels associated with increased risk of breast cancer. Yet researchers have not found the explanation," said senior investigator Donald McDonnell, PhD, as reported by Science Daily (28/11).

Investigators later revealed that cholesterol is not a problem, but a byproduct of cholesterol called 27HC. These substances resemble the hormone estrogen and can cause the growth of breast cancer cells.

From the results of this study reveal that McDonnell one powerful way to prevent breast cancer and prevent cancer cells to continue to grow is to keep your cholesterol levels. Furthermore, researchers will conduct further studies to see whether cholesterol also affects the growth of other cancer cells.

Researchers from Duke Cancer Institute conducted a study on mice to unravel the link between tumor cells and cholesterol. The study also reveals that lowering cholesterol can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent breast cancer.

6 reasons why tea is better than coffee

Most of the people including you always start the day with a cup of tea or coffee. Both of these drinks contain caffeine which will keep your energy and enthusiasm increased dramatically in the morning. As a result, you will more easily focus in living activities.

But things below may make you think to replace your breakfast menu of a cup of coffee to the cup of tea.

1. Coffee keeps you awake while the tea is not
The amount of caffeine in coffee more than tea. It can keep you awake and disturb your sleep schedule.

2. Coffee leaves a stain on the teeth
Have you ever watched the coffee drinkers tooth color ? Coffee can make your teeth yellow. But if you drink up to 4 cups of tea a day then it will not leave stains on teeth.

3. Tea is better than coffee for pregnant women
Coffee can cause constipation for pregnant women. But tea may not cause constipation. Moreover, the content of antioxidants in tea can make your heart healthy and your baby.

4. Tea prevents cancer
Tea may help improve blood circulation, prevents blood clot, and the most important is the tea may prevent breast cancer and ovarian cancer in women.

5. Tea can improve your health
Tea will make you avoid some viral infections as well as fever, cough, and runny nose. Besides tea is rich in flavanoids that can make a person recover faster than fever.

6. Tea suppress your appetite
Often feel hungry all of a sudden ? Tea can help suppress your appetite and you also avoid gaining weight drastically.

Not only delicious, tea was apparently superior to the copies in certain things. So if you are going to switch from coffee cup to a cup of tea ?

viagra does not make a successful sexual relationship!

During viagra regarded as instrumental in improving the quality of sexual intercourse for those who have been paired. Viagra is considered as a magic pill that can improve the performance of a man in intercourse.

But apparently as reported by mentioned that they are taking Viagra for the success of their sexual relationship with a partner does not impact on the success of their overall relationships.

Viagra works by increasing the hormones that can make a person relax. Once a person feel relaxed, then they will be enjoying the sexual intercourse. And if the sexual relationship was a success, it will bring happiness to those who have been paired.

But in reality, it is only a small impact for couples who need sexual relief. In fact, for those who depend on Viagra will get negative effects of consuming such allergies are skin flushing, nausea, and dizziness.

Therefore, if you experience sexual dysfunction, you should try a more natural way is to eat foods that can increase sexual arousal such as seafood, chocolate, and nuts.

claimed to be the most soothing music

the most soothing music in the world
Ilustrated - © Larsson
One way that is done by someone to make themselves calm is by listening to music. Each person must have a taste of their music that they deem to calm. However, researchers have formulated the music they claim as the most soothing music.

The song, entitled Weightless which lasted eight minutes is a beautiful blend between guitar, piano, and the sounds of nature. Music is suspected to lower the heart rate, blood pressure, and stress disappear, as reported by the Daily Health Post ( 26/11 ).

This music has been used in a study of 40 women. They were asked to complete the puzzle sabil listen to some types of songs, one of which is the song Weightless. While participants completed the test, researchers looked at the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and their brain activity.

As a result, participants who listened to the song Weightless is 11 percent more relaxing than the participants who listened to another song. This song can also reduce anxiety by 65 percent. This song was made by Richard Talbot from Marconi Union in collaboration with a therapist named Lyz Cooper from the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

One of the unique features of this track is no melody is repeated. This makes the brain continuously stimulated by a tone can not guess what will appear next. The tone on this music claimed to be able to make people very relaxed.

Even so, this song can make a person sleepy slowly so that should not be listened to while working or while driving.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A cup of hot chocolate before bedtime reducing diabetes risk

A cup of hot chocolate before bedtime reducing diabetes risk

Recent studies have shown that drinking a cup of hot chocolate before bed can ward off diabetes.

The researchers found that the mice with type 2 diabetes decreased inflammation when given a brown powder. The researchers believe that their findings, published by the European Journal of Nutrition, this may also apply to humans.

Benefits of drinking hot chocolate
Dark chocolate is rich in flavanols, plant chemicals that can increase blood flow by dilating vessels. These compounds are often associated with a number of health benefits.

"I was surprised by the effect (brown) is so significant,"said Professor Joshua Lambert told Mail Online (13/6).

Professor Joshua was also surprised to find a very dramatic reduction of inflammation and fatty liver disease in mice were studied.

Some indicators of inflammation, which causes type 2 diabetes by promoting insulin resistance, were significantly lower in rats fed chocolate, and almost identical to the control group who received only low-fat foods.

so, do not forget to squeeze in time to enjoy a glass of hot chocolate before bed to prevent diabetes.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

5 important benefits of egg white consumption

During this part of the popular egg yolk health is. But did you know that the egg white was also beneficial to health.

Here are 5 health benefits of white egg for as reported from

benefits of egg white
5 important benefits of egg white consumption
Can generate energy
Egg whites contain high protein called albumen. Albumen which is easily absorbed by the body can provide an instant shot of energy into the body.

Strengthen muscles
Protein present in egg white can also serve to increase the amino acids that are beneficial to the formation of bibs. Lutein, carotene is one of the substances in the egg white can also strengthen bones.

Can you lose weight
Low calorie egg white protein will help you in burning fat. Therefore for those who are trying to diet, it does not hurt to put the egg whites into your diet.

Can lower cholesterol levels
Egg white protein contains low cholesterol levels compared with egg yolk. So do not hesitate to enter the egg whites into your diet as it can also lower your cholesterol level.

Reduce stress
Potassium levels in the egg whites than either to repair the nervous system is also good for relieving stress and depression.

White eggs turned out to save a lot of benefits for your health. Therefore, do not hesitate to put the egg whites in your healthy menu.

Friday, November 15, 2013

consume these 5 foods for joint health

Strong joints is very important for your body. Strong joints help you in doing various activities such as jumping, walking, sitting, or bending.

Joint problems as well as injuries can be very painful and also hinder you in many activities. It is necessary for a healthy diet to strengthen your joints. Here are 5 foods for joint health as reported from

Vitamin E is found in nuts is able to maintain and protect the joint force. Eat almonds on a regular basis so that you get the nutrients intake of vitamin E.

Eating foods rich in vitamin C will help you in preventing disease arthritits. Arthritis is a disease that threatens the health of your joints.

The content of collagen in the fibrous foods will help you in protecting joints in the body.

Seeds contain an amino acid that aids in tissue growth and strengthen joints.

Broccoli contains vitamin A, B, C, E, and K which can keep the joints from premature aging disease.

Strong joints will sustain your bones in running many activities. Joint strength obtained from a healthy diet with some healthy food samples above.

Easy six pack with these 3 supplements

After successfully achieving desirable body weight, then cross in your mind that you want to have a sexy six pack stomach. So then you increase your exercise activity to have it.

But it was not just that exercise alone can make you a six pack stomach. You also have to take certain supplements to have a six pack stomach, like below supplements.

Caffeine is a natural supplement that can lose weight because it can burn fat fast men and women. Therefore it is better to exercise before you consume caffeine because caffeine will act as an energy booster and muscle building.

Green tea extract
Green tea has a higher polyphenol content than regular tea. The content can serve as a fat burner and also increase metabolism.

Casein protein powder
Casein protein powder can be added to your protein intake which is in the process of muscle formation.

Muscle growth you can achieve with diligent exercise and also taking additional supplements. However, in order to limit their consumption does not cause problems for the body.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mineral content makes long life and eternal youth!

Mineral content makes long life and eternal youth!

If you want to always look younger and have a long life, you try to get acquainted with one of the mineral substances in foods called selenium. Selenium is a chemical and mineral substances which may be present in certain foods.

German researchers found that when a person is deficient in selenium content, they will be more at risk of getting cancer and having a faster aging process, as reported by You Beauty (06/11).

The study, conducted by researchers at the Institute for Experimental Endocrinology Clinic at the Charité, Berlin (Germany) conducted a study on the benefits of selenium to human health. They found that selenoprotein in the body act to protect the body from free radicals.

If you always want to look younger and live longer, consume foods that contain lots of selenium such as egg yolks, asparagus, mushrooms, corn, and Brazil nuts. Eating foods rich in selenium that can provide protection for the body against free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer.

overcome hernia without surgery with this exercise

Hernia is a disease caused by stomach muscles began to weaken. The disease is also referred to as disease ' hernia ' This usually happens in the groin area.

Hernia patients would have symptoms vary, depending on the type of hernia that they suffered. Up to now there are still many people who believe that the hernia can only be cured by surgery alone. Though there are other ways that can be done to overcome the pain due to hernia, namely through yoga athletics.

Yoga movements has proved efficient enough to cure some types of hernia, depending on the patient's condition. Doing yoga regularly can also make patients have a more healthy lifestyle. Here are some types of yoga that can be done to overcome a hernia, as reported by the Boldsky ( 09 / 11 ).

Top 4 Yoga Position to Cure Hernia

1. Supta Vajrasana
This movement is done by using rocks elbows, head, and neck. You must sit down, then bend the elbow to the back and put the head on the floor. When doing this, you will need to be bent and knees position on the floor. Very important to close your eyes and let the body relax while doing it, so you can get the best results.

2. Sarvangasana Asana
Sarvangasana is another movement that is more difficult to do. To do this, you should be lying face with both hands on the side of your body, keep the hands in order to stay on the floor. After that, raise your legs with the help of hand. Bend your elbows to keep straight regular handheld. Further care that foot position perpendicular to the neck.

3. Vipareetkarani Asana
Mudra vipareetkarani movement similar to Sarvangasana. But at this yoga movement, body and legs should form an angle of 45 degrees, while in Sarvangasana body and knees forming an angle of 90 degrees.

4. Halasana
Yoga movement is done by lying on her back and then put your ass sideways. Afterwards, you should lift up and straight legs without creating pressure on the hand. Then move your foot down to thumb through your head touch the ground.

That's some yoga movements that can be done to cure ghernia without performing the operation. Other yoga movement is also effective to overcome a hernia is Pashini Mudra, Aswini Mudra, Yogamudra, Jalandhat bandh, and others. Nevertheless important to remember that better do yoga movement on the supervision of or yoga instructor to avoid injury.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Drinking coffee lower the risk of liver cancer

There is good news for coffee lovers. Because according to a recent study, coffee drinking is quite effective in lowering the risk of liver cancer.

As reported by The Examiner, the American Liver Foundation reported that there were approximately 21,000 Americans are diagnosed with the cancer each year. So they try to find ways to reduce the number of such cases.

"Coffee consumption may lower the risk of disease is hepatocellular carcinoma, liver cancer is the most commonly infect humans, up to 40 percent," said Carlo La Vecchia from the Istituto Ricerche in Farmacologiche, Italy.

Vecchia explained that the positive effects of coffee initially preventing diabetes, which is one of the risk factors for liver cancer. Vecchia also said another theory that coffee may be useful for the liver enzyme that triggers inflammation prevent cancer.

In addition to coffee, vaccines Hepatitis B and C as well as reducing the consumption of alcohol also include how to reduce the risk of liver cancer.

The results then reported in the American Gastroenterological Association.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Coffee Benefits ; Best time for Coffee time

Most of you consume coffee in the morning as a breakfast menu. Sometimes you also consume coffee when you want it.

Coffee has many health benefits for the body. As reported by, a Harvard study says that those who consumed 1-3 cups of coffee a day can avoid the risk of diabetes. Not only that, coffee is also able to provide an injection of enthusiasm for the body in the morning.

Health Benefits of Coffee

But apparently after lunch you were also required to consume coffee. This is because coffee ability to process glucose in the body of the most effective is in the daytime, especially after lunch. That is the reason why coffee can lower diabetes in the body.

Coffee substances capable of digesting glucose is called chlorogenic acid. This acid can digest glucose and also address inflammation and improve insulin hormone. Besides that, Coffee also contains magnesium which serves to regulate blood sugar.

So after lunch, do not forget to insert a cup of coffee in your lunch menu.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

This is how Sleep Can Make You Slim

Until now exercise and diet is an attempt to get a slim body and ideal body weight. But not only that. Slim fact can also be obtained through quality sleep and enough.

According to medical science, sufficient sleep between 7-8 hours a night. Quality sleep is by the time you wake up, your body feeling refreshed and ready to undergo daily activities. If you meet these two criteria was that simple, you will not have problems about weight anymore.

Slim body could certainly get.

How can sleep makes the body so slim? Allwomenstalk reveals some facts that show that you can slim down with sleep.

Stock hormone cortisol is low
When you get enough sleep, the hormone cortisol, which is produced by the body tends to be low. Hormone cortisol itself appears when you stress, lack of sleep or panic, creating a lot of problems in the body, ranging from beauty to health problems problems.

But enough sleep will make the body able to suppress the production of the hormone cortisol, so he did not have much chance to trigger hunger, or the desire to overeat.

Controlling portion sizes
Is normal when you wake up with hunger condition. However, the condition of the hungry will make you unable to control your appetite if you are not sleeping enough. You will continue to satisfy the stomach with food until you feel completely satisfied.

Whereas when you get enough sleep, stomach will automatically feel full longer. The desire to eat remained there, it's just that there are not too crazy like when you are sleep deprived.

Better Mood
Often grumpy, lazy and do not feel uncomfortable is a sign your body enough rest. When sleep was obtained with enough energy will be automatically filled. If the mood is not usually the easiest escape is food, it's no wonder it if your weight actually increases every mood you're missing.

And it was when you got enough sleep, you can think more clearly, think more long and more cheerful.

More passionate sports
Lazy to exercise and often skipping your workout is not as tired or bored. Mostly because your body is screaming fatigue, and of course is due to lack of sleep. As a result, the fat in the body there is no burning. Well, how can weight down if you let the fats that keep piling up ?

Affects the digestive process
Difficulty in bowel movements is not only caused by a lack of fiber. Body that stress often experience difficulty in bowel movements. And even stress itself is often caused by your lack of sleep.

Try it on a regular basis you can sleep quality and pretty, you will not experience any bowel problems really.

Healthier food choices
Had enough sleep and enough energy, you will be excited as well to remember what foods should be eaten and needed by the body. Because of this energetic you will be more aware and disciplined to choose food. You will avoid junk food and remain faithful to the menu in your diet program.

Nah, never thought it was only able to give a lot of positive benefits in your life ? Starting today, organize and discipline yourself to have a good night's sleep quality. Keep all the gadgets and turn off the lights so that within 2-3 minutes you will fall asleep, and wake up the next morning and be ready to run all activities.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Healthy Life Styles Made Easy

Live healthier with Healthy Life Styles

Many benefits can be obtained from a healthy life. Ranging from avoid various diseases, fitter body, to avoid the various kinds of mental illness.

Many people think that healthy living is a lifestyle that is hard to implement. Many people including you think that a healthy lifestyle will make you feel constrained in many ways.

Below are the unique things that you can apply to live healthier as reported from the kids to school on footStart your day with a walk. If your child's school is located not too far from home, it would not hurt if you take him on foot. Walk for about 30 minutes can burn 140 calories.

Do not eat carbs at breakfast, especially carbohydrates such as white bread and rice contain much glucose is then stored as fat in the body. Replace your bread or rice with a more healthy carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread contains more fiber.

Get used to park the car further away from the shopping center you visit, or anywhere else you go, you will have more time to walk away so that the calories burned will also be much more.

Get used no to use the lift There is no harm if you prefer to climb the stairs instead of the lift as long as the destination floor is not too high. This step is in addition to making calorie burning and muscle strength also training the legs, buttocks, and thighs.

Breakfast 30 minutes after waking in the morning. Breakfast is believed to be effective in encouraging you in the morning. Breakfast within 30 minutes after waking up with a healthy menu can be uplifting and increase your body's metabolic system working. If you skip breakfast, you will devour more food at lunch hour.

Healthy lifestyle is not a hassle if you are already committed to making your life healthier. More slender body is a bonus that you get from a healthy lifestyle that you actually apply for the main purpose of this lifestyle is better health.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Insomnia? get regular exercise

Insomnia? get regular exercise

If you have difficulty sleeping disorders or insomnia, sports being one solution. Even so, only one or two times the exercise alone does not necessarily keep you from insomnia.

A study of the origin of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine indicates, exercise is not an instant fix insomnia. It takes a few months of regular exercise before able to feel the positive effects.

The researchers conducted an analysis for 16 weeks in some women with sleep disorders. They found that sleep disturbance is a new women improved after four months of regular exercise.

Chairman Kelly Glazer Baron study says exercise does not directly provide benefits on sleep disorders such as insomnia. Both have long-term relationships

" You need to maintain a regular exercise within a specified period. Otherwise, the effect will not be felt, " said clinical psychologist and director of behavioral sleep program at Northwestern University 's Feinberg School of Medicine.

Regardless of the " waiting time " of her long enough, but the researchers said the exercise is still the best solution for people with insomnia.

" Pasein insomnia had higher levels of brain activity that is heavier and takes the process to return to normal levels to make them sleep better, " said another study author Dr. Phyllis Zee, researchers from the same university.

According to him, compared with drugs that provide instant results, sport is a much healthier option for improving sleep.

This Food Help You Sleep well

Good quality sleep has major implications on health. A quality night's sleep not only makes us happier when awake in the morning, but it also makes us more energy when on the move during the day.

Conversely, poor sleep quality can be very detrimental to health. Trouble sleeping or insomnia is one of the causes of poor quality of sleep. The good news however, insomnia can be improved by improving nutrition and food intake.

By increasing the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, the quality of sleep can be helped to the better. The following are the types of foods recommended by health experts to help relieve insomnia and improve sleep quality for the better.

Top 8 Food to Help You Sleep Tight

1. Cherry
This fruit contains a lot of melatonin, which helps relieve insomnia. In the body, the hormone melatonin helps regulate hours of sleep and energy cycles. Melatonin deficiency causes a person to feel tired, and could not sleep well at night. Cherry can be consumed in the form of raw fruit, juice, or mix it in cake.

2. Sweet potatoes
In addition contains a lot of protein complexes, sweet potatoes also contain potassium which helps improve the quality of sleep. Potassium helps muscles relax and induce sleep more healthy. Worthy of note, most of the nutrients are in the skin so that the potato skin and flesh eating yams will complete nutrition that the body is received. Regular consumption each day will improve the quality of sleep.

3. bananas
Bananas contain a lot of natural elements made ​​from potassium for muscle relaxation. Bananas are also rich in vitamin B6, which is a constituent of melatonin. Melatonin will increase slowly treat insomnia.

4. Kale
Kale is a dark green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium. A study said that people who lack sleep are also deficient in calcium in the body. Kale consumption may help increase calcium, which then have a positive impact on improving sleep patterns.

5. edamame
In Indonesia known as edamame soybeans Japan, and can be consumed in a state of fresh, frozen, or as a snack. Edamame is a source of carbohydrates, protein, fiber and some vitamins. Research shows, edamame reduce symptoms of lack of sleep menopause for women. Edamame contains components similar to estrogen, which prevents heartburn at night can disrupt sleep.

6. chamomile
This herb has long been used to help variety of health problems, ranging from stomach complaints to less sleep. Widely recognized as a product of health tea, chamomile also can now be found in the shape of extracts and ointments applied to the skin surface.

As a kind of tea, chamomile can help the body to be more relaxed. Clinical research on the benefits of this herb in improving the quality of sleep in humans is still limited. But animal testing has provided positive results.

7. valerian
This herb is found in the form of supplements. For thousands of years, valerian is used to treat symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. Worthy of note, there has been no scientific studies that prove the efficacy of herbal success to treat insomnia. However, many are experiencing sleeplessness complaints using valerian as a supplement every day. Be sure to always consult a physician before using any medications or herbal supplements.

8. melatonin
Produced by the pineal gland in the brain, melatonin is a hormone essential in charge of regulating the activity of sleep. When a person is deficient in this hormone in the body, then he will experience insomnia and lack of energy. Melatonin is now available form of food / natural supplements to help improve sleep. The melatonin supplements have not been thoroughly tested scientifically therefore important to consult a physician before using this product.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Gardening Lower the potent risk of heart disease and stroke

Benefits of Gardening on Elderly

Elderly who have retired from their jobs tend to be susceptible to heart disease and stroke. But gardening can reduce the risk of both diseases.

A study of Swedish precisely mentioned that physical activity in the garden as well as exercising in the gym. Because in addition to maintaining the health, the elderly also lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a total of 4000 Elderly aged 60 years and involved in the study.

Researchers then asked respondents perform medical tests and ask for information about lifestyle made ​​, such as diet, smoking or drinking alcohol, and physical activity everyday.

Respondents were also asked if they like gardening, like fixing a broken home appliances, and other independent activities.

After that, cardiovascular health checked to check the levels of blood fats, blood sugar, blood clotting factors triggers, and other things that can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

As a result, the active gardening elderly or just doing something else in the house have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke are lower despite not working out.

Benefits of Lullabies; Accelerate Baby Healing

Every parent would always want the best for their children, not the exception for treatment. Because of this, most parents are skeptical of pain medication for their babies and seek alternatives.

One easy and effective way to relieve pain recently discovered by a study of the origin of Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London. According to the study,"lulling or lullabies"is the most effective prescription to relieve pain, reduce heart rate, and anxiety in infants.

Study researcher, Dr Nick Pickett, said parents had always been singing to her child. By instinct, they know it can soothe their babies."Nevertheless, there is no scientific evidence that supports the truth of the matter,"he said.

Pickett and his team conducted experiments on 37 infants and toddlers who were treated at GOSH aged 7 months to 4 years. They were treated for cardiac or respiratory disorders.

Then, the researchers divided the participants into three groups. The first group played the song"lullabies", the other group read the story, or did not get any treatment. The third treatment is performed for 10 minutes.

Furthermore, a team of researchers measured heart rate and pain level of the participants. They found that the group treated lullabies song most significant change, the heart rate decreased on average from 134.1 to 128.7, and the pain level dropped from 6.21 to 5.64.

Meanwhile, in the other group, no significant decrease. The researchers also found, the song sung by direct effect is more noticeable than the recorded music.

"Facial expressions and visual stimulation for"lulling"also has an important role to add to the effect,"said Pickett.

The researchers assert that parents avoid giving pain reliever for infants less than three months without first consulting with your pediatrician.

Monday, November 04, 2013

11 Facts About Human Immune System

Immune system or the human immune useful as a protector, who will fight any disease, whether from viruses, bacteria, parasites or damage caused by injury. The immune system recognizes every state in the body.

Every body recognizes the existence of"intruders", then he will issue a"troops", ie white blood cells, in order to destroy the intruder. There are 11 shocking facts of the body's immune system.

As report by LiveScience, following the eleventh facts :

1. There are some people whose immune systems are low
In a 1976 movie,"The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, describes a person who should be in a sterile environment, because the body is not able to fight the virus. Thing that is real, because there are 1 out of every 100,000 births with a low immune system. A the only treatment is a bone marrow transplant.

2. Believers disease causes fluid imbalance

Germ theory of disease states that microorganisms cause several diseases, very famous in the 19th century. And the theory is to survive until the germ theory. But basically, the human body, there are four liquids, namely : blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm. The deficiency or excess fluid, can cause defects.

3. Immunity known since 2000 years ago
The vaccine was developed around the 18th century, but before that the people already know the importance of vaccination. Such records in the history of plague that hit Athens 430 BC, they realize that the people who have been exposed to smallpox will not be affected for the second time.

4. Symptoms of the disease is often the effect of working immune system.
We often hear that the cause of the pain is due to a virus, bacteria or parasites, but not entirely true. Sometimes we experience pain, caused at work in the body's immune system. Giving rise to discomfort in the body.

5. The immune system becomes vulnerable due to lack of rest
The immune system is essential to ward off colds, flu and another disease. However in recent research suggests that lack of sleep can lead to a reduction of T-cells. Who will respond to any pests that attack.

6. Milk helps the development of vaccine the first time
In the 1700s, there practice in the west in treating smallpox patients that can lead to death. But thanks to kids 8 years working in dairies are exposed to smallpox and recovered, successfully developed a vaccine with the help of cow's milk.

7. Autoimmune mostly affects women
Is an autoimmune disorder where the body's natural defenses become more active. Even the white blood cells invade normal tissue, as if they were foreign objects. About 5 to 8 percent of Americans experiencing autoimmune, and 78 percent are women.

8. Intestinal bacteria are key immune
The human body is home to trillions of bacteria. In the human gut, there are a lot of good microbes will synthesize vitamin B and K. In addition, these good microbes also helps the immune system in various ways.

9. Sunlight affects the immune system
For decades, researchers acknowledge that exposure to ultraviolet light, can suppress the body's response to bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. To suppress exposure to sunlight, UVR dose required approximately 30 to 50 percent. However, the body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D.

10. The percentage of white blood cells are very small
Immune system to work every day, but the"army"( white blood cells ) occupies only a small part of our blood. But in every microliter, there are about 5,000-10,000 white blood cells, which always protects the body.

11. Sea stars have an ancient immune system
There are two immune systems, the innate and adaptive immunity. The innate immune system, composed of cells and proteins. And the adaptive immune system, there are as acts of resistance, such as those found in starfish. These animals did not evolve since 500 million years ago.

Benefits of Breakfast with Oatmeal

Oatmeal is often referred to as one of the compulsory consumption of healthy breakfast menu. Why ? Consider the reasons and other interesting facts about the oatmeal more as reported by the Health following.

Top 7 Benefits of Oatmeal Breakfast

Oatmeal is made from whole wheat
Whole grains are the best sources of fiber are needed by the body. Healthy food is then processed into nutrient-rich oatmeal increasingly important with the addition of other ingredients.

Oatmeal lowers cholesterol
Eating oatmeal is one easy way to lower cholesterol. This is because the fiber content in oatmeal is well proven through research is able to lower the bad cholesterol in the body.

Oatmeal has antioxidant
Antioxidants are compounds that are essential for the body. When most people think of antioxidants can be obtained from fruits and vegetables alone, it is also an antioxidant found in oatmeal.

Oatmeal against inflammation
Chronic inflammation is the cause of the early emergence of a variety of health problems, including obesity, cancer, and heart disease. However, the consumption of oatmeal, inflammation can be fought and reduced health risks afford.

Oatmeal is very filling
Fiber and complex carbohydrates in oatmeal is the ultimate recipe for a full stomach to withstand the lunch hour arrived. Breakfast is oatmeal is also able to provide energy for the body to move.

Oatmeal is heart healthy
There have been many studies that prove that oatmeal can reduce the risk of heart disease. Because fiber is automatically lowers cholesterol can reduce the risk of disruption of the blood vessels that leads to heart disease.

Oatmeal prevent cancer
A health associations recommend that the body be given adequate fiber intake to reduce the risk of cancer, especially colon cancer. It can be done by eating oatmeal.

That's the interesting facts and health benefits eating oatmeal. Did you also include healthy food connoisseur ?

Avoid this habit get healthy eyes

healthy eyes benefits

There is a proverb that says eyes are the windows to the heart. Not only is it eye is also a reflection of our health and emotional well.

Maintain eye health can give your face look healthy and fresh. Here are some tips to maintain eye health as reported by magforwomen.

Top 5 habits to avoid to get healthy eyes

1. Do not Rubbed your eyes
If your eyes itch, do not immediately rush rubbed your eyes. Your hands may not be clean, can contain germs that can hurt the eyes. Should expose it to water or eye drops in your eyes.

2. Rest your eyes
If you are facing the computer for too long your eyes would be sore. Do not force your eyes to constantly work. Rest your eyes for a few minutes to avoid pain.

3. Expand the vegetables, fruit and fish
In addition to protection from the outside, you should protect it from the inside by eating nutritious foods and are rich in vitamin A.

4. Perform regular eye tests
It never hurts to get your eye test regularly. This can help diagnose and prevent eye conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

5. Replace contact lens regularly
If you use contact lenses, then you have to replace it on a regular basis. You can not wear them for a full year. Additionally keep your contact lenses in order not to tarnish your eyes.

Regardless of your age, eye health is very important to be maintained.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

4 Things to avoid at breakfast

Avoid this 4 things at breakfast
Avoid this 4 things at breakfast
Breakfast is one of the important meals of the day. Be important early breakfast to start your day. Therefore,

To get a quality breakfast, there are 4 things you should notice as quoted by Indiatimes following.

Avoid making fruit juice
When you blend the fruit juice to be, most of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber contained in the fruit will be lost. Therefore you should eat fruit intact.

for you who often assume that breakfast will actually make more fat, you should blot out these assumptions.
Small portions
In order to maintain your weight, you also choose to have breakfast with small portions. But instead of satiety, you are still feeling hungry.

Excessive Caffeine consumption
A cup of coffee or tea can help improve your mood and spirit. But limit your intake of caffeine in order not to endanger your health.

Unhealthy breakfast

Practicality be your reason to prepare breakfast menu with a menu that instant but unhealthy. Yet once again, breakfast is an important meal hours. Make healthy menu like a plate of sliced ​​fruit or a cup of oatmeal. Heavy diet will actually make you weak and drowsiness.

The breakfast is one way to help energize you in the morning. Therefore fill your breakfast menu with a healthy thing for you to feel fit throughout the day.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Health benefits of lemon and honey

Have you heard the efficacy of a combination of honey and lemon juice? The combination of the two produces a sweet refreshment, but also to restore power after a long daily hard work.

Reportedly this healthy beverage consumed daily and effectively cope with a variety of things, one of which is to balance the weight. But, that's not only benefit of lemon and honey?

There are several benefits that you can pick through the herb lemon and honey, as follows:

Helps heal digestive problems
Do not think that sour taste of lemon is not good for digestion. Instead of lemon and honey is able to blend into a natural remedy for those who suffer from digestive problems.

Natural Detox
Require natural detox? Well, this is the most appropriate beverage. In addition to helping you lose weight effectively. This juice also make your skin more clean and glowing. You can serve it cold or warm to suit your taste.

Prevent kidney disease
Kidney diseases are caused various things, one of which is the lack of drinking water, excessive calcium in the body, holding urination. Gradually crust occurs in the kidney that usually causes the pain of kidney stones. Overcome this problem, you can do therapy with lemon and honey drink water. Lemon will help to remove excess calcium through urine. However, make sure you consume enough water, at least 1-2 liters a day.

Cure a sore throat
If you have a sore throat and felt the problem would cough, rapid drinking better blend of lemon juice and honey. Honey itself contains an ingredient that can kill the bad bacteria causing sore throat or flu. While the hot water and lemon can help clear the throat of mucus.

Against colon cancer
Honey is a good antioxidant that can prevent the formation of tumors in the body. By eating honey on a regular basis, then you can prevent the formation of cancer in the colon.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Take advantage of Cabbage as Anticancer medicine

Cabbage is not just ordinary vegetables. In addition to delicious cooked and made fresh vegetable, cabbage leaves can also be used for prevent or cure various diseases because the content in it is good for the body.

Cabbage Vegetable plants from Asia and the Mediterranean is readily available in the market, even the price is quite affordable. Fresh cabbage contain lots of vitamins (A, aB , C, and E). High content of Vitamin C to prevent scurvy (acute sprue). Contained many minerals are potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and iron. Fresh cabbage also contains a number of compounds that stimulate the formation of glutathione, a substance required for disabling toxic substances in the human body.

Here are some health benefits that can be drawn from the cabbage :

Cabbage for Anti- inflammation and boost immunity
Animo acid contained glutamine can help some types of inflammation. As well as the content of vitamin C, which can help strengthen the body and fight free radicals.

Cabbage to prevent cataracts
The content of beta - carotene can be used to protect the eyes from cataract risk.

Cabbage benefits to Lose weight
Cabbage can be selected as a vegetable to support diet or to lose weight. In two gengam cooked cabbage contains only 33 calories. That's the reason why people who are on a diet are encouraged to eat cabbage, because in addition to filling vegetables, cabbage consumption that many will not change or increase weight

Cabbage as Anti Carcinogenic
Cabbage has a compound called sulforaphane that protects cells from carcinogenic attack. Cabbage helps treat cancer of the colon, stomach, lung, breast and ovarian.