Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A cup of hot chocolate before bedtime reducing diabetes risk

Recent studies have shown that drinking a cup of hot chocolate before bed can ward off diabetes.

The researchers found that the mice with type 2 diabetes decreased inflammation when given a brown powder. The researchers believe that their findings, published by the European Journal of Nutrition, this may also apply to humans.

Benefits of drinking hot chocolate
Dark chocolate is rich in flavanols, plant chemicals that can increase blood flow by dilating vessels. These compounds are often associated with a number of health benefits.

"I was surprised by the effect (brown) is so significant,"said Professor Joshua Lambert told Mail Online (13/6).

Professor Joshua was also surprised to find a very dramatic reduction of inflammation and fatty liver disease in mice were studied.

Some indicators of inflammation, which causes type 2 diabetes by promoting insulin resistance, were significantly lower in rats fed chocolate, and almost identical to the control group who received only low-fat foods.

so, do not forget to squeeze in time to enjoy a glass of hot chocolate before bed to prevent diabetes.

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