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Vanilla Health Benefits; sexual appetite enhancer

The Benefits of Vanilla for Health

The Benefits of Vanilla for Health

The Benefits of Vanilla for Health

Vanilla contains a chemical compound vanillin (4 - hydroxy - 3 - metoksibenzaldehida), which gives the distinctive aroma of vanilla.  There is also a small content of volatile oil, which piperonal.  

First vanillin extracted from vanilla plant by Gobley in 1858.  Can also be obtained from vanillin glycoside derived from the sap of pine plantations in 1874, resulting in the temporary setbacks in the field of natural vanilla industry.

Vanilla essence is available in 2 forms, the original extract vanilla pods are composed of thousands of different chemical compounds, and synthetic essences are made ​​of artificial vanillin in ethanol solution.

Vanilla traded in 3 different forms, namely whole vanilla pods, powders (vanilla pods are crushed, then mixed with sugar or flour), and the form of the extract (in alcoholic solution).  Vanilla aroma is obtained by adding vanilla extract into the mixture by boiling food or vanilla pods.  Vanilla is widely used to give flavor to a variety of foods and beverages.

Ancient medical literature mentions the benefits of vanilla as an aphrodisiac (sexual appetite enhancer) and fever medicine.  The vanilla benefits have not been scientifically tested, but it has been proven that vanilla can increase levels of catecholamines (including epinephrine, more commonly known as adrenaline), so the vanilla can be addictive effect.

An in- vitro testing to prove that vanilla is able to inhibit the " quorum sensing " in bacteria.  It contributes to the quorum sensing signals in bacterial virulence.  Bacteria will turn into virulent (cause disease) only where there is a signal which indicates that the bacteria are strong enough to resist the immune response.  Additionally, vanilla is used also for aromatherapy.

Species Vanilla planifolia, Vanilla pompona, and tahitiensis Vanilla is a plant belonging to the orchid family.  Vanilla vines grow on other plants, in the forest or in garden cultivation.  Typical vanilla scent that comes from the fruit, which is produced from vanilla flower pollination.  Each one will produce a single flower.

Ganoderma Benefits; mushroom of immortality

Ganoderma health Benefits; mushroom of immortality

Ganoderma health Benefits;

Lingzhi is the name for two species of fungi Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma tsugae. The mushrooms are wild in the tropics and temperate regions, including North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Lingzhi grows as a parasite on trees.

Lingzhi mushroom, in Chinese, is defined as the mushroom of immortality. Named like that because this fungus has many properties that are beneficial to health.

How to use traditional lingzhi is by immersion in boiling water in a pot. Lingzhi, like any good fresh -dried, sliced ​​thin and then immersed in a pan of boiling water. Flame slowly diminished, the pot is then covered, and left to stand for 2 hours. The resulting liquid tastes very bitter.

Ganoderma lucidum ganoderat acid containing compounds, the chemical structure similar to steroid hormones. There are also the following compounds : polysaccharides, ergosterol, coumarin, mannitol, lactones, alkaloids, fatty acids are unsaturated, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Unlike other forms of fresh mushrooms contain as much as 90 % water, only fresh lingzhi mushroom has as much as 75 % water content.

Lingzhi has anti- tumor properties, immunomodulatory, and imunoterapeutik ( 1 ). It added that the lingzhi efficacious inhibit platelet aggregation, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels ( 2 ). Other properties lingzhi is an antioxidant, pain relief, nerve and kidney amplifier. Lingzhi has been used to prevent bronchitis and cardiovascular care, and also in the treatment of high triglycerides, hypertension, hepatitis, allergies, chemotherapy support, HIV support therapy, fatigue, and nausea due to altitude ( 3 ).

In addition to properties, lingzhi is also said to have side effects such as dryness of the nose, mouth, and throat, stomach disorders, and nosebleeds. However, these mild side effects only occur in some people lingzhi users who consume them in a long time ( more than 4 months ).

Lingzhi mushroom, in Chinese, is defined as the mushroom of immortality. Named like that because this fungus has many properties that are beneficial to health.

1. Paterson RR (2006). "Ganoderma - a therapeutic fungal biofactory". Phytochemistry 67: 1985–2001.
2. Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica, Third Edition by Dan Bensky, Steven Clavey, Erich Stoger, and Andrew Gamble (2004)
3. Medicinal Mushrooms: An Exploration of Tradition, Healing, & Culture (Herbs and Health Series)by Christopher Hobbs (Author), Harriet Beinfield
Dealing With Fibroadenoma

Dealing With Fibroadenoma

Fibroadenoma DEFINITION

Fibroadenoma is a solid lump is small and benign breast that consist of glandular and fibrous tissue . These lumps are usually found in young women , often found in adolescent girls .

Fibroadenoma CAUSE

The cause is not clear known .


Bumps easily moved , its clear and can be felt on BSE ( Breast Self Examination ) . Palpable rubbery because it contains collagen ( protein fibers yan gkuat found in cartilage , tendons and skin ) .

BSE ( Breast Self Examination )

1 . Standing in front of a mirror , look at the breast . Under normal circumstances , the size of the left and right breast is slightly different . Note the change in the difference in size between left and right breast and nipple changes ( eg interested in ) or discharge from the nipple . Consider whether the wrinkled skin on the nipple .

2 . Still standing in front of the mirror , put both hands behind his head and pulled his hands back . With this position it will be easier to find small changes due to cancer . Note the changes in the shape and contour of the breast , especially on the bottom of the breast .

3 . Put both hands on her waist and body slightly leaning towards the mirror , press the shoulder and elbow to the front . Note the change in the size and contour of the breast .

4 . Raise your left arm . By using 3 or 4 fingers right hand , browse the left breast . Move your fingers in a circle ( small circle ) around the breast , starting from the outer edge of the breast and then moving towards the nipple to . Press slowly , feeling every lump or mass under the skin . Do the same on the right breast by lifting the right arm with his left hand and examine it .

Note also the area between the breast and armpit .

5 . Press nipples slowly and see if the discharge from the nipple .
Do this alternately on the left and right breast .

6 . Lying on your back with a pillow placed under the left shoulder and left arm is pulled up Browse the left breast using your right hand fingers . With this position , the breast will flatten and simplify inspection . Do the same on the right breast by putting a pillow under your right shoulder and right arm raised , and breast searches performed by the left hand fingers .

Examination no. 4 and 5 will be easier to do when taking a shower because of the wet hand over the skin more easily moved and slippery .

Diagnosis is based on symptoms and physical examination of the results . Lumps tend to be round and have a fringe which can be distinguished from the surrounding breast tissue , which is often palpable as there are marbles in the breast tissue .

To help establish the diagnosis is usually made needle aspiration or biopsy .

Fibroadenomas often stop growing or even shrink by itself . In such cases , the tumor is usually not removed . If fibroadenoma continues to grow , it must be removed surgically .

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Papaya nourish sperm

Papaya nourish sperm

Beside rich in vitamin C, papaya also contain dietary fiber. Papaya is believed to combat intestinal worms, prevent various types of cancer, and improve sperm quality.

Papaya contains meat tenderizer (meat tenderizer material). Fruit and leaves contain papain enzymes that break down proteins. When the leaves are used to wrap meat, making the meat more tender and easier to digest.

In Chinese medicine, papaya is used to overcome the difficulties digesting food, due to high protein. Also believed to cleanse the teeth, to break down food scraps attached. The fruit is used to expel intestinal worms. Seeds are soaked in water and used as tea. Papaya is a good cook to overcome dysentery, rheumatism, and excess mucus production.

In 1997 the World Cancer Research Fund's report, consume papaya (as a dessert) on a regular basis both to ward off lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, and colon, as vitamin C and carotenoids his height. Both nutrients it is very potential to reduce the activity of free radicals, which can lead to cancer.

For men, the consumption of papaya every day very well because of its vitamin C is essential for the formation of semen and sperm. Low levels of vitamin C in the body can be a constraint to produce offspring. The test results showed that a man may be infertile due to sperm clumping. Quality, quantity, and mobility of sperm life can be improved by increasing the consumption of vitamin C, up to 500 mg per day.
Vitamin E Health Benefits

Vitamin E Health Benefits

Vitamin E Other Benefits for Health

Vitamin E has countless benefits for humans:
- Increase endurance ,
- Reduce stress ,
- Prevent the occurrence of cancer ,
- Help fertility and
- Prevent the occurrence of heart disease .
Vitamin E is more widely developed for skin care ingredients . Because of its benefits to the skin , among others, to protect from UV rays , keeping the skin moist and prevent premature aging of the skin .

Sources of Food Containing Vitamin E

Fruits Containing Vitamin E

What are the fruits that contain vitamin E ? fruits such as avocado , sunflower seeds , tomatoes . For the consumption of vitamin E daily fulfillment of the easiest was to consume avocado or tomato. How much should a daily consumption of avocado? Note that avocado contains vitamin E of 3.4 mg/100 g . While the recommended consumption of blood is 10mg to 30 mg of vitamin E in the blood . 

So as to meet the daily consumption , you can buy an avocado with a weight of 500 gr each to get 17 mg of vitamin E. Or if you want to be lower , you can consume as much as 300 mg of an avocado and obtain 10.2 mg of vitamin E, which is needed in the blood. For compliance with consumption of tomatoes there are two types . 

Namely the use of fresh tomatoes and tomatoes are already a seasoning for consumption can be as much as 82.39 % seasoning . Noteworthy for daily spice consumption using more tomatoes than fresh fruit , then look at the comparison of the composition of tomato fruit flavoring . Try to do contain the proper dose for daily consumption to avoid shortage of vitamin E in the body .

Vegetables Containing Vitamin E

Vegetables that can be eaten every day to meet your daily vitamin E needs . For vegetables that contain vitamin E are vegetable that has a dark green like the green spinach . While the full combination of similar cabbage , broccoli , cabbage , cauliflower will greatly help with the anti-cancer benefits of phytochemical components . Then you can also consume nuts such as hazelnuts , pea has a function phytosterols that help in lowering the risk of cancer , lower blood cholesterol , and increase immunity .

Hazelnuts or walnuts contains two types of vitamin E. Namely alpha - tocopherol and gamma - tocopherol that work in synergy . If you want a more simple , sweet potatoes can also complete the need for vitamin E you need each day .

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Vitamin B2 Riboflavin Health Benefits

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin Health Benefits

Health Benefits Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin 

Vitamin B2 has quite a lot of benefits. However there are some benefits of vitamin B2 were already found and known that can solve some problems of human health. Especially the top 5 uses vitamin B2 for health. By knowing these important uses, it is expected that you yourself will keep taking vitamin B2 to guard your health. So what are the top 5 uses vitamin B2 for the health? Will be discussed in this article.

Next Headache (Migraine)
Migraine is often an obstacle. Many do not experience this, but if it ever did, it would be easy to relapse. Migraines can strike the head of the left only or right side of the head only. Usually when we have been eating and going nausea or fullness after eating or while eating and then move, then migraine ensued.

Can also occur when the head is dizzy because of the food you eat contains vitamin B2 was less. For example, too much fat and carbohydrates, so that the process for the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats into energy does not happen. To cope with migraines on your head, can consume vitamin B2 supplements at a dose of 400 mg.

Free radicals are closely related to the air. Usually when we inhale air too much dirty air, pollution, motor vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke then it was called free radicals. When the body is exposed to a lot of free radicals, the body will easily damaged tissues and cells in the body. To that end, the vitamin B2 was able to ward off free radicals.

Vitamin B2 be an antioxidant which prevents a person develops heart disease and cancer at a relatively young age. Would also maintain the vitality of the body fitness for those who are elderly. Because the main function of vitamin B2 are generating energy, replacing damaged tissue, and maintain healthy skin from free radical attack.

Anemia is more common in female patients. So what is anemia? Anemia is a decrease in red blood cells (levels) in the blood which can only be checked from the laboratory test. When a person develops anemia, the circulation of oxygen in the body is carried through the blood becomes impaired. When disturbed circulation of oxygen the body will quickly limp, tired, lethargic and not powered.

The symptoms are also characterized by a pale face which is not a healthy blood circulation smoothly. Cause of anemia aplenty, mainly due to lack of iron, vitamin B2 and also bleeding. For women who have menstrual periods, more often exposed to anemia if not balanced by consuming food sources that contain iron and vitamin B2. It is important to keep in shape by taking vitamin B2.

Anti Carcinogen
Carcinogens are cancer-related. So what exactly is a carcinogen? Carcinogens are substances that enter the body that can trigger cancer. Materials that can be a lot of carcinogens into the body. Among other things we eat in the form preservatives (modern food) as well as the beverages we drink (beverage modern).

Besides the chemicals that have been entered in the products consumed daily can also cause carcinogens. Flavorings such as herbs, chili instant, instant sauces, then there is soy sauce, syrup, cigarettes, and many chemicals are carcinogens. For that vitamin B2 can make anti-carcinogen as well as an antioxidant. Fill vitamin B2 food every day so that you make yourself stay healthy to live up to several years.

The main function of vitamin B2 is breaking carbohydrates, proteins, fats into energy. Therefore, if the vitamin B2 requirement is not met, then the body will lack energy. Such as fats and proteins that accumulate and accumulate unprocessed carbohydrates into energy is just right to make a person obese. This usually occurs in growing children.

Many say that a healthy child has a pretty good weight. In fact not the case, due to excess weight and lack of vitamin B2 to make themselves difficult to move up. To the necessity of breaking the main substances into energy that obesity does not occur in children. Even adults if you want to lose weight, it's good to take vitamin B2 and exercise in order to get maximum results.

Another favorable benefit of vitamin B2 as regulating the activity of the thyroid hormone, helps cleanse the skin (reducing oily skin), as well as maintaining eye health for the prevention of cataracts. So there is no harm in starting now or tomorrow you can try taking regular vitamin B complex, including vitamin B2 in the consumption of your daily diet.

Because to get the body healthy, fit, strong and fit should regularly consume nutritious food and vitamin. Note also the people you care about to be able to eat a nutritious and vitamin-rich foods to maintain joint health.
Broccoli and Spinach for Healthy and Strong Bone

Broccoli and Spinach for Healthy and Strong Bone

Health Benefits of Broccoli and Spinach for Healthy and Strong Bone

Recent case studies that have been conducted at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute shows that for the first time how the protein osteocalcin is poorly understood in an important role in bone strength. But this new discovery is expected to be a solution for bone diseases such as osteoporosis and reduce the risk of bone fracture. 

Another fact is the U.S. National Institutes of Health has funded research on the mechanism of bone fracture in human bone. This study tested the bone pierce a hole about the size of 500 atoms. Apparently when the bone is simulated for walking, and other activities, a pair of osteopontin and osteocalcin protein that is covering the hole that has been created it. 

Thus preventing further bone damage. If the protein is not present then facilitated suffered broken bones and broken in a faster time.

Then continue on research studies involving nano size on the bone hole. As said by the head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Rensselaer, Deepak Vashishth that recent studies of the role of osteocalcin can maintain the shape of the bones that are not easily broken and fragile. Moreover, osteocalcin closing holes smallest point on the bone so that the bone strengthening can be thorough.

Broccoli and Spinach
Turns broccoli and spinach may be the best solution for the treatment of bone to micro size. Because there are a lot of vitamin K in spinach and broccoli. While also helping to increase the amount of protein osteocalcin naturally in the body. Of course this is also aided by the consumption of calcium into the body. Calcium is consumed along with vitamin K helps more optimal protein osteocalcin nano cover holes in the body of the bone. The better the consumption, the better the health of bones.

Research on osteocalcin was quite interesting. Where osteocalcin can be strengthened relationship with osteopontin. By adding a natural supply of both these proteins as described earlier can reduce the risk of osteoporosis impact. 

Must be in the form of osteocalcin is carboxylated to be able to optimally absorbed into the bone. Then the protein was carboxylated by vitamin K. So it takes the form of natural consumption of broccoli and spinach. Because the researchers now believe was not only full of calcium had a significant role in bone strength that exist in the body. But also the role of green vegetables.

Researchers suggest that regular consumption of calcium as a source of reference that have been patent can strengthen bone tissue. Then also exercise regularly so that your metabolism can work and train optimal bone strength. Then consume more nutritious foods as a counterweight to keep the body fit and healthy bones. Then what is the required amount of vitamin K each day?

Vegetables and Fruits That Contain Vitamin K
The need is certainly quite a lot, but first identify the most vegetables contain vitamin K. First the kiwi fruit that contains 40 mcg of vitamin K, both containing avocado 81 mcg of vitamin K. Third grapes contain 22 mcg of vitamin K. For there asparagus vegetables containing 416 mcg of vitamin K. Then there are the vegetable broccoli that contain as much vitamin K 155.20 mcg. 

Finally, the spinach containing 89 mcg of vitamin K. All that according to a dose of 100 grams. So it feels quite a lot that we can to increase the consumption of healthy body and increase healthy bones. Meet the needs of vegetables and calcium to prevent themselves from bone disease.
Ageless Secrets: Food For Prevent Aging

Ageless Secrets: Food For Prevent Aging

Ageless Secrets: Food For Prevent Aging

Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive for longer. There's no question that with age the appearance physically unattractive not to mention the health decline with aging. 

Beside could be less confident because of the appearance of health problems due to aging also adds new problems for women in particular, who turned 40 late. Turns youthful can be obtained by setting the following foods and healthy living his review.

6 Foods Prevent Aging

It turns the food we eat everyday someone take effect in aging and age factors in addition to other natural factors. The food we eat daily consumption can prevent or even reverse aging. Below is a list of foods secret of youth:

1. Vegetables and Fruit
Fruits and vegetables have low calories, high in nutrients, and filling but recent studies have shown that fruits and vegetables also provide anti-aging benefits.

Such as blueberries, for example, useful to improve memory skills. But all berries are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals, molecules that can damage cells and associated with chronic inflammation. 

In contrast to the inflammation that occurs when you sprain an ankle or strain a muscle, the type that contributes to aging that are fixed, and the roots of chronic diseases of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes to Alzheimer's, arthritis, and osteoporosis. 

In addition to the berry has the added bonus of beauty because it contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that can help keep your skin looking smooth by fighting free radicals that damage the skin.

To keep your vision sharp intake of spinach and dark green vegetables. Vegetables are the main source of lutein and zeaxanthin are plant pigments that protect your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Leafy greens are also rich in vitamin K, a nutrient that plays a role in reducing bone loss and prevent fractures.

2. Protein
The protein component of the diet is the key factor when stepping on the age 40s, when muscle mass begins to decline by 1 percent per year. This resulted in a slowing metabolism, making weight loss easier to grow. Risk that you will receive a two-fold increased weight puts your health at risk, and reduced muscle mass could threaten your ability to recover from illness or accident.

To maintain the muscle mass of experts recommends eating protein obtained from skinless chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef, pork, eggs, nuts, and seafood. And do not forget protein-rich dairy: Minerals (primarily calcium, phosphorus, and potassium). The content of the fat-free milk and low-fat yogurt and cheese help to maintain healthy blood pressure, strong bones. Calcium can not build bone mass if you do not get enough protein, and current recommendations about five ounces a day for women weighing 60 Kg
Additionally ate yogurt at least 1/4 cup per day reduced the risk of gum disease by 60 percent and reduce the risk of tooth loss by 50%. This effect is thought to be related to probiotic contained in yogurt, which could not obtained from most of the other milk.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids
Fatty acids in aiding the healing of chronic inflammation. In addition, new data suggests that omega-3 fats from fish beneficial to the brain which causes the atmosphere and attitude of heart for the better. This improvement makes people feel healthier and stronger. omega-3 in fish like salmon and tuna have an anti-inflammatory with the most potent effects. Omega-3 can also be obtained from plants, such as walnuts and flax seeds, especially if you do not like fish.

4. Seeds Whole Wheat or Whole Grains
Wheat, oats, brown rice, and bread, cereals, and other foods made ​​from whole grains helps you stay slim, it is also because of the role of fiber from whole grains in controlling appetite. The low glycemic index (the content of which increases blood sugar carbohydrates) in whole grains also play a role.

A study has also shown that whole grains offer protection against diabetes, heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and gum disease. This benefit is closely related to vitamins, minerals, and fiber that work together to improve health. That's why refined grains, the loss of nutrients during processing does not offer the same advantages.

5. sport
Exercise slows aging in addition to being actively maintain muscle mass, increase metabolism, and makes the heart and lungs healthy. Recent study has found that walking, can make a long life. Working out twice a week with the muscles and metabolism will be maintained.

6. Coffee and Tea
Coffee has a lower impact risk of type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease, and evidence suggests that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of death from heart disease. Some of these benefits come from caffeine, but coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that may also play a protective role.

Drinking tea may lower the risk of heart attack, strengthens the immune system, protect tooth enamel, and helps fight memory loss associated with aging. Choose green, black, white, or oolong tea. Leaf teas all come from the camellia sinensis, or tea plant. And tea also contains polyphenols (antioxidants), fluoride, and caffeine are thought to contribute to the health benefits, most of the benefit is lost when tea is processed.

Two Best Groceries Prevent Aging

1. Nuts
Nuts have benefits for weight loss but it is also useful to prolong life. Nuts provide excellence surprising that despite a diet high in fat, high calorie foods, nuts do not gain weight. Why is nuts make more full stomach so that it will reduce the consumption of other foods after eating peanuts than it was 20 percent of the calories in nuts can not be absorbed by the body.

2. Dark Chocolate
Flavanol cocoa contained more predominant in dark chocolate can lower inflammation, keep blood pressure in check, prevent platelets from clotting which can prevent strokes and heart attacks, and boost brain power.
So beautiful and stay young could actually be obtained if we keep the food we eat and maintain our way of life in order to remain healthy.

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Best Vitamins for Eliminating Acne

Best Vitamins for Eliminating Acne

When people think of to get rid of acne, rarely thinking of using vitamins. Though diet or dietary adjustments have an important role in eliminating acne. There are a number of good nutritious food for skin care. Vitamins are best when derived from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. But also can work as a supplement it.
Vitamin A
As the main thing in the treatment of acne, Vitamin A is often found in the retinoid. Retinoids are topical acne treatments prescribed by dermatologists, according to Vitamin A in retinoid will accelerate cell turnover, helping to keep the pores. However, the use of vitamin A in your diet is a lot of that comes from dairy products and fish oil is very good for the skin. 

It's important to consume enough vitamin A. In the report it appears that Vitamin-Nutritional deficiency of vitamin A can actually cause acne. Vitamin-Nutritional merekomendasaikan to 10,000 UI of Vitamin A in order to successfully get rid of acne.
Vitamin B
Vitamin B2 is great for reducing stress, and stress can make acne worse. Foods high in B2 include leafy, green vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, whole grains and fish. Vitamin B3 may help improve circulation, reduce cholesterol, and membnatu metabolism of proteins, fats, and sugars. You can eat more B3 with enjoying peanuts, egg, or avocado. say that all the B vitamins play a role in skin health care, consumer-quality vitamin B-complex will help maintain the bright color.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E is another important vitamin for skin care. Known for its antioxidant effects that help the skin fight free radical. Vitamin E increases tissue repair and healing. To get more vitamin E, eat peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, and broccoli, or it could be using 400 UI per day of vitamin E for treating acne.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C and bioflavonoids antioxsidants required by at least 300 metabolic functions in the human body. Vitamin C is important for the repair cells, fight infections and boost immunity. Bioflavonoids act as an anti-bacterial in the body. To fight acne, recommends consumption of 1,000 milligrams three times per day.
Zinc (Zinc) is mineral, but helps heal the skin and prevent scarring that can cause acne. Zinc also acts as an antioxidant and prevents against free radical damage. Zinc deficiency can cause acne. Zinc can be found in eggs, whole grains, nuts and mushrooms. Between 25 to 30 mg per day is recommended to prevent acne.
Chromium is a mineral well, but can help reduce infections of the skin. Diets high in sugar dalat cause loss of chromium in the body. If it happens, it is recommended to consume a dose of 150 micrograms per day to fight acne.
Cure Asthma with Vitamin B15 Health Benefits

Cure Asthma with Vitamin B15 Health Benefits

The Benefits of Vitamin B15 in Asthma Treatment

Vitamin B15 or certainly pangamat acid obtained either from natural sources or supplements. Because vitamin B15 supplements are rarely available in the market, does not mean that can not be found. To consume vitamin B15 now have to go through the doctor ordered, because the benefits are directly produced and its chemical structure is different from other B vitamins. 

Vitamin B15 is also abundant in rice, meat, and nuts in this article will discuss the benefits and functions of vitamin B15 for the body even further so that you can read and take the insights from this article.

Prevent Premature Aging (Anti-Aging)
Aging itself is closely related to skin problems. For example, skin is too dull, wrinkled fast, especially on the hands and face. So that vitamin B15 is believed to be an anti-aging remain attractive to some certain circles as adult women and mothers. 

What does vitamin B15 so that it can prevent premature aging? Of course the function of vitamin B15 is as an antioxidant. Where maintaining body cells damaged by oxidation activity in the body. In addition, most multivitamins consist of a composition with a B15 vitamin C and vitamin E. 

Where the two vitamins that also help optimize the skin to avoid premature aging. Some even include vitamin B15 in the form of commercial cosmetics.

Vitamin B15 as well as antioxidants, even the benefits that are associated with the activity of oxygen in the body. Vitamin B15 is believed to improve the body's use of oxygen when the body is deprived of oxygen. This happens if you are an athlete after exercise, or when in a room full of smoke and very little oxygen there. 

Increased oxygen is also triggered additional work both to improve fatigue in the muscles and brain. So is the body's antioxidant against oxidation cycle. Vitamin B15 is still associated with the antioxidant was able to repair the walls of blood vessels in certain parts of the body. This marks the prevention of damage to the blood vessels in the area of ​​human vital organs.

Helping Liver In Detoxification
In terms of detoxification, the liver is the body's main flagship. Because every day we consume food and drink from outside, and breathe air that is not clean. So that the body is poisoned. Be careful that organ detoxification for the body to stay healthy. 

But if the liver is not guarded and allow any food into the body without control, then the program can be damaged organs. Necessary vitamins to maintain or assist the detoxification process such as vitamin B15. By way of helping a stimulus for the endocrine system can make more active so that the liver can function optimally.

Asthma is a disease in which a person may experience shortness of breath or difficulty breathing while certain times. This disease is known as congenital or genetic diseases. So sometimes if someone has asthma disease, he is hard to be in a hot environment, dusty, or even if you fall ill, the disease is often experienced in person. 

So how does vitamin B15 with this disease? Already indicated that vitamin B15 can make the body more oxygen that enter the body when deprived of oxygen. When a person develops asthma, by taking medications that contain vitamin B15, it can be resolved soon. 

Where vitamin B15 is carrying as much oxygen in the body and stimulates the body's organs to inhale more oxygen. So the asthma disease can be avoided, mitigated, or with the vitamin B15.

Amygdaline Health Benefits is to Cure Cancer

The Benefits of Amygdaline or Vitamin B17 to Cure Cancer

Vitamin B17 is also called amygdaline which is effective vitamin in the treatment of cancer since the 18th century. But until now the research and evidence will be those cases cured cancer treatment using vitamin B17 has not shown strong evidence. Even so, knowing the benefits and functions would further insights you gain will make various kinds of vitamins that can we consume for the health of the body.

Vitamin B17 Against Cancer
Amygdaline are glycosides. So as to bond with sugars and other nutrients glycosides are often used in medicine to facilitate decomposition and absorption in the body. So that vitamin B17 was used in the consumption of drugs today. If vitamin B17 is extracted, it is called Laetrile, which is often used in the treatment of cancer. But how can vitamin B17 against cancer cells?

In the previous study, taking vitamin B17 can increase the body's ability to fight cancer. Although not discovered independently that vitamin B17 is enough fighting cancer. Must be accompanied by proper diet, taking medicines, and also exercise regularly. 

In the laboratory test is said that vitamin B17 is apparently working on an ongoing basis with vitamins A, C, E, and B15, pancreatic enzymes, and other enzymes in breaking down the cancer cells in the body.

Vitamin B17 Lowering High Blood Pressure
When a person has hypertension or high blood pressure, then the activity was disrupted, and also no longer be able to eat any kind of food. Can even lead to stroke and heart disease. It is true that more research apparently unable to find an association of high blood pressure decrease with regular intake of vitamin B17 and high enough dose. 

However, the use of vitamin B17 for hypertension is not recommended if you have not consulted your doctor. Due to the increase in drug hypertension with vitamin B17 resulted in the possibility of hypotension.

Vitamin B17 Strengthens the Immune System
In our life, the body is not necessarily free from all kinds of interference from outside. Good food, drink, and air we breathe everyday. To that end, the body has an immune system which helps in the reduction of the occurrence of human illness and unstable bodily functions. 

Especially the joints, nerves, and cells associated with the immune system. When the immune system is strengthened, so as rheumatic diseases can be overcome. Of course once again in the daily consumption of vitamin B17 supplements (not the natural food), are required to first consult your doctor.

Vitamin B17 Reduce Inflammation
What is inflammation? Inflammation is inflammation in the body. So as to prevent that, vitamin B17 is very useful. Turns vitamin B17 has the function of reducing pain and inflammation in the body and increase trypsin and chymotrypsin. Where both substances can stimulate white blood cells to attack the cancer cells (cell disease) in the body. 

Keep in mind also the body inflammation is also closely related to immunity. Of course the real disease is caused by the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease, resulting in the consumption of vitamin B17 helps to reduce and even prevent inflammation. Because the dosage to get the function of vitamin B17 is very high, more so consult your doctor first.

Vitamin B17 Regulate body pH
If you do not already know, our body's pH ranged from 7.35 to 7.45. If the pH of the body is abnormal, less can be more than normal then the body can suffer poisoning, organ failure in the body, until death without cause and without a chance to be handled. 

Many theories and opinions as well as research on the body's pH. In physical sight, a state body pH changes can not be seen. But if someone has diarrhea or hyperventilation, the normal pH of the body can be disrupted. So with the regular consumption of vitamin B17 can re balance the body's pH has changed. Once again, consult a doctor for the use of vitamin B17 in large doses.

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The effect wall paint color to psychology

The Benefits of wall paint color to psychology

You must have experienced a sense of peace and relaxed when entering a room, or would you ever feel weird and uncomfortable when entering a room. It is difficult to explain the causes of feeling "this feeling, but it could be one of the factors is the presence of a dominant paint color in the room.

Color psychologically can affect the human body and can create a mood and comfort when the color chosen appropriately. The color selection is also very dependent on the primary function of the room and the atmosphere was what he wanted to appear in the room.

Color Guidance

-> Consider the color white for very low light area that you want to display a bright atmosphere in the area. As a neutral color, you can also add accent any color without worrying about clashing with other colors. For variation, you can try to apply white color with accent color "bright colors (or colors derived from white) giving rise to the impression of a soft and easier to keep it clean.

-> Avoid to repaint the entire wall of the room with a red interior. The color red stimulates the heart rate and breathing more quickly, the color is more suitable for use as an accent color.

-> Consider also shades of pink for the lounge, but keep in mind that it can also cause the occupants feel lethargic and less vibrant. It also explains why in some gymkhana, locker rooms for opposing teams often are colored pink in hopes of opposing teams will feel lethargic and less aggressive.

-> Choose shades of blue to create a feeling of peace, calm. The color choice is perfect for the den or family room, where friends, relatives as well as the usual family get together.

-> The green color is more psychologically induce a feeling of calm and fresh because in addition to impressive light in the eyes, the green color effect is also believed to improve eyesight because it creates the essence of nature into the interior of the room.

-> As much as possible avoid painting with a dominant yellow color, though many consider it a cheerful yellow color, but this color often creates a feeling of heaviness in the eyes, and has a tendency psychologically to make people love arguing. Yellow color was better in improving the level of concentration, so that may be effective in the work environment (still to be equipped with color "another color as an accent color to break up the dominance of the color yellow).

-> Selection of brown to give the impression of masculine, but avoid to repaint the entire wall of the room with the color brown because it can cause feelings of sadness.

-> You are interested in the color purple? No matter if you intend to use these colors for impressive interior space because it will be romantic, but do not let this be the dominant color in a room, should you use a lot of colors "the other as an accent color that will beautify your home.

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Tollerance Benefits, Beautifull and Peace Living Harmony

I strongly believe that we should live like this

Christian: "Everything that you want others do unto you, do the same to them." (Matthew 7:12)

Islam: "No one of you is called believer unless you love others as yourself." (Hadith Muhammad)

Jew: "What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. This is the law, the other is just a comment. "(Talmud, Shabbat 31a)

Buddha: "Do not hurt other people with the things that hurt yourself." (Udana 5.1 Mv)

Hinduism: "This is a summary task, org do not do unto others what you do not want them to do unto you." (Mahabharata 5.1517)

Zoroaster: "What do not you like, do not do to another org." (Shast-na-shayst)

Confucius: "What you do not encounter problems like done to you, do not do to others." (Analects 15:23)

Bahai: "And if your eye is looking for justice, choose thou for thy neighbor that choose for yourself." (Epistle to the Son of the Wolf)

Jain: "One should treat all creatures wander as he himself would be treated." (Sutrakritanga 1:11:33)

Yoruba Proverb (Nigeria): "Those who would stab a baby bird with a sharp wood should try it on himself to be able to feel the pain of it."

Life is too short to make just one decision, music is too loud for just one station, love is too big for just one nation, and God is too big for just one religion!--Michael Franti

We live in much hatredenvironment, if you thought this post could divide the spread peace and harmony, please feel free to share this post

Resuscitation - Revive The Patient Has Been Declared Dead

The Benefits of Resuscitation

Without the spell or magic spells, a doctor could restore the lives of patients who are declared dead. This technique is known as resuscitation techniques. Even one of the experts say, patients may be lifeless revived the next day. Not many doctor who have specialized in resuscitation. 

One of them is Dr. Sam Parnia who has written a book called 'Eerasing Death'. In his book, he explains that resuscitation techniques will peak in the next 20 years.

"With current treatment, we can make people live again in 1 or maybe 2 hours, sometimes even longer after the heart stops beating and death due to circulatory failure. In the future, we may be better in reverse death,"he said as reported by Fox News.

Dr. Sam even said, maybe in the next 20 years, medical science has been able to bring back the 12 hours or even 24 hours after being declared dead. Currently, the average patient is successfully resuscitated cardiac arrest in the U.S. is 18 percent, while in the UK 16 per cent. 

However in the hands of Dr. Parnia who practiced in New York, the possibility of patients successfully resuscitated him around 33-38 percent. Although not all, most of the patients who were rescued were not suffered nerve damage at all. "You can call it 'awakening' if you want. But I still call it the science of resuscitation, "he said. 

Furthermore, Dr Parnia says that most doctors mistakenly understood that the brain will suffer major damage from lack of oxygen within 3-5 minutes after the heart stops beating. While the study found that brain cells can live for hours after death. "My message is, deaths that we normally see today in the year 2013 was a death that can be reversed,"
4 pressure points to relieve stress

4 pressure points to relieve stress

Do not like the use of drugs to relieve stress? You might be able to try other means such as meditation. However, not everyone can meditate and get the desired results. If you want to relieve stress and feel relaxed quickly, you can try the four-point massage in a way that suggested by Your Tango.

1. Pressure on the abdomen to relieve anxiety
Place the tip of your finger in both hands between the navel and the bottom of the breastbone. Gently apply pressure to the inside and strong upward. You lean forward to push deeper into the abdomen. After that, breathe deeply for one minute.

2. Pressure on the tailbone to relieve anxiety
Place your third finger on the flat section at the end of the collarbone. Press firmly and slowly. Then breathe deeply for one minute.

3. Pressure point on the buttocks to relieve stress
When you stand up, clench your fists, and hit on the ass end. If you lie on your back, then you can bend your knees and put his fist or the palm of the hand under the rump. After it swung to the right and left knees, knuckles while you press the point firmly massage the buttocks.

4. The area between the eyebrows and the breastbone to defuse anger
Place the tip of your right middle finger in between the eyebrows and use the fingertips of your left hand to touch the middle of the chest bone. Press gently. Close your eyes and breathe deeply a part that you press for a minute.

That is some kind of pressure on the four-point massage that can help you relieve stress, frustration, and anger quickly. Good luck!

more healthy and beauty with sawdust

Women do have a thousand and one way to treat the body in order to stay beautiful and charming. Powder saws can be utilized.

Presumably sounds strange when a woman immersed himself in the former powder sawn. Wood powders that resembles the sand piled all over the face, leaving only grow alone.

Strange indeed, but that is one method to care for beauty and fitness which appeared in Japan. Sawdust was used instead of lotion that sometimes makes uncomfortable because sticky.

In Japan, this method is becoming a popular trend that many women. This method is believed to make the body more refreshed and younger looking skin. Not only that, some sort of spa treatments also can relieve muscle aches and stimulate blood circulation.

However, not all sawdust can be used. In Japan, they use fir sawdust, named Yoshino Cypress growing in Nara Prefecture. The powder was then finely ground and then mixed with the fermented rice bran also naturally ferment.

Fermentation that is believed very effectual to make the body more fit for being able to activate the organ performance, optimize metabolism, improve blood circulation and immunity. Also stimulates sweat without making enlarged pores and removes sebum from the skin naturally.

The trick is simple enough. Powder like sand was laid in a crib as a bed. Then, we lay down and the powder poured into our bodies to bury the body, leaving only the face. Much like the people who play sand on the beach.

Enzymes contained in the sawdust to make the body feel warm to 40 degrees centigrade. Then the body will sweat like I'm exercising. Unnoticed, sweat profusely.

Spa with sawdust method is apparently not a new trend. In Japan, the way this has been done for a long time, about 70 years ago.

In Japan, one of the salons that provide this treatment care is Kousoyokuen Leaf salon in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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More Fit and Healthy with Prancercise

Prancercise combines jogging, gymnastics, running and dancing.

Popularized by Joanna Rohrback the sport fact was introduced in 1989. But when it has not got the attention of the American public. Understandably, the U.S. public, perform gymnastic movements while continuing to move forward, at that time, is still regarded as something strange.

Now, prancercise re-introduced as a new fitness trend. Joanna prancercise defines as advanced rhythmic movements, mimicking the movement of a horse running, which should ideally be done with a sense of joy and full of joy.

Practice like this. You do gymnastic movements while continuing foot forward. This forward movement varied, starting with just a leisurely stroll, a brisk walk to a run. At first it is kind of hard to do, but if it is used, this movement would be nice.

In America and other European countries, prancercise began much-loved by fans of yoga, pilates and zumba.

Many say the benefits of physical fitness is greater. Equivalent number of calories burned by running a distance of 1.6 km.

Healthy with the Right dining room design

Benefits of Suitable Dining Room Design

How to eat, how to chew, and psychological aspects turned out to have implications for the health of the body. Fast-paced lifestyle and diet disrupt believed to cause disease.

First, a more regular pattern of community life. The meal with the whole family is a must do. It helps us to restore the pattern for the health. For that, you try to look at the condition of the dining room in the house.

Should be done with the ritual of eating properly, without being bothered by other activities. If the dining room and family room together, there is a possibility your attention divided by the television show. It is quite possible your kids instead chose to watch in front of the TV.

Create a boundary between the dining room and family room that eating activities undisturbed. No need to be a solid wall, which is important you can be sure that your attention is not diverted to other things during the meal.

If not possible, just make sure that the sitting position during feeding back to TV. More simply, turn off the television during meals.

Change activities become a ritual meal together. Besides being able to train yourself to be disciplined, health was more awake.

Do not believe? Prove it!

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TRICKS Aromatherapy Facial Mask of Chamomile Tea

The Benefits of TRICKS Aromatherapy Facial Mask of Chamomile Tea

THERE are many variants of tea bags, one of which is chamomile tea (chamomile).
Tea with a mixture of flowers that are often used as aromatherapy proved beneficial for skin health while providing a calming effect. Here's how as we quoted from page Veggies and Pearls.

For a single use, prepare:
* Three tea bags soothing chamomile >>
* 1/2 tablespoon baking soda (baking soda) helps exfoliate dead >>
* 3 tablespoons of coconut oil (coconut oil) >> containing antimicrobial against acne

How to make:
1. Open the tea bag, pour the contents into a small bowl.
2. Add baking soda and coconut oil.
3. Stir until evenly distributed.
4. Apply on the face as a mask, still avoiding eye area.
5. Let stand for a few moments, then rub gently until the entire mask.
6. Wash your face as usual.
7. For continuous treatment, apply coconut oil as a moisturizer at night to sleep.

Salt Spa For Health and Beauty

The Benefits of Salt Spa for Beauty and Health

Spa treatments can be considered as one of the beauty investment in the future of your skin - Spa offers a wide selection of types of properties similar to the appearance of the finished skin. One with salt spa. Not only as a flavor enhancer in food, mineral salts proved to have advantages for skin beauty.

Top 7 Benefits of Salt Spa For Beauty and Health

1. Help cleanse the skin
Salt spa offers natural nutrients for the skin. When used in the form of therapy, the salt will cleanse and detoxify the skin naturally. This method will also help to purify the skin, reducing acne, and other skin problems. Others. spa salt also helps to improve the texture of your skin.

2. Relieve pain in muscles
Spa salt helps to improve blood circulation in the body, which in turn will help to relax the muscles, thus helping muscles to remain relaxed, spa salt is also beneficial for relieving sore muscles, and prevent excessive risk due to problems with arthritis reduces joint pain.

3. Nourish the skin
The minerals in the salt spa helps in exfoliating the skin. For skin, spa salt also works to prevent acne and eczema problems. Not only that, the spa salt also helps to reduce the skin condition rosacea.

4. Make the body become relaxed
Spa salt added a few drops of lavender oil helps to make the body and mind to relax so that in turn will reduce the risk of stress.

5. Reduce the risk of skin irritation
Bath with herb salt into the skin separately irritated therapy and dry well. spa salt will eventually help to revitalize the body, and reduces headaches.

6. Helps reduce insomnia complaints
Spa salt contains natural minerals that are full of nutrients. Because of its function to relax the body, this one is a spa treatment that suits them difficult to sleep.

7. Helps to get rid of dirt and sweat
Spa salt also helps to remove toxins and get rid of the impurities that are harmful to the body. Salt can also help you in overcoming excessive sweating.

Health Benefits of Forgiveness

The Benefits of Forgiveness for Health

Health Benefits of Forgiveness
Health Benefits of Forgiveness
According to recent research, American scientists established that those capable of forgiveness are healthier in both mind and body. People surveyed stated that their pain was reduced after forgiving the person who hurt them.

The study showed that people who learned to forgive feel much better, not only emotionally but also physically. For example, it has been established that, on psychiatric symptoms and body such as back pain due to stress [mental stress], insomnia and stomachaches were significantly reduced in these people.

In his book, Forgive for Good [Forgive me for the Good], Dr. Frederic Luskin describes forgiveness as a proven recipe for health and happiness.

The book describes how forgiveness triggers the creation of a good state of mind as hope, patience and self-confidence by reducing anger, suffering, weak morale and stress. According to Dr. Luskin, anger that kept causing physical effects that can be observed in a person. He went on to say that:
Issues of long-term anger or endless we have seen is reset temperature control system in the body.

When you get used to the low level of anger all the time, you do not realize what's normal. It creates a kind of adrenaline rush that people get used. It burns the body and makes it difficult to think clearly - to make things worse.

Forgive is Medication

Health Benefits of Forgiveness

Forgive Health Benefits

An article entitled "Forgiveness" [Forgiveness], which was published Healing Current Magazine [Magazine Healing the Present] edition in September-October, 1996, stated that anger towards a person or an event led to negative emotions in people, and harmed their emotional balance and even physical health them.

The article also mentions that people realize after a while that the anger was bothering them, and wish to repair damage to the relationship. So, they take steps to forgive. It added that, despite all they endure it, people do not want to spend valuable time of their life in anger and anxiety, and prefer to forgive themselves and others.

All the research suggests that anger is a state of mind which is very damaging to human health. Forgiveness, on the other hand, even though it feels heavy, feels happy, one part of morality, which eliminates any detrimental effects of anger, and help these people enjoy a healthy life, both physically and spiritually.

Top 15 Health Benefits of Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is a state of mind that involves thoughts, feelings, and specific actions. A point is declared fit into the context of forgiveness if there is mind perceives that an event: there is someone or something that does injustice to yourself. You then prefer to be the object rather than the subject.

The thoughts trigger feelings of anger, disappointment, upset, angry, and desperate. Feelings are normal. Not easy for some people to forgive others. In fact, people who forgive will gain real benefit than those who do not forgive, such as:Normal blood pressure so much.
  • Decrease stress.
  • Anger subsided.
  • Have the skills to manage anger better.
  • Pressure decreased heart.
  • Lower the risk of alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Lowering the symptoms of depression are low.
  • The symptoms of anxiety are low.
  • Acute pain decreased.
  • More friendly.
  • Healthier relationship.
  • Your existence is prime.
  • A clinically useful measure for patients with high blood pressure are rapidly rising anger.
  • Improving mental and physical health.
  • Relieve acute back pain.

Forgiveness for Beauty

Forgiveness for beauty

Forgiveness for beauty

Those who keep anger in his heart will be difficult to smile and grumpy posture will be more tense, it is certainly going to affect their everyday appearance. 
Forgiveness will make the body more relaxed, heart feels spacious and happy and of course this makes it easier for a person's smile, and the smile people is the best makeup.

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swiftlet bird nest; Health & beauty benefits

The Health & Beauty Benefits of swiftlet bird nest

Consuming swiftlet bird nest could serve as a healthy lifestyle, it is because nest swiftlet bird has a balanced nutritional content and does not cause spontaneous effect on the body. So if you eat soup only occasionally nest swiftlet bird, bird nest swiftlet efficacy is not optimal.

● How long does it take to get the results of bird nest?
In consuming bird nest swiftlet recommended consumption must comply within 3-5 months, 2-3 times a week. If consume bird's nest soup every day or every other day was also better with the number of 3-5 grams of dried swiftlet bird nest soup to be cooked.

● The best time to consume soup bird nest swiftlet
In traditional Chinese medicine nests are sometimes used as a treatment or therapy'' Chinese Food.'' Similarly, a therapeutic herbal medicines also require a regular time such as three to five months to get the best results.

● swiftlet bird nest for beauty skin
Swiftlet bird nest is great for keeping the body in order to stay beautiful skin and can slow down aging.

To get beautiful and healthy skin, swiftlet bird nest should be consumed before going to bed.

● Role of swiftlet bird nest for health and body beauty
If you have more budget, it would be better if you frequently consume them. It will give effect to the good health and beauty in the body naturally.

Swiftlet bird nest contains glycoprotein whose function is to help natural regeneration of body cells that slow the aging (acting naturally to slow down aging). To moisturize the skin as an anti-aging and preventing wrinkles on the skin. swiftlet bird nest can act to maintain overall body health, improve lung health, improve respiratory system so it is good for smokers and people who are elderly / old people.

How to cook bird nest swiftlet is by soaking it first, then clean up the dirt (such as grass and fur left) when it's clean soup can be cooked with meat or mixed with sugar cubes and drink / eat. That the efficacy of swiftlet bird nest for health and beauty, may be useful to you.

Health Benefits of Niacin

The Benefits of Niacin or Vitamin B3 For Health

Vitamin B3 or Niacin has a wide range of health benefits - such as helping oversee the body improve blood circulation, healthy skin condition and help the performance of the brain and improve memory.

Additionally, Niacin can also be used to aid digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, relieve symptoms of arthritis and schizophrenia condition. The most important benefit of Niacin or Vitamin B3 is to reduce bad blood cholesterol levels and control.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin has a duty to assist the release of energy throughout the body tissues and is essential to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.  You can get vitamin B3 supplements in a pharmacy nearby, but it would be better if you buy it based on prescription

Vitamin B3 is very often used as an aid in vitamin therapy several diseases in the body. Niacin is also used to treat respiratory disorders and blood vessels, as an excellent food supplement and treat diseases such as pellagra and lovastatin.

Other than as stated above, Niacin still has some benefits, especially for the human body that has been found by the research so far.

Basically, niacin has 3 types of forms of nicotinic acid and niacinamide, Inositol Hexaniacinate used to help people supplement in tablet form. Nicotinic acid helps to reduce high cholesterol levels in the blood and Niacinamide can be found in a variety of supplements.

Efficacy and Benefits of Vitamin Niacin or B3

Some properties of vitamin B3 or Niacin is: 

As part of the vitamin B complex, Vitamin B3 helps the human digestive system to work normally, restore appetite, good response and brighten skin 

Vitamin B3 or Niacin has an important function in changing proteins, carbohydrates and fats into energy needed by our body. 

Niacin intake is quite high at 1100 milligrams or more in a single day, has been shown to lower bad LDL cholesterol levels in the body and increase good HDL cholesterol to prevent thickening of the artery walls. 

Niacin or Vitamin B3 can be found in some foods, namely, meat, turkey, tuna, eggs, assorted poultry, yeast, nuts, peas, potatoes, cheese, brown rice, wheat and milk.

People with a wide variety of muscle disorders, digestive problems, skin irritation or pellagra may lack vitamin B3 in their food, so they need to increase intake nicain to reduce or even eliminate these health problems. 

Mental health
Even some health problems can be cured by giving intake of vitamin B3 or niacin dose-related manner.
At the present time, it is very rare to find people who lack vitamin B3 because modern society has a lot depends on the Niacin to cure a variety of mental health disorders and also on everyone. 

The third form of Niacin have different effects on the human body. Niacinamide is very useful to prevent inflammation. While hexaniacinate Inositol Nicotinic acid and is very influential in our bloodstream.You can consume Vitamin B3 or Niacin along with your daily diet or even with a variety of fluids. 

In some cases, Niacin can be intoxicating if taken in very high doses. So that it would be good step if you consult with your doctor before deciding to take supplements of Vitamin B3 in any form.

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top 7 health benefits of cherries

health benefits of cherries

Cherries are not only delicious, but also good for health. This fruit is more often used as a garnish, especially the cake. Because it is difficult cultivated in some of Asia, the price of cherries fairly expensive on the ASIA market. Then, what is the important benefits of cherries? The fruit that comes from the prunus genus has seven health benefits. Let's see what are the health benefits?

Top 7 Health Benefits of Cherry

1. Anti-inflammatory
Cherry is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory. That's because the content of anthocyanins in cherries that could prevent skin damage from free radicals.

2. arthritis
According to the Arthritis Foundation, drinking cherry juice three times a day can cure arthritis. Again, this is due to the role as an anti-inflammatory cherries.

3. heart health
health benefits of cherries
top 7 health benefits of cherries
A study at the University of Michigan found that consumption of cherries may lower the risks of heart disease, including inflammation, body fat, and cholesterol.

4. Anti-cancer
Researchers have found that a high content of antioxidants, called cyanidin, the cherries are very powerful to fight cancer.

5. Improve Brain or memory
Cherries contain anthocyanins which are very good for the brain and memory or memory dapatmeningkatkan significantly.

6. The content of beta-carotene
Cherries contain the highest beta-carotene, which is 19 times more than blueberries or strawberries.

health benefits of cherries7. Natural sleep remedy
Cherries contain melatonin, a hormone that regulates the body's sleep cycle. Therefore, eating cherries can enhance good sleep cycle. As a result, the body becomes more fit and healthy.

It's ya seven health benefits of cherries. Beautiful fruit that often pose over black forest tart turns out to have many benefits, you know. Well, although quite expensive, it could not hurt to occasionally taste really fresh cherries are not canned.

Cherry Fruit Nutrition Content

health benefits of cherriesCherries contain anthocyanins, the red pigment in berries. Cherry anthocyanins have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in mice. 

Anthocyanins are also potent antioxidants under active research for a variety of potential cherries health benefits.

Nutrient values Cherries per 100 g (3.5 oz)

  • Energy 263 kJ (63 kcal)
  • Carbohydrates 16 g
  • 13 g sugar
  • Dietary fiber 2 g
  • Fat 0.2 g
  • Protein 1.1 g
  • Vitamin C 7 mg (12%)
  • Iron 0.4 mg (3%)

Cherry For Beauty and Smooth Skin

Cherries contain vitamins and minerals, which help to nourish the skin. They have anti-inflammatory effects and helps to heal and soothe irritated skin. Cherries also repair skin damage from sun exposure and UV rays.

Anti-oxidants on cherry help to prevent oxidation damage, which causes the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and so on. In fact, cherry also strengthens skin tissue and keep it youthful. Apple and cherry puree and apply on face. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

    Health Benefits and Efficacy Eels

    Eels Nutrient Content

    Apparently, the eel contain so many substances that are beneficial to health. Nutritional content of which is cholesterol, sodium, protein, water, high calorie, unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3, total unsaturated fatty acids Omega 6, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folic, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, choline, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, manganese and selenium. 

    The contents that are in the flesh eel maximum of 204 grams only. Knowing the nutrient content of course no doubt that much longer if benefits had eel into a first treatment derived from the animal.

    Benefits and Efficacy Eels

    Regarding the efficacy or benefits alone for health eel meat one is for our heart health. By eating eel meat will lower the risk of heart disease, including heart blood vessel constriction. Narrowing of the coronary arteries is certainly a frightening specter for us all, especially for those who already have risk factors. Therefore why do not we take advantage of the eel here.

    In addition to our heart health, eel meat also contains properties for vision health, the development of central nervous functions, and of course normalize blood pressure in the brain. This is what makes the reasons why Japan has been rife sold capsules of food supplements with the main ingredient of eel. Several studies have also explained that the known benefits of eel on reducing the risk of diabetes type two.

    Health Benefits of Ant Nest

    Actual ant nests are epiphytic plants are used as a nest of ants, so it was not made ​​by ants. Adaptation to life by attaching to other plants in the form of an empty hole sectional, make what we call the ant nest.

    Benefits ant nests are very good for people with high blood pressure (stroke), high fever liver, lungs, tuberculosis (excessive coughing), cholesterol, heart (chest tightness), diabetes mellitus, restore stamina and virility male, back pain, sprains (one veins, tingling or aches, pains in the back (behind the head), tingling in the arms or other body, as well as for those who are smoking or drinking habits, etc.

    Ant nest are very good to consume, Due ants nest in the body will throw everything at once neutralize toxins.

    Top 11 Health Benefits of Ant Nest

    1. Cancer and Tumors
    The types of cancer and tumors, both benign and malignant, which can be cured with the ant nest is brain cancer, nasal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer blood (leukemia), except for cancers of the throat and oral cavity. Ants Nest ability empirically for the treatment of various types of cancer / tumor is allegedly related to the content of flavonoids.

    There are several mechanisms of flavonoid in combating tumors / cancer, such as inactivation of carcinogens, anti-proliferation, inhibition of cell cycle, induction of apoptosis and differentiation, angiogenesis inhibition, and reversal of multi-drug resistance or a combination of these mechanisms.

    2. Cardiac disorders, especially coronary heart
    Until now, the mechanism is not yet clear, but the ability of ant nests for the treatment of various diseases / disorders of heart had something to do with a multi-mineral content of ant nests, particularly calcium and potassium.

    3. Nor Light Stroke Weight
    Treatment of stroke is related to the possibility of a multi-mineral content contained in ant nests.

    4. High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
    As a natural remedy for high blood pressure, ant nests contain flavonoids that prevent blood clots so for those who are taking this herbal remedy on a regular basis, then high blood pressure can be avoided.

    This is because hypertension emerge if the blood clots and protect ants nest you have to keep the blood thin. Flavonoids addition, ant nests also have Tocopherol compounds proven to thin the blood so that blood clots and high blood pressure can be overcome.

    5. Diabetes Mellitus
    Many users report the ants nest their health condition improved after consuming this herb regularly, some are not even reported using insulin again. Ability of ant nests in the adjuvant treatment of diabetes is suspected because of the ability of this herb to restore the function of organs, particularly the pancreas, so it can produce enough of the hormone insulin, so blood sugar can be processed into a substance that is easily absorbed by the body.

    6. Piles (Hemorrhoids)
    Ants Nest ability to cure piles (hemorrhoids) associated with the flavonoid and high tanin. The second class of compounds in several studies it has been proven to treat hemorrhoids.

    7. Migraine (headaches)
    For the treatment of migraine associated with flavonoid functions and multi-minerals in ant nests, particularly calcium, sodium, and magnesium.

    8. Lung (TBC)
    Treatment of tuberculosis associated with the role of flavonoids contained in the ant nest that serves as an anti-virus.

    9. Rheumatism (Gout)
    This is related to the ability of flavonoids as inhibitors of xanthine oxidase and antioxidant enzymes, and tocopherol as an antioxidant and multi-minerals contained in the ant nest.

    10. Ulcer pain (Stomach)
    Like tuberculosis, which play a role in the treatment of ulcers is a flavonoid contained in the ant nest as an anti-bacterial.

    11. Improving Breastfeeding
    Multi-mineral content of ant nests of plants thought to have an important role in launching and increase milk production, maternal health accelerate the recovery process after childbirth, and recover femininity organ.