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Vanilla Health Benefits; sexual appetite enhancer

The Benefits of Vanilla for Health

The Benefits of Vanilla for Health

The Benefits of Vanilla for Health

Vanilla contains a chemical compound vanillin (4 - hydroxy - 3 - metoksibenzaldehida), which gives the distinctive aroma of vanilla.  There is also a small content of volatile oil, which piperonal.  

First vanillin extracted from vanilla plant by Gobley in 1858.  Can also be obtained from vanillin glycoside derived from the sap of pine plantations in 1874, resulting in the temporary setbacks in the field of natural vanilla industry.

Vanilla essence is available in 2 forms, the original extract vanilla pods are composed of thousands of different chemical compounds, and synthetic essences are made ​​of artificial vanillin in ethanol solution.

Vanilla traded in 3 different forms, namely whole vanilla pods, powders (vanilla pods are crushed, then mixed with sugar or flour), and the form of the extract (in alcoholic solution).  Vanilla aroma is obtained by adding vanilla extract into the mixture by boiling food or vanilla pods.  Vanilla is widely used to give flavor to a variety of foods and beverages.

Ancient medical literature mentions the benefits of vanilla as an aphrodisiac (sexual appetite enhancer) and fever medicine.  The vanilla benefits have not been scientifically tested, but it has been proven that vanilla can increase levels of catecholamines (including epinephrine, more commonly known as adrenaline), so the vanilla can be addictive effect.

An in- vitro testing to prove that vanilla is able to inhibit the " quorum sensing " in bacteria.  It contributes to the quorum sensing signals in bacterial virulence.  Bacteria will turn into virulent (cause disease) only where there is a signal which indicates that the bacteria are strong enough to resist the immune response.  Additionally, vanilla is used also for aromatherapy.

Species Vanilla planifolia, Vanilla pompona, and tahitiensis Vanilla is a plant belonging to the orchid family.  Vanilla vines grow on other plants, in the forest or in garden cultivation.  Typical vanilla scent that comes from the fruit, which is produced from vanilla flower pollination.  Each one will produce a single flower.

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