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Top 6 Ways to Eliminate Acne Scars Naturally

Top 6 Ways to Eliminate Acne Scars Naturally

There are medical and cosmetic procedures that can help remove acne scars, such as laser treatments, dermabrasion, tissue fillers, surgery and so on. However, most of these procedures are quite expensive and in many cases will not be covered by insurance. Fortunately, there are some home remedies to remove acne scars the natural way, many are quite effective in lightening and may even be able to get rid of acne quickly.
How to remove acne scars naturally:

1.     Ice
     acne ice
     Rub a few pieces of ice directly to the skin area that has been affected by the scar. Ice has a soothing effect on the skin, and this helps resolve inflammation and accelerate healing of acne. However, for best results, this exercise should be done at least 3 or 4 times a day. Rub ice cubes on your skin for about 15 minutes at a time, or even longer, if possible. It is one of the most effective home remedies for acne scar removal.

2.     Olive Oil
     If used daily, this treatment can help remove blemishes and acne scars gradually reduce their visibility.

3.     Lemon Juice
     To get rid of acne scars on the face, lemon juice is usually very effective. This natural treatment not only brings natural scar reduction, but also helps to lighten skin color. For maximum effectiveness, the juice of a fresh lemon should be applied to the skin and leave on for at least 15 to 20 minutes, before washing clean.

4.      Apple Cider Vinegar
     This drug is used to reduce some of the problems associated with the skin, which covers acne scars. Dip a small cotton ball in vinegar and apply it to the parts of the skin where acne scars are present. After about 10 to 15 minutes rinse the skin with water. This exercise should be done twice a day.

5.     cucumber
     Some spas and salons use on scar home remedy for skin lightening. Cucumber not only soothe skin inflammation, but also speed up the healing process. Cut into thick slices of cold cucumber and apply it on your skin for about 20 to 30 minutes.

6.     baking Soda
     Being a natural cleaner, baking soda can help to alleviate skin conditions, including acne scars remove the black spots. Mix a little baking soda in water to make a thick paste. Wet the affected skin acne scars and apply the paste on it, using a circular motion. After about 10 or 15 minutes, rinse the skin with warm water.

While most medications for acne scars are quite safe if used properly, it is best to consult a doctor before trying any of them. But prevention is better than treatment, so apply healthy life from now on.

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Benefits of 7 Foods That Improve Memory and Concentration

Benefits of 7 Foods That Improve Memory and Concentration

The brain consists of about 100 billion cells (neurons) that control all major functions of the body, including our memory. As with all our body cells, so that the brain needs adequate amounts of vitamins to ensure smooth and continuous power supply.

Brain cells did show a very high energy requirement, which represents 20% of our basic metabolism. What is the role of food in our memory health and which foods can improve both our memory and concentration level?

1Expand to eat balanced food
 The main fuel of the brain is glucose, which is supplied by the blood. The brain requires glucose throughout the day, while the lack of it causes the brain to change the priority on fuel that would disrupt its smooth functioning. So the role of diet in maintaining stable blood glucose levels is very important and this is mainly achieved by frequent balanced diet containing foods rich in carbohydrates.

how to increase memory? your memory decline?
Examples of foods to enhance the good memory includes: bread, biscuits, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruits, juices and vegetables. Sugar when consumed in moderation also helps to improve memory, because the supply of the brain is glucose.

In addition to lunch and dinner, which are the two main meals for energy, which is not less important is breakfast and snacks in between meals the third time. It should not be removed because they continued supply of glucose to the brain.

Breakfast includes the initial needs of energy, and recent research shows that it also contributes to good mental performance. In particular, studies conducted in children and adolescents showed that children who eat breakfast regularly have memory and better performance in school.

In adults, regular consumption of foods in between meals (snacks) is associated with increased concentration and better memory as well as an increase in performance of the work.

2. Beware of diets
how to increase memory , vigilant your diet  -Recent studies analyzing the negative impact of a strict diet on health and revealed that one of the main symptoms is a severe neurological disorder such as memory loss, poor concentration, weak, bad mood, etc..

This is obviously due to diet, that when we are not balanced diet (a diet that includes a variety of foods in the right proportion and amount), our bodies are not getting the necessary vitamins and glucose which is essential for reduced memory. So you have one more reason to avoid diets that promise quick results through lack of intense and ultimately dangerous.

3. Often replace fluids
Adequate hydration is something that is often overlooked. Every day we need to fill our water lost is usually through the consumption of a variety of fluids. Besides water, the hydration of the body can be achieved through a number of liquids, such as coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks, fruits and vegetables.

Do not forget that the water content in fruits and vegetables as high as 70-80% of their body weight. The importance of proper hydration is also evidenced by studies showing that even 3% dehydration (ie less than 250 ml) led to a lack of concentration, poor memory and reduced performance.

4. Vitamins
B vitamins (especially B6, B12 and folic acid) contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system, facilitating the transfer of nerve impulses.

Foods rich in vitamin dairy products, nuts, grains, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

Also, antioxidants such as vitamins E and C, can increase the memory by slowing the aging brain cells. Foods rich in vitamin E is olive oil and seed oil. Important source of vitamin C are oranges, kiwi, blackberries and strawberries.

5. Fatty fish
Red meat and other food products that are based on red meat (ie sausage) is a diet rich in saturated fats. These foods other than cardiovascular problems they create, they also appear to reduce the capacity of intellectual performance.

Instead, you can eat fish, especially oily fish (salmon, trout, and tuna) which is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 has been proven by research to improve memory and protect brain cells from damage.  how to improve memory is to consume Salmon

6. you control the levels of iron
Xat Iron is one of the most important nutrients for the body. Low levels of iron, especially when it reaches the designated point as anemia, affect cognitive function, memory and ability to concentrate. (see: how to improve concentration at work)

Special attention should be drawn from vegetarians, who must follow a diet that is carefully designed to meet their needs for iron.

7. Chocolate
Research has shown that eating chocolate increases the production of endorphins, substances that cause a better mood and stimulate memory. Chocolate also contains a moderate amount of caffeine, which is related to stimulating and improving our mood. But beware, because chocolate has enough calories and if not consumed in moderation may lead to weight gain. A little slice of rich chocolate Cocoa is the ideal solution and healthy.

4 top Food with anti wrinkle benefits

"Many women and men believe that aging skin is inevitable, but with the information and technology that we have today, you really can look as young as you feel," said Robin Ashinoff, MD, a dermatologist at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey.

To help put you on the right path, WebMD asked Ashinoff and other experts to examine some ways that really work to reduce wrinkles. Here are 4 effective ways according to the experts to make a difference in yourself. While some require a visit to a dermatologist, a lot of things you can do yourself.

1. Eat more fish - especially salmon.
Not only is salmon (along with cold-water fish) a source of protein for the skin. It is also an important source of essential fatty acids known as omega-3. Perricone tells WebMD that essential fatty acids help nourish the skin and keep it plump and youthful, helping to reduce wrinkles.

2. Eat more soy.
how to reduce wrinkles
Eat more vegetables and fruits Fruits
So far, most of the evidence has come from animal studies, but the study does not show certain properties of soy may help protect or heal some wrinkles from sun damage. In a recent human study, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, researchers reported that the soy-based supplement (other ingredients including fish protein and extracts from white tea, grapeseed, and tomato, as well as some vitamins) improved skin structure and become more toned after just six months of use
3. Replace coffee with cocoa.
In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2006, researchers found that cocoa contains high levels of two dietary flavanols (epicatchin and catechin) protected skin from sun damage, improved circulation skin cells, improve hydration, and make the skin look and feel soft.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
The key, says Kraus, are antioxidant compounds. Compounds of this fight, the damage caused by free radicals (unstable molecules that can damage cells), which in turn helps the skin look younger and more radiant, and protects against some effects of photoaging.

Clean Dandruff Natural Ways

Natural ways to clean dundruff
Clean Dandruff Natural Ways
How to Clean Dandruff Natural Ways - Dandruff is a skin condition that is very common and almost all people experience at one point in their lives regardless of age or ethnicity. Dandruff can appear not only the scalp, but also the ears, eyebrows, sides of the nose, beard, and chest. Dandruff can affect any hair-bearing area or an area with even very small hair follicles. Another name for dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea.

If you know you have dandruff, and have tried a variety of anti-dandruff shampoo. Here are natural ways to help you cope with dandruff with natural ingredients at home: 

1. Remove Dandruff With Vinegar 

Rinsing hair with vinegar (Apple Cider Vinegar or white vinegar) may sound like a terrible idea, but it could be a very effective way to eliminate dandruff is problematic because the actual skin (not the hair). Simply put, dandruff is the result of dead skin cells and mature too quickly and can cause irritation. Vinegar will get rid of unwanted skin will flake off into dandruff, and will not clog pores or cause more dandruff after cleaning. Overgrowth of fungus also can cause dandruff, and the vinegar acts as a fungicide. Using it is very easy and simple, and it may be easier than you have to wear some hair shampoos out there. But do not use this way when you are going to a meeting or a meeting because your hair will smell like vinegar to your bath again. 

You will need:

-1 / 2 cup warm water
-1 / 2 cup apple cider vinegar
- The cup

How to Make:
Mix warm water and vinegar in a cup. The total amount may vary to be more or less depending on how much hair you have. Pour the mixture over your hair, gently rub it around for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water (water only!) Wait about 8-12 hours before taking a normal bath. Repeat once every week or two weeks, depending on how often you feel you need it.

2. Remove Dandruff With Baking Soda
Baking soda is only a very useful thing to have in the house. It plays a major role in many natural home remedies, and usually works! It helps to overcome dandruff for a number of reasons. First, gently exfoliate skin excess. It also kills or acts as a fungicide, and mushrooms are generally available on the scalp can cause dandruff everyone. In addition, small particles that exist in the baking sode can be useful in eliminating dandruff stuck in your hair.

You will need:
- 1 Tablespoon of baking soda
- 1 cup water

How to Make:
Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of warm water. If you are using a used shampoo bottle or another bottles, rocking slowly and gently mix. If not, stir before you use it. Do this as a replacement for shampoo, daily if possible. Your hair may feel dry enough in the beginning, but there are natural oils in the hair will recover soon, and your hair will be much more balanced than when using some shampoo commercial.

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Benefits of 4 foods as a natural antibiotic

Did you know, taking antibiotics which are not based on a doctor's prescription will make you more disease resistant to many antibiotics such. Therefore, a prescription is required when taking antibiotics. Apparently there is a natural antibiotic that can be obtained from the food we eat every day. Therefore, health tips this time will show the articles relating to food as a natural antibiotic.

Here are 4 foods as a natural antibiotic:

1. Red onions turned out to be a natural antibiotic. When we cough, consume onion helps remove mucus and other Raw-material from the lungs, bronchi and trachea. Consuming onion can also help increase blood flow and protect against inflammation.
2. Garlic was also a natural antibiotic. Garlic can help cure disease and alleviate pain. Besides that, the garlic can lower far right of blood and reduce cholesterol levels in the body and treat food poisoning.
3. Green tea was also a natural antibiotic. Green tea is working to help the performance of antibiotics. This is because green tea contains antioxidants that are high enough to be useful as a natural antibiotic.
4. Honey was also a natural antibiotic medicine for your body. The honey serves to inhibit the growth of bacteria and can also treat infections caused by bacteria. Therefore, honey is very good for your body as a natural antibiotic.

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9 Foods beneficial to Lowering Your Cholesterol Levels

 The word "cholesterol", may have been familiar in the ears of every person. Did you know, cholesterol is one or more body fat known as lipids. As body fat, cholesterol thus has various functions in our bodies. But if, levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, or high rise. Then this could be a serious problem for the health of the body. Various types of foods proven to lower your cholesterol levels. So, what are the food for lowering cholesterol?

Cholesterol does have several important functions in the human body, if the cholesterol levels in the body under normal circumstances or stable. Some of the functions of cholesterol as the body fat as a constituent structures at the cell membrane, protecting the skin from toxins and drought issues and the formation of vitamin D (with UV light). However, various health problems in the body such as erectile disorders, kidney failure, and heart are some of the consequences of the increase in cholesterol levels in the body. Therefore, health tips this time will be to review an article that might be helpful for the reader. Here are 9 of cholesterol-lowering foods in your body:

1. Tomato is the first cholesterol-lowering foods. Although categorized as fruits, consuming tomatoes may help reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body. You can make a delicious tomato juice and drink two glasses of tomato juice every day.
2. Pomegranate is a second cholesterol-lowering foods. The small red round fruit was also very good for lowering cholesterol levels in the body especially the functioning reduces cholesterol plaque buildup and to increase the production of nitric oxide which can help in reducing plaque in the arteries.
3. Avocados are cholesterol lowering foods that third. Fruit with a rounded appearance and colored green oval is one of the fruits that can increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body. This is because, there are two types of cholesterol in our body which is the bad cholesterol or LDL and better known by the name of the good cholesterol HDL.
4. Wine is the fourth of cholesterol-lowering foods. Fruit wine was also very good to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body. By regularly drinking two glasses of grape juice every day is recommended to maintain good cholesterol levels in your body.
5. Garlic is the fifth of cholesterol-lowering foods. Although classified as spices or herbs one for all the housewives. Garlic was also very effective in helping lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Try to consume one clove of garlic per day to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in your body.
6. Various processed soy (tofu) are also effective for lowering bad cholesterol. Both of these foods are also very good for lowering bad cholesterol levels in your body. Another benefit that can be obtained which are a source of protein in both types of these foods.
7. Nuts are cholesterol-lowering foods into the seventh. referred nuts such as peanuts, walnuts and almonds. The content of omega 3 fats and antioxidants in nuts is apparently also very good for lowering bad cholesterol levels in your body.
8. Salmon is also listed as a cholesterol-lowering foods. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acid source is quite high. which serves to increase the levels of good cholesterol in your body.
9. Spinach ranks ninth on the list of cholesterol lowering foods. Popeye's favorite green leafy vegetables contain lutein sources. Lutein in spinach helps lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. So, it's good to start providing spinach as your daily diet.

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Apparently, Men Can Also Experiencing whitish!

Apparently, Men Can Also Experiencing whitish!

Every woman would experience vaginal discharge. This discharge as a defense mechanism of the body, and gives moisture to the vaginal area. Only, complaints or conditions may differ whiteness.

Well, it turns out, The whitish not only occurs in women. Men can also experience whitish. The difference, whitish fluid in men is definitely not normal and a sign of disease. "Because, normally male was dry damp, not wet," explains dermatologist and sex of the Royal Hospital Taruma Jakarta, Dr. Natalia Primadonna, SpKK.

Whitish fluid in men is commonly called gonorrhea is due to venereal disease gonorrhea (GO), it could be due to nonspecific bacterial infections which appear simultaneously with gonorrhea. Amounts can be a lot, or it could be a little bit.

Symptoms in men are whitish discharge whitish with a yellowish color as head of milk, with a texture that can be condensed or liquid. This complaint, it could happen with symptoms of pain or itching, but may also be asymptomatic.

Typically, GO transmitted due to unhealthy sexual relationships. When it hit, it is important to check with laboratoium, before deciding the pattern of treatment.

"If not treated, will continue into the pockets of the scrotum so reddened, swollen, and hot. If it does not descend into the scrotum and remain in the shaft of the penis, when erect it will be sore. If it does not run into the scrotum, could run into the prostate, "said Natalia.

7 Natural Ways to Improve Testosterone Hormone Levels

Do you often feel tired, depressed, and it is difficult to concentrate? If yes, then chances are you including one among tens of millions of people in the world who have low testosterone levels or "Low-T".

Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group which plays an important role for health in both men and women. On average, men produce about 20 times more often than women. Testosterone levels are at their highest at a young age, and will decrease when a person enters their 30s.

In addition responsible for sexual function, testosterone also plays an important role in keeping muscles and bones to stay strong, and keep the fat to remain evenly distributed in the body. In addition to changes in sexual function as well as a decrease in muscle mass and bone density, low testosterone levels can cause a variety of health problems including an increase in "bad" cholesterol.

Increasing Testosterone Hormone Levels Naturally

Actually, supplements to increase testosterone has been around for many years, but people still doubt the existence of long-term side effects. And in some conditions, such as those who have a history of prostate cancer was warned not to consume the supplement. The good news, there is a natural and safe way to increase testosterone levels, which are as follows:

1. Lose weight
Excess body fat can lower testosterone levels, especially when overweight is focused in the form of belly fat. A study at the University at Buffalo found that 40 percent of obese men have low testosterone levels. The other study also found that 75 percent of men who are very overweight, whether young or old, are known to have low testosterone levels. So, one solution is to increase testosterone levels by way of losing weight.

2. Drink coffee
In addition to providing a jolt of energy, caffeine can increase testosterone levels. A study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that drinking five (170 grams) cups of coffee every day for a month known to increase testosterone to estrogen ratio of nearly 200 percent in men who are overweight even though the effect is not long lasting. However, you should first consult your doctor before taking them.

3. Increase your intake of vitamin D 3
Vitamin D is actually a hormone, and according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, about 75 percent of Americans lack this vitamin. A three-year study in adult men published in Hormone and Metabolic Research found that men who had high levels of vitamin D are known to be higher testosterone levels than those with vitamin D levels in the body are low.

Another study found that men with low testosterone levels who were given supplements of vitamin D (3,332 IU) every day for a year increase testosterone levels by 20 percent. Scientists believe that vitamin D keeps the body from changing testosterone-to-estrogen, which at the same time make the receptors on the adrenal gland (which releases the hormone testosterone) to be more sensitive.

4. Coping with stress
According to a study from the University of Texas at Austin, if a person is stressed, the body releases the stress hormone cortisol in large numbers. It can inhibit the role of the hormone testosterone. Robert Josephs, the leader of the study revealed that when cortisol levels remain high as that experienced by people in a state of stress, the ability to reproduce (testosterone) will be more difficult. However, the effect of the hormone cortisol decreased with decreasing levels of stress experienced by a person.

5. enough sleep
A Dutch study found that elderly men (64-74 years) can increase their testosterone levels by getting enough sleep the night. The longer they sleep, the more testosterone circulating in their blood. Too little sleep can lower testosterone levels. a study at the University of Chicago Medical Center found that lack of sleep during the week can lower testosterone levels up to 15 percent.

6. Sports
In addition to maintaining fitness, exercise can increase testosterone levels. A study at Baylor University found that testosterone levels will remain high for the next 48 hours after lifting weights. Meanwhile, a different study showed that exercise in a short time the sprint 6 seconds, can significantly increase testosterone levels. Other studies have found that exercise at night is also effective in increasing testosterone levels. However, not too much in doing so, because a study in Universirty of North Carolina found that excessive exercise can decrease testosterone levels by 40 percent.

7. Eating nuts
Almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and peanuts can increase the production of testosterone. Several studies have found that men who eat foods high in monounsaturated fats, the type of fat that is often found in nuts, are known to have very high testosterone levels. Aspartic acid levels (1 of 20 amino acid building blocks of protein) that is high in nuts can increase testosterone production and increases blood flow in the body.

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2 Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

2 Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

In addition to fruit, pumpkin seeds also have health benefits for the body, which are:

1. Improve mood
Pumpkin seeds are rich in the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is a precursor of melatonin (sleep hormone), niacin (a vitamin) and serotonin (a transmitter in the nervous system). Serotonin is one of the major players that can improve a person's mood. Eat some roasted pumpkin seeds can help you stay motivated.

2. Maintain a healthy heart
Pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols that can lower bad cholesterol (LDL). As it is known that high levels of bad cholesterol has been linked to a number of health problems in the heart. Therefore, pumpkin seeds have an important role to keep your cholesterol levels remain normal and maintain cardiovascular health. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in zinc which is important in healing the body.
Avoid Exercising above 9 Hours Night

Avoid Exercising above 9 Hours Night

In addition to implementing a healthy diet, we are also encouraged to exercise regularly. Sports is one of the keys to keeping your body healthy and fit. However, due to busy, a lot of us who exercise at night. In fact, exercising at night is not really recommended. Why is that? The simple answer is because it can increase the risk of injury.

Avoid Exercising above 9 Hours Night

Doctors Sapto Adji Hardjosworo, an orthopedic specialist Plastica Premier Hospital, said that the evening is a time to rest the body and the rhythm of the body had been prepared for it. Sports at night increases the risk for injury. According to him, the sport should not be more than 9 hours a night.

Naturally, humans have biological rhythms, known as circadian rhythms. The rhythm is influenced by the hormone melatonin, which is also called the sleep hormone. If it was dark, then this will increase the production of hormones that give a sense of sleepiness.

Exercising at night will make the imposition of the body, which in essence is ready to rest or sleep. That is, exercise performed at an improper time.

In addition to the risk of injury is high, the impact of exercise performed over 9 hours of quality sleep a night is disturbing. This is because the heart rate is racing faster when exercising, so the body needs time to lower it again.

According to doctors, after doing exercise in the evening, usually accompanied by restless activity would sleep, nightmares, sleep but as awake, and waking up feeling refreshed. Therefore, if only had time to do it at night, exercise should be done no later than two hours before bedtime.

help you lose weight with benefits of salad

Benefits of Fruit Salad or Vegetable Salad

Besides the delicious taste, salad also has many benefits for our body. Salad is often used by many people to succeed in his diet. This is quite reasonable because the salad is considered as one of the healthy foods that can help you lose weight. Many types of salads that exist in the world and probably with different recipes, for example, is a vegetable salad or fruit salad. Salad contains very little fat and offers a number of essential nutrients for the body, making it different from other foods. There are several reasons why a salad can help you lose weight.

Some reasons why a salad can help you lose weight

low calorie
Salad usually consists of fruits and raw vegetables. Raw foods tend to need more time to digest. This will make your stomach feel full longer. What's more, the salad does not use any oil because it does not need to be cooked so that the calories that the body does not offer much.

Rich in fiber
Salad is rich in dietary fiber derived from fruits and vegetables. Fibrous foods also provide a longer satiating effect but with very little calories. Fiber foods are very good for digestive health, launched defecation and effective weight loss.

Rich in water
Fruits and vegetables in a raw state has a very high water content. Water is a good friend, especially for those who are dieting. In addition to filling your stomach, water can speed up the process of metabolism.

Rich in essential nutrients
Fruits and vegetables found in salads provide many essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, K, and minerals. These essential nutrients are needed to keep the body to keep fit while you're on a diet. Eating a salad will make sure that you are not malnourished while dieting.

Those are some reasons why a salad can be your friend when his is implementing a weight loss program. You can also add olive oil as a salad dressing. This way, you can get a little extra calories and good fats that the body needs. How about you? Are interested in involves a salad in your diet? Good luck