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Clean Dandruff Natural Ways

Natural ways to clean dundruff
Clean Dandruff Natural Ways
How to Clean Dandruff Natural Ways - Dandruff is a skin condition that is very common and almost all people experience at one point in their lives regardless of age or ethnicity. Dandruff can appear not only the scalp, but also the ears, eyebrows, sides of the nose, beard, and chest. Dandruff can affect any hair-bearing area or an area with even very small hair follicles. Another name for dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea.

If you know you have dandruff, and have tried a variety of anti-dandruff shampoo. Here are natural ways to help you cope with dandruff with natural ingredients at home: 

1. Remove Dandruff With Vinegar 

Rinsing hair with vinegar (Apple Cider Vinegar or white vinegar) may sound like a terrible idea, but it could be a very effective way to eliminate dandruff is problematic because the actual skin (not the hair). Simply put, dandruff is the result of dead skin cells and mature too quickly and can cause irritation. Vinegar will get rid of unwanted skin will flake off into dandruff, and will not clog pores or cause more dandruff after cleaning. Overgrowth of fungus also can cause dandruff, and the vinegar acts as a fungicide. Using it is very easy and simple, and it may be easier than you have to wear some hair shampoos out there. But do not use this way when you are going to a meeting or a meeting because your hair will smell like vinegar to your bath again. 

You will need:

-1 / 2 cup warm water
-1 / 2 cup apple cider vinegar
- The cup

How to Make:
Mix warm water and vinegar in a cup. The total amount may vary to be more or less depending on how much hair you have. Pour the mixture over your hair, gently rub it around for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water (water only!) Wait about 8-12 hours before taking a normal bath. Repeat once every week or two weeks, depending on how often you feel you need it.

2. Remove Dandruff With Baking Soda
Baking soda is only a very useful thing to have in the house. It plays a major role in many natural home remedies, and usually works! It helps to overcome dandruff for a number of reasons. First, gently exfoliate skin excess. It also kills or acts as a fungicide, and mushrooms are generally available on the scalp can cause dandruff everyone. In addition, small particles that exist in the baking sode can be useful in eliminating dandruff stuck in your hair.

You will need:
- 1 Tablespoon of baking soda
- 1 cup water

How to Make:
Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of warm water. If you are using a used shampoo bottle or another bottles, rocking slowly and gently mix. If not, stir before you use it. Do this as a replacement for shampoo, daily if possible. Your hair may feel dry enough in the beginning, but there are natural oils in the hair will recover soon, and your hair will be much more balanced than when using some shampoo commercial.

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Clean Dandruff Natural Ways
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