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5 Benefit of Pets for health

The Benefits of Pets for Health

health benefits having pets

The Benefits of Pets for Health

Keeping animals can provide many benefits to its owner. Not only teaches about the meaning of love and the love of God's creation, pet it also has a variety of benefits for your health and family, not least for the children.

Based on a study in the journal Pediatrics, children who live with a pet in the first few years of even more healthy when compared with those who do not keep animals in the house.

Dr.. Danielle Fisher of St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica, United States explained that raising animals can stimulate the immune system to fight infection, for toddlers. For example, children who have a dog in the early ages they have respiratory problems and 31 percent lower than those who do not have animals.

In addition to the benefits, pet also has five other health benefits, as summarized below.

Healthy heart. According to a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, the people who have severe disease and raising animals tend to have a healthier heart. Pet them through the tough times and painful when fighting disease. In addition, a report in 2008 also mentions that cats can reduce the risk of death after suffering a heart attack. Studies involving 4,500 people showed that cats can reduce the risk of death after a heart attack by 40 percent and reduce the risk of death from heart disease by up to 30 percent more.

Reduce Children Allergy Risk. Level of allergy sufferers in children is growing every year. However, it turned out to be solved by raising animals. According to research published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy, allergic children can be reduced if they live with a pet infancy. The reason could be because the child's immune system is getting stronger due to being near a pet.

Reduce Stress Potential. Bring pets into the workplace it can reduce stress levels and increase your satisfaction in the work. The study, published in the journal International Journal of Workplace Health Management show that the presence of pets in the workplace can provide the support that will enhance one's performance. Not only that, stroking pets can also increase levels of the hormone oxytocin and serotonin, which gives a comfortable feeling to someone, which would reduce your stress levels.

Lowering Blood Pressure. High blood pressure is associated with stress, either at work, family, etc.. Based on the study in the journal Hypertension, has turned a pet can lower one's blood pressure. In another study conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia, stroking a pet for 15 minutes was able to reduce a person's blood pressure up to 10 percent.

Improve Self Pride. People who keep animals tend to have a greater pride and feel less lonely than those who do not. Research on it published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. In addition, pet owners also make more bold and open, because of the presence of animals pet that provide moral and social support. Pets also provide many benefits for the owner, both in terms of psychological and psychic.

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Swaiso ; Suitable Sport for Slackers

The Benefits of Swaiso ; Best Exercise for the laziest

Exercise for the laziest
First, as Admin of I would like to thank to all of my readers who is willing to read this blog :) 2nd I would like to share one of my secret, I'm one of the lazy people to sport :D so I'm looking to find best exercise for slacker, and here are the story ^_^. 

According to the Greeks, is an athletic sport that cool. According to the Scotsman, is a cool sport to play golf. Did you know that the Scots are true?

According to Prof. Hembing we need to choose a sports we will do until old age. And the champion is: walking. You may choose tennis, swimming, dancing, riding, running, and so on. But make sure you do it up to old age. Because, when it used to exercise then suddenly the exercise stop then the body will 'demand' re the first. 

Still according Hembing, walking is kind of 'medium exercise' and it will make you stay healthy. So, since golf was much using legs or walking, then golf was spot on with this Hembing recommendation. Unfortunately, this sport takes a lot of capital, consuming much time, and huge space.

The Chinese are different again. The important thing on sport is to cultivate energy, instead of muscle processing. So it is not swim the best sport (like the doctor says), search is continue found: tai-chi. Ok, I agree. So I started looking for a tai-chi on the internet. Got it. Everyday Tai-chi site contains a complete different types of tai-chi as well as with the video. Cool.

It turns out I found myself are lazy. After studying the 5 moves of tai-chi 24 form, eh already demoralized. So I'm looking for another alternative, a sport for slackers. Then I found Falun Gong. Cool too, complete with video. 5 sufficiently stance, without concentration, without the rule of breath, just follow the movement of energy will appear alone.

Unfortunately, once again the power of the spirit only in positive thinking alone. Back lazy again. So I start a new search, a sport that really is perfect for someone who is very, very lazy. Uh, get a well. And after search and search on internet hola, this is the winner.
The Benefits of Swaiso

The Benefits of Swaiso

'sport swinging arms' swaiso is the original name. Yes, just swing your arms as much as 200-400 times every day. That is equivalent of walking, exercise medium. The advantages of this sport need not fear the rain, or hit by a car, or need a spacious room. according Hembing, this sport comes from Shanghai.

Here's how to do the sport for slackers:

   Stand up straight, feet shoulder width stretched and look straight ahead
   Gripping toes. he is to press your foot so pressing acupuncture points
   Use abdominal breathing, Inhale while expand abdomen and exhale breath while gently pull the abdomen in
   Arms straight, palms facing backward
   Swing your hands together forward and backward. One swing is calculated starting from the front-to back - to the front again.
   Do as many as 200-400 times (approximately 5-15 minutes)

That is my story my "hard" way to find suitable sport for the laziest :D.

earthworms lower cholesterol and cure thypus

The Benefits of Earthworms to Lower Cholesterol and Cure Thypus

Earthworms may look disgusting, but do you know if apparently earthworms have many benefits and efficacy for human health. Benefits and Efficacy of earthworms in the world of healthcare can treat some types of diseases. see more below

Among the more than 1800 species of earthworms are there in the world and has been recognized by scientists, of which there are two types of earthworm commonly used in the cultivation of earthworms and organic fertilizer production process, which is kind of worm Lumbricus and Eisenia Rubellus Fetida (tiger worms). Earthworm species Lumbricus Rubellus are animals that belong in avetebrata animals (invertebrates) that live in the land is fertile and moist. The worms go in gologan epigeic worms. The second type of worm is very easy to breed among other types of worms.

Several studies have proven the anti-bacterial properties of the protein produced from the extraction of earthworms that can inhibit the growth of gram-negative bacteria Escherichia coli, Shigella Dysenterica, Staphilococcus Staphylococcus, and Salmonella Thyp. Experts from a variety of sources and experts earthworm researchers commented that there are a lot of benefits and efficacy of the earthworm, to cure some diseases among which are:

    Earthworms benefits to cure diseases thypus
    Earthworms benefits could lower cholesterol levels
    Earthworms benefits to increase endurance.
    Earthworms benefits can lower high blood pressure.
    Earthworms benefits can increase appetite
    Earthworms benefitsto treat infections of the gastrointestinal tract such as dysentery, diarrhea and other stomach disorders.
    Earthworms benefits can treat respiratory tract infections such as influenza, asthma, bronchitis and even TB (Tuberculosis).
    Earthworms benefits can reduce fatigue and aches and pains due to rheumatism.
    Earthworms benefits can lower blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.
    Earthworms benefits can treat exim, hemorrhoids, wounds, allergies and toothache.

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Water; top 10 benefits for body

Water; top 10 benefits for body

1. Forming cells and body fluids
Water plays an important role in the body. Imagine, most of the human body consists of water. If we are short of water, it will interfere with the body's systems work.

This fluid is required for substances such as blood, gastric fluid, hormones, enzymes and so on. The water is also present in the muscle and muscle tone so useful maintain muscles are able to contract.

2. Regulating body temperature
Produce hot water, absorbs and dissipates heat through the body so as to keep the body temperature remains stable. Through the production of sweat which is largely made up of water and salt, the water can make the body temperature becomes cooler.

3. solvent

Water dissolves more nutrients and helps the process of digestion. Water can quickly pass through the small intestine and most of the absorbed.

Well, the water also serves to facilitate the process of human waste expenditure. Therefore, if we rarely take the course defecation (BAB) so it is not smooth.

4. Lubricants and bearings

Water also serves as a lubricant or lubricant in the form of joint fluid which allows joints to move properly. Water also serves as a vibration-resistant pads on the body tissues, such as the brain, eyes, and uterus.

5. media transport

Water consists of hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, therefore it serves to be a means of transport in the body. He will carry vital substances such as vitamins, minerals, calcium entry of food and then distributed throughout the body.

6. Detoxification (Removal of toxins)

The human body produces toxins from the remnants of food that enters the body. Well, these toxins can be removed through the urinary tract (to urinate), gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, and skin, which requires the media, namely water.

Wow, that's a lot of water function and is essential for the body. If so, please do not hesitate to drink lots of water, well that is always a healthy body.

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Using Payment Cards: Top 10 Advantages of

The benefit of Using Payment Cards: Top 10 Advantages of

credit card benefits

debit card benefits

Using credit and debit cards provide a number of benefits that you can not get with cash or check. Credit cards do give a lot of advantages both discounts at restaurants, hotels, ticket purchases, department stores and supermarkets as well as the ease of payment. 

However if we are not careful in using it, we might preoccupation swipe a credit card without considering how much we have to pay bills.

Below are 10 key benefits of using payment cards:

  1. Convenience - credit and debit cards offer a hassle-free shopping experience - without the need for cash - no checks - no other proof of identity requirements.

  2. Security - Cash stolen can certainly be used by anyone. If you lose a credit card or debut, report it to the card issuing bank as soon as possible in order to be protected from unauthorized card use. However, every bank card issuers may have different policies, you need to confirm with your bank.

  3. Emergency protection - Credit cards can help you to make payments in any kind of emergency. Like a security blanket that will provide protection in all situations.

  4. Accepted Worldwide - Most credit cards and debit accepted worldwide. Compare with DAJ cash a check! Even if you need the cash, you can get local currency withdrawals through ATMs or banks around the world that accept credit or debit cards.

  5. Recording Transactions More Simple - Credit card and debut gives you a record of all transactions each month, so you can keep track of where your money goes.

  6. Consumer Protection - When you buy goods or services with a credit card, you can have protection if the product / service is defective or unsatisfactory, because the card issuing bank could intervene on your behalf in the event of a dispute. But if you have to pay in cash or by check, the merchant would not be too keen to make adjustments. Clearly Consult with your card issuing bank about a policy dispute with the merchant.

  7. Additional Benefits - Many credit cards offer rebates, cash back, 0% installment or additional benefits that you will not enjoy the payment through cash.

  8. Flexibility - Suppose you are in a shopping center and see an item on sale for a limited time. You do not have the money at the time, but do not want to downsize the opportunity, credit cards allow you to take advantage of discounts or special moments, and then you can pay in full the bill later.

  9. Budget setting Easier - With credit cards, you can plan to make large purchases and then pay it all at once or in stages according to your ability.

  10. Essential Elements for shopping transactions via mail, telephone and internet - credit or debit card is very important for booking airline tickets or hotel rooms. When you travel abroad, the credit card is a universal guarantee your ability to pay. Credit or debit cards also simplify and accelerate the process of shopping by mail, telephone and online.

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Sneezing Benefits

Sneezing is a great airflow through the mouth and nose. According to wikipedia, a sneeze is a semi-autonomous air discharge that occurs with hard through the nose and mouth. This air can reach speeds of 70 m / sec (250 km / h). Sneezing can spread the disease through a grain infected water whose diameter between 0.5 to 5 lm. Approximately 40,000 grains of water as it can be produced in a single sneeze

Sneezing usually occurs because there are bullies particles in your nose. Nerve endings in the nose stimulates you sneeze to get rid of those particles. 

Other causes that brought this about was the cold or flu. At the time of the flu, a lot of foreign particles in your nose, forcing the nose stimulates sneezing. And when you sneeze air speed can reach 166 kilometers per hour. Then when you sneeze will issue up to 100,000 small mucus granules and micro-organisms.

At the time of sneezing, your eyes closed, because there are nerves in the nose and the eyes is actually related to each other, so that when we sneeze, our eyes will automatically be closed. This is to protect the tear ducts and blood capillaries to avoid contamination by the bacteria out of the nasal membranes. 

By the time we sneeze, the reflex muscles on the face we become tense, the heart would stop beating for a moment. Soon after sneezing it will be back again throbbing heart beat again alias.
Actually sneezing also has the benefit of keeping your nose clean, sneezing which occurs over and over again is expected to help the cleanup efforts in the nasal cavity

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Blinked Eye Benefits

The eye is a sense of vision, so as to have a pretty vital functions for our body. Without we realize, this vision senses often blinking, without us ever know what its function. Often we ignore these flickers activity, whereas blinking of the eyes is an "activity" very important to maintain the function of the eye.

Do you ever count how many times you blink in a day? hundreds or thousands of times? There are some who blink frequency fast, some are slow. If you know the real benefits of blinking, then you'll notice how great the blessings given by God to man only from a simple activity, that is flashing.

Based on a research, the human eye can blink as much as 15,000 times a day. The figure is the estimated amount for adult and old people have a normal eye health. That is the amount that you would not realize as a way to keep the work function points. In many cases, the amount of flicker varies per person. Age is a major factor that affects the amount done by a wink. Baby still has a lot of eye mucous membrane up level relative blink less frequency compared to those elderly who have little mucous membranes in the eyes. Several other psychological trigger factors also affect the amount of flicker, such as an angry, emotional, nervous, embarrassed, or see some attraction, the total points possible will blink manifold.

Top 4 Functions & Benefits of blinking :

1. With a blink, the eyes are awake humid, because when blinking tears will wet the surface of the eye ball, especially on the cornea. Part of the cornea of ​​the eyes are susceptible to irritation when left in dry conditions.

2. Blink as a reflex to prevent the entry form various forms of foreign objects into the eyes. Various dirt, dust, or perhaps a small animal that comes into your eye will easily detected the occurrence blink of an eye. Existence of cilia will also help the process of blinking, people who have little or short eyelashes tend to be more easily contaminated by dirt or dust. Long eyelashes will usually help protect the eyes.

3. Flashing a response form the various events that took place. Blink of an eye is one part of the body language that has many meanings. Blink of an eye that is too much can have a sense that someone is keeping a lie, nervous, and so on. People like this would normally do with a blink of an eye blink more.

4. Other benefits of blinking is to add aesthetic value and appearance of your face. Imagine what will happen if your eyes do not blink, then it could be you are a terrible figure without expression.

Some benefits blink of an eye on will certainly make you more aware of how important keeping eye health can be reached by consuming vitamin sources that support, and do not do other activities that trigger damage to the eye.

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Mango the natural antioxidants for body

The Benefits Of Mango, The Natural Antioxidant for Body

mango benefits

natural antioxidants for body

Before we know the benefits of mango, a little explanation about the race mango, mango some have a sense of wry / sour, sweet, and some mediocrity. But over the expansion period, and knowledge of crop cultivation, the fruit is still always available in the market although not as much in season.

Mango fruit has some good content for the health of our bodies, as for the content, such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, pantothenic acid, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants, carbohydrates, protein content and much more nutrient contents beneficial for our body.

Well after we both know a little about the mango, the following is a benefit of mango that you can get if you consume:

Top 5 Mango Fruit Benefits

1.  Is Mango Antioxidant Natural Resources
    The availability of calcium, betakaroten, as well as vitamins A and C, making this one piece to be one of the alternative sources of natural antioxidants. As we know that vitamin C can betakaroten and body protection. As for Vitamin A itself is useful good for eye health / retina of our eyes.
2.  For Fruit To Diet
    Usually people do diet program by reducing meal portions, or eating routine schedule every day, which usually eat 3 times a day to 1 or 2 times a day, even though this can harm our body. Therefore to trick it you can consume mangoes, without the need to reduce food portions.
3. Why mango fruit can make solutions to diet? This is because mangoes are rich in nutrients, such as antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, fiber and vitamins A, C Well with the various kinds of nutrients that cause smooth the mango suitable for your diet program.
4.  Getting Rid of Acne And Making skin soft and smooth
    In addition to natural antioxidant and beneficial to the diet, it appears mango can also provide a positive effect to the skin and eliminate acne. This is supported by the availability of nutrients such as Vitamin A in mangoes.
5.  Mangoes Gets cure misnomer or Inner Fever.
    To cope with the heat we have always felt, after contact with the heat of the sun can cause heat inside. Of course you want something fresh-fresh right?, Whether it's food or drink. Well mango can provide the best solution to solve the problem. You can make or buy mango juice can eliminate body weary.

That was short article about Mangoes benefits, if any of said pass word and not immaculate, I'm sorry, hope this article was beneficial to us all.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vomiting Health benefits

So far, vomiting synonymous with disease that must be stopped. In fact, it's not all bad throw. Vomiting can be divided into two, namely vomiting unintentional and intentional vomiting. Vomiting that can occur when we are feeling sick, eating foods / drinks that are not suitable for our digestion, poisoning, or even because of nausea after seeing someone else's vomit. The deliberate vomiting conducted primarily to maintain a healthy body.

Vomiting is one of the ten things that should be removed from the body by Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jauziyah in his book Zad al-Ma'ad. Thus, we should not stop vomiting if it felt like vomiting unless excessive vomiting frequency.

Vomiting is one of the methods used by the body to remove mucus from the body that interfere with the digestive and respiratory systems. This method is often used by experts gurah to the patient. Maintain health by doing more suited vomiting during hot weather, for example in the summer (in the 4 seasons) or in the dry season. Hot weather tends to draw the mucus making it easier to remove. When the weather is cold, the mucus in the body will experience freezing making it difficult to ride / expelled through vomiting. When mucus can not be expelled through vomiting, then the mucus excreted through feces.

Ideally, vomiting needs to be put in once a month during hot weather. Vomiting is best done in the middle of the month hijriyah, for example at 13-15 hijriyah, because at times the moon is full and the weather is at its hottest. If the vomiting is still deemed less completely finished (it still feels no mucus), vomiting can be done back in the next day. To avoid excessive vomiting because he saw his own vomit, vomiting can be done by closing your eyes and get rid of it before it opened my eyes.

The Benefits of Forest for Human Being

Since the ancient human ancestors, the forest was designated as the area for earning a living. Since then there have been local wisdom about human beings to protect and preserve the forest and its environment to remain a excellent forest rest of their lives.
Forest known to have benefits directly or indirectly to human life as presented as follows.

1. Direct benefit of Forest for human being

1.1. Resource materials / construction of buildings (houses, bridges, ships, boat, train bearings, power poles, plywood, particle board, panels etc.).
1.2. Resource materials home furniture (furniture, sculptures, plates, ladles, spoons, etc.).
1.3. Source of food supply (sago, umbian, vegetables, etc.).
1.4. Protein source (honey, meat, bird nests, etc.).
1.5. Resource support educational facilities (pinsil and paper).
1-6. Source of fuel (firewood, charcoal etc.).
1-7. Source of oxygen (breathing human, animal respiration)
1.8. Sources of income (sale of timber and non-timber forest)
1.9. Source of drug-Department (leaves, bark, sap, fruit / seeds)
1-10. Wildlife habitat (food, drink, play, sleep)

2. Indirect benefits of Forest for human being

2.1. Regulator solar system water (water discharge, erosion, flooding, drought)
2.2. Control climate patterns (temperature, humidity, evaporation)
2.3. Control global warming
2.4. Ecotourism (recreation, hunting, camping etc.)
2.5. Germplasm laboratory (national parks, botanical gardens etc.)
2.6. Education and research center
2.7. Resources supporting materials chemical industries (dyes, terpenes, cosmetics, drugs, textiles etc.).

Forest is a community of plants and animals that live in the surface layer and the ground, which is located in an area and form an ecosystem that is in dynamic equilibrium. Thus meaning associated with processes relating namely:

1. Hydrological,
forest means a storage warehouse absorb water and rain water or dew will eventually stream into the rivers that has a fountain in the middle of the forest on a regular basis according to the rhythms of nature. Forests also play a role to protect the soil from erosion and recycle momentous element.

2. Climate,
natural means ecosystem component consisting of the elements of rain (water), sunlight (temperature), wind and humidity can greatly affect life at the surface of the earth, especially macro-or micro-climate.
benefit forest climate elements

3. Soil fertility,
means forest land is the main humus formation and storage of mineral elements for other plants. Soil fertility is determined by factors such as parent rock types that form, the condition for the process of formation, texture and structure of soil covering the humidity, temperature and soil water, topography regions, vegetation and bodies of living bodies. These factors which later resulted in the formation assorted forest formations and forest vegetation.

4. Genetic diversity,
forest means a wealth of varieties of flora and fauna. When the forest is not observed in the utilization and sustainability, it is not impossible to happen genetic erosion. This is because diminishing forest habitats.

5. Natural resources,
forest means able to contribute substantial natural result of foreign exchange for the country, especially in the field of industry. Besides forest also provides functionality to the community forest as day-to-day fulfillment. In addition to wood also produced other materials such as resin, Kopal, gondorukem, turpentine, white wood and rattan and plant medicines.

6. Regional nature tours,
forest means capable of functioning as a source of inspiration, aesthetics, ethics and so on.

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The Benefits Of SEO for Blog or Website

SEO Benefits

The Benefits Of SEO for Blog or Website

In this post I will share article about the benefits of SEO for your blog or website. In principle, SEO is a series of processes carried out systematically in order to improve the volume and quality of traffic through search engines to a particular website by utilizing the mechanism of action or the search engine algorithms.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and techniques used or the webmaster or internet marketer in order for their website to appear at the top of search engine pages (especially on google).

Types of SEO

SEO is basically divided into two parts, namely SEO Onpage and offpage SEO
SEO Onpage SEO deals with optimization techniques that relate to the content / page website itself, such as keyword selection, keyword placement, keyword and number of others.
Related to SEO offpage optimization SEO techniques outside of the website itself, for example blogwalking, a blog comment, backlinks, Social media promotion, etc.

Benefits of SEO for Website and or Blog

There are several important points regarding the benefits of SEO for your website, ie:
1.  Increasing the quality of traffic
     Running continuously SEO techniques then blog or website will get quality qualified traffic from google, yahoo and bing.
2.  Increase the popularity of blogs
     With good SEO optimizers often also our blog on the first page in the SERP and can easily recognize.
3.  Improving an online business
     By applying SEO techniques proportionately our online business is definitely going to be a new subscriber-subscriber, because we get the website traffic and high position in the search engines.
4.  Additional sitelinks from google
     Blog or website we can special assessments provided by Google.

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Cough health benefits

Cough is one of the common diseases, especially in children. Some causes of cough include infections that can be derived from a virus or bacteria, allergies, asthma, smoke cigarettes and so on.

Cough usually accompanied by a cold or flu can certainly interfere with the activity and rest time. However, cough also has its own benefits for your body.

"Coughing that occurs occasionally is part of the body's defense mechanism because it is useful in removing the mucus and clear the throat and respiratory tract," said Dr S Djokomuljanto, MMed (Paeds) SpA, when met at the restaurant Goela Flower, Jakarta.

Normally, 10-year-old healthy children cough as much as 10-34 times in 24 hours and take place during the day so it does not interfere with sleep. However, Djokomuljanto also add that you have to recognize the type of cough suffered.

"A cough that lasts for a long time can be dangerous and is a symptom of a serious illness such as heart disease, lung and so on," he said.

Cough can be divided into several types namely acute cough is usually experienced more than two weeks, 2-4 weeks experienced sub acute cough, chronic cough experienced more than four weeks, and chronic recurrent cough that lasts for two weeks or more or a recurring cough at least in three consecutive months, with or without accompanied by symptoms or non respiratory respirator.

To deal with children who have cough, advised rest with enough warm water consumption, protecting the environment and keep the room warm, routine hand washing and cough medicines given. Do not let a cough occurs in a period too long because it could be a symptom of serious illness. Immediately consult a medical expert or doctor if your child suffers from recurrent chronic cough.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Massage make you rileks and healthy

Massage make you rileks and healthy

Who does not like a gentle massage on the body after tired of doing various activities? Massage is not just a stress reliever and can make your body more comfortable. Massage also proved beneficial to your health.

Until now you might think that massage has only one ultimate goal, which is to make you feel pampered and relaxed. Apparently, there are tremendous benefits of massage that you normally do, one of which helps your blood circulation. Here are the benefits of massage, as reported Magforwoman.

Improve blood circulation

As previously disclosed, massage can improve blood circulation and therefore helps the heart pump more blood around the body. This in turn leads to more oxygen and vital nutrients are pumped to the vital organs and other tissues.

It regulates blood pressure

Massage also helps in reducing hypertension. When you massage the body will be stimulated in order to get pressure receptors in the brain that regulate blood pressure.

reduce stress

To relieve stress, massage is the best option. Cortisol, a stress hormone, which decreases after a massage session according to scientific reports.
boost immunity

Levels of stress hormones (cortisol) decreases when you go for a massage. Cortisol can kill cells that are important for immunity. Thus, two-way massage benefits by reducing your stress and lead to an increase in white blood cells that boost the immune system.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Cannabis Leaves Health benefits

Cannabis for health benefits. 

cannabis leaves health benefits

cannabis leaves for health benefits

Probably all know about cannabis, but may not know all the benefits of Cannabis Leaves for Health. We all know the content or cannabis for health benefits. Cannabis or Cannabis sativa leaves another name for a marijuana leaf crops are easy to grow without the need for special care and maintenance. This plant grows in temperate climates. The tree is quite lush and thrives in the tropics.

Cannabis is well known as the tree of life because of its many benefits to sustain human civilization since the year 12,000 BC to the 1900s, the use of fiber for clothing and paper, oil and vegetable protein sources rich in seeds, leaves and the fruit useful as a medicine and a means of reflection and ritual purpose.

Do you still remember the tragedy of Chernobyl nuclear accident? nah, to neutralize radiation in agricultural land in the area was using marijuana trees. Want to know the other benefits of marijuana for health? refer to the following description

Top 8 Health Benefits of Cannabis Leaves

- Enables the entire cell system
- Nourish Body and Soul, including all ills
- Feeding Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual
- Effective for the use of the right brain
- Very useful for Science and Technology Research and Assessment
- Useful for generating energy Subconscious
- Helpful to unlock the secrets of the subconscious power of almighty
- Beneficial for Humanity restore true identity.

it was the marijuana leaf for health benefits, just remember to use it at the right dose and you'll gain the true benefits of cannabis leaves.

Cucumber ; 12 Health Benefits

The Benefits of Cucumber for Skin Care and Much More

Most of us probably often eat cucumber or cucumber. Fruit in Latin named Cucumis sativus, in some place cucumber frequently encountered in every dish, especially fresh vegetables, salad, or pickled. Cucumbers have a high water content so that the cooling function.

Cucumber pieces are also often used to help moisturize the face and is believed to reduce high blood pressure. However, to find out more about the nutritional and health benefits contained in the cucumber, let's explore what health areas obtained from the consumption of fruit including pumpkin family.

Top 12 Health Benefits Of Cucumber

benefits of cucumber

benefits of cucumber

1. Skin care
Cucumber has diuretic properties, cooling effect, and cleaners that are beneficial to the skin. High water content; vitamins A, B, and C, as well as minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, manganese, and silica; make cucumber become an important part of skin care. Face masks containing cucumber extract used for skin tightening. Ascorbic acid and caffeic acid are present in cucumber can reduce the level of water retention, which in turn reduces the swelling around the eyes.

2. Digestive function
Digestive problems, such as ulcers, gastritis acidity, and even ulcers, can be cured by eating fresh cucumber juice every day. The fiber content of food in cucumbers can expel toxins from the digestive system so it help digestive process. In fact, eating cucumbers every day is considered very effective as a cure constipation.

3. Joint health
Contained silica in cucumbers can promote the health of your joints by strengthening the connective tissue.

4. Protein digestion
Erepsin Cucumber contains enzymes that help in digestion of proteins.

5. Blood pressure
Potassium, magnesium, and fiber present in cucumber can help you keep your blood pressure remains normal.

6. Kill the tapeworm
Cucumber seeds is considered as a natural remedy to expel tapeworms in the intestinal tract. In fact, cucumber seeds are also known to be useful as anti-inflammatory and effective in the treatment of swelling of the mucous membranes (nose) and throat.

7. Nail care
Cucumbers are rich in silica, can prevent rupture and destruction of the nails on the toes and fingers.

8. Overcome gout and rheumatism
Cucumber juice is enriched in vitamin A, B1, B6, C, and D and folate, magnesium, and calcium when mixed with carrot juice can help patients who experience joint pain by lowering uric acid.

9. Treat toothache and gum
Mouth disease on the teeth and gums, especially pyorrhea, can be treated effectively with cucumber juice. Consumption of raw cucumber also can increase saliva and serves to neutralize the acids and bases in the oral cavity.

10. Diabetes
Cucumber juice is known to help the health of patients with diabetes. The content of manganese minerals useful in the synthesis of natural insulin in the body.

11. Renal Care
Cucumbers showed benefits in helping to relieve bladder and kidney problems. Water contained in the cucumber helps expedite the process of kidney function with urination. In fact, cucumber is the best natural diuretic.

12. healthy hair
Cucumber contains silica. Cucumber juice mixed with carrot, spinach, and lettuce will help hair enrichment. Silica is found in connective tissue in the body. This compound helps hair growth so that if diligent eating foods containing silica, you will have good hair and healthy bones.

So, After read the benefits of cucumber above, have you eat cucumber this day? ;).

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Water Birth Benefits for mother and baby

Benefits of water birth for mother and baby

Benefits of water birth

Benefits of water birth For Mother & Baby

The process of giving birth in water or water birth is not as popular as conventional birth, this is because Water birth requires trained medical personnel, the hospital must have a special maternity pool (birth pool). The sterility of the water need to be considered so as not to cause an infection in the mother and baby were born.

Water Birth Benefits for mothers:

Health experts in the field acknowledge that the gynecologists gave birth in the water has advantages over other delivery method. Mom will feel more relaxed because all the muscles associated with childbirth becomes elastic. This method will also facilitate the process of straining. So the pain during labor was not feeling. In the process of opening of the birth canal water will run faster.

Water Birth Benefits For babies:

Reduce the risk of injury to the baby's head.
Although it has not done in-depth research, but health experts believe that being born with this method allows the baby to be a higher IQ than babies born with other methods.
Baby's blood circulation gets better, so that the body will be quickly flushed after the baby was born.


There are 2 methods of water birth

Pure water birth. Mother came into the labor pool after an opening 6 to childbirth occurs.
Emulsion water birth. Mom just be in the pool until the end of the contraction period. Birthing process is still being done in bed.

Risk of Water Birth

  • Water birth has a possibility of swallowing pool water by baby. This condition causes the process requires the help of a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, as well as child specialists who will check immediately at birth. So if there is an interruption can be directly detected and addressed.
  • Hypothermia or body temperature too low could be experienced if the birth mother last longer than time estimate.
  • Infants at risk of temperature shock if the water temperature is not the same as the temperature of the mother in childbirth is 37 degrees Celsius.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Noni - fruit with a million benefits

The Benefits of Noni - fruit with a million benefits

Have you tried Morinda citrifolia or well known as Noni? Noni does not like fruit in general are good consumed. The taste and aroma is bad, however you should know, this fruit has exceptional properties, even since the days of our ancestors, this fruit is known as the 'healer fruit'.
noni health benefits

noni health benefits

Benefits of noni are very much, especially for health. In Indonesia Noni is often used as a natural herb for curing diseases. The fruit is oval shaped and green is full of little spots all over the skin brown. Arguably no one sting like the scent, but do not worry, this fruit is not harmful.

One of the benefits of the noni fruit is that it can lower blood pressure. That is the reason why this fruit can be used for healing people with high blood pressure.

The content of noni

Nutrients: whole noni fruit is nutritionally complete food. Nutrients the body needs, like proteins, viamin, and essential minerals, are available in sufficient quantities in fruit and noni leaf. Selenium, a mineral found in noni is a great antioxidant. Various types of compounds contained in Noni: xeronine, plant sterois, alizarin, lycine, sosium, caprylic acid, arginine, proxeronine, between multiple quinines, trace elemens, phenylalanine, magnesium, etc..
  • Terpenoids. This substance helps in the process of organic synthesis and recovery of body cells.
  • Anti-bacterial substance. Active substances contained in Noni juice that can kill bacteria that cause infections, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Protens morganii, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, and Escherichia coli. Anti-bacterial substance that can also control bacterial pathogens (lethal) such as Salmonella Montivideo, S. scotmuelleri, S. typhi, and Shigella dusenteriae, S. flexnerii, S. pradysenteriae, and Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Scolopetin. Scolopetin compound as a very effective anti-inflammatory elements and anti-allergic.
  • Anti-cancer substances. Anti-cancer substances contained in Noni most effective against abnormal cells.
  • Xeronine and proxeronine. One of the important alkaloids terdapt in the Noni fruit is xeronine. Noni fruit contains very little xeronine, but many contain precursor (precursor) xeronine alias proxeronine in bulk. Proxeronine is a type of nucleic acid like other colloids. Xeronine absorbed by the body's cells to activate proteins that are not active, set the structure and shape of the active cell.

Noni Fruit Benefits:

  1. Can increase endurance, because it contains natural antioxidants.
  2. Helps prevent cancer cells and tumors.
  3. Can be used for abdominal pain, cough and fever, as well as a pain reliever.
  4. Noni contains anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergy.
  5. Helps regulate the function of cells in the body and regenerate cells damaged tissue.
That's some benefits of the noni fruit that we can get. Behind there is a less attractive form myriads of benefits for our bodies.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Orgasm; Top 9 Benefits of

Besides making love, orgasm also brings many health benefits for the body you know! What is it? Check out his review as reported by the Huffington Post following.

Top 9 Benefits of Orgasm

Orgasm Benefits

Top 9 Benefits of Orgasm

Improve blood circulation
According to Dr. Jennifer Berman from UCLA, orgasms increase circulation, especially to pump blood to the intimate. Vital area so you will be more healthy thanks to an orgasm.

Form of exercise
Although orgasm cannot be directly referred to as a substitute for exercise, but an orgasm is a form of exercise that is good for cardiovascular health. Because heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate can be increased so that the whole is able to make the body more fit.

Improve mood
Are you feeling sad? Making love with your partner and reach orgasm. Because orgasm causes the body to produce the hormone endorphin, dopamine, and oxytocin which is improve mood.

Sleep more soundly
Fatigue and stress make sleep not sleep soundly. The easy way overcome it is to orgasm. Because according to the survey, 30 percent of the 1,800 women admitted utilize orgasm if you want to sleep more soundly.

Good for the brain
Besides also makes maintaining a healthy heart, orgasms also make healthy brain. How can that be? Because when orgasm, more oxygen is pumped to the brain so that the performance of these organs is improve.

Natural remedy
Experienced some pain, such as migraine or menstrual pain, and can be overcome with an orgasm without taking medication. This could happen because orgasm blood circulation helps the body that triggers the clotting when your migraine or menstrual pain.

Relieve stress
Hormone was clearly helping you relieve stress after reaching orgasm. But sexual activity that makes you focus on one thing only too influential in reducing the stress that you experience.

Body shining
Hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is produced by the body after you orgasm indirectly make your skin healthy and radiant.

Emotional health
Lastly, orgasm also provides health benefits for you. That is, you will be more confident about yourself so you also become more prudent when making decisions.

That the various health benefits of orgasm. Even so, not only obsessed with achieving orgasm when making love. Because sex it self can also provide many health benefits for the body.

Insulin - a Hormone Its Role In Weight Loss

The Benefits Of Insulin - a Hormone Its Role In Weight Loss

insulin and weight loss

insulin and weight loss

Some of you may still have trouble losing weight, even if you are exercising and trying to regulate food intake. This can be caused by a wrong way to practice or unbalanced nutrition. In addition to the above two factors, the presence of insulin resistance also affect the failure you lose weight.

Insulin Function
Insulin is a hormone whose job is to keep blood sugar or glucose in the blood. Every cell in the body requires a continuous supply of glucose to be processed into energy. Cells can not directly absorb glucose from food. When you eat carbohydrates, your body will turn it into glucose. The glucose then be carried through the bloodstream to the cells in the body. However, because the glucose molecules can not penetrate the cell wall takes insulin to help keep glucose remains in the cell. Inside the cell, glucose is converted into fat and stored in fat cells.

What is Insulin Resistance?
As explained above that insulin helps the glucose uptake in the cells. So, every time you eat foods high in simple carbohydrates, your insulin will work more extra. If this happens too often, then the levels of insulin in your body will continue to increase. As a result, the response of cells to insulin will decrease, so that when the cells are not getting glucose supplies the energy then you will tend to decline. That is why, people with insulin resistance often experience fatigue, decreased energy and muscle weakness.

Insulin resistance and weight reduction
High levels of insulin the body an indication that glucose is not used properly by the body. In the end, more glucose is converted into fat and stored in the body's cells. Furthermore, insulin prevents fat in his rupture of the cells, which then triggered your weight gain. More worryingly, it also can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. That's why you need to do to lose weight is to reduce fat deposits in the body.

How to Control Insulin Resistance
Insulin resistance is associated with your carbohydrate intake, especially by limiting the intake of simple carbohydrates, such as sweet foods, which can increase insulin secretion. To lose weight and prevent you from insulin resistance, you should begin to implement healthy diet by reducing consumption of simple carbohydrates and replacing them with complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds, and so on.

Regular exercise at least 30 minutes / day is also effective for maintaining blood sugar levels and lose weight. The essence of an effective diet program to lose weight is to set the optimal diet and regular practice.

Sex for Better Health

The Benefits of Sex For Better Health

Sex Benefits

top 7 healthy benefits of sex

You would agree if sexual activity offers many surprises and health benefits for our bodies. Joy Davidson, PhD, a psychologist at the same time from New York sex therapist supports this statement by saying that sex was a surprise to the many people in the world.

Still, in some cases are still encountered people who did not get a shock during sex. Some couples still feel embarrassed or even not in the mood during sex so it does not get the quality of life and health of sex. If this is the case then you should begin to improve communication with your partner to achieve surprise for top 7 healthy benefits of sex that you can get by having sex on a regular basis following.

7 Wonders of Sex for Health

  •     Relieve Stress
If you are in good shape because of job stress, financial condition, or other problems, you should think about to have sex with my beloved partner. The team of researchers from Scotland studied 24 women and 22 men who kept records of their sexual activity.    

The researchers then put the participants in the stress by asking them to speak in public and give oral arithmetic test. During the test the participants' blood pressure was measured to determine the blood pressure response to stress. As a result, participants who had sex on a regular basis have a better response than those who rarely have sex.
  •     Increase Endurance Body
Good sexual life is closely related to good physical health as well. Having sex two to three times a week is often associated with elevated levels of antibodies in the body (immunoglobulin). This antibody is known as an antidote to the body of the influenza virus attack.

The team of researchers from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre took blood samples from couples who often had sex at least twice a week. Of the sample found that levels of immunoglobulin pair is greater than couples who do not have sex for a week.
  •     Assist Lose Weight
"Sex is a method of exercise," says Patti Britton, PhD, a sexologist from Los Angeles. Based on data from the University of Arizona, if a person weighing 68 kg had sex for five minutes, meaning it will burn about 24 calories. If the sex lasted 45 minutes means he managed to burn 216 calories. That is the reason why sexual activity is highly recommended for those who want to lose weight.
  •     Boost of Confidence
Increase self-confidence is one of the millions of reasons people have sex, as stated by a team of researchers from the University of Texas, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.
Sex is to feel better about yourself, as well as the appreciation of one individual to another (partner), which can improve self-esteem individuals concerned while hanging out in a social community.
  •     Increase Hormone Production 'Love'
Sex ends with an orgasm will increase production of the hormone oxytocin, a hormone that is often referred to as the love hormone. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of North Carolina examine 59 pre-menopausal women before and after sex.
Researchers found that the body of the female oxytocin levels are much improved from before they had sex. Oxytocin is also often associated with a high sense of generous and would like to have.
  •     Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer
A study published in the British Journal of Urology International stated that men who ejaculated more than 2 times a week can lower the risk of prostate cancer than men who never ejaculate at all during the week.
  •     Improve Sleep Quality
You are a man and are having trouble sleeping? You should not consume drugs in advance, let alone cope with sex! The Australian men said, they will more easily fall asleep after sex. 

Scientists believe men have a brain switch 'On' and 'Off' in the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain used for thinking. Brain will be in a position 'on' time to have sex, but will immediately switch to 'Off' after reaching orgasm. At least 1 out of 3 Australian men say they use sex as the main way for them to quickly fall asleep at night.

Interested to try it?

Shampoo; Clean Hair and Solve Fogged Windshield

The Benefits of Shampoo - Clean Hair and Solve Fogged Windshield

Who does not know the shampoo? shampoo is a hair and scalp liquid cleanser. The main function of shampoo is to clean the hair and scalp, hair impurities including natural secretions of the skin, accumulation of dirt from the environment and the rest of the hair care products are used by consumers. After cleaning, it can give perfect satisfaction to the user / consumer. 

shampoo benefits

shampoo benefits for fogged windshield

Using shampoo will result in Soft, shiny, and easy to set up hair. Formulations of shampoo can also be a mixture that is emphasized for several special abilities such as to minimize the pain of the eye, controls dandruff or provide an attractive fragrance to smell the fragrance that is acceptable.

Do you know if the shampoo not only can be used as a hair and scalp cleanser? shampoo also useful in addressing auto glass frosted? windshield is fogged is because the air inside the cabin temperature higher than the temperature outside the car. Dew on the windshield will increase, especially if your car is damaged air-conditioning, so it was forced to shut down the glass. circumstances frosted glass make sure your views are not so comfortable, and can be dangerous. now how to cope with the dew on the windshield?

Another benefits of Shampoo

An easy way to overcome the windshield fogged, using regular shampoo you use to wash, dewy glass problems can be overcome. Shampoos contain chemicals that can block the deposition of water vapor, so dew temperature due to the heat in the cabin can not stick to the glass surface.

You do this by applying a liquid shampoo to taste throughout the inside of the glass, the water do not mix. Spread evenly and thin, if you use to much it will disrupt vision. By applying the shampoo, the problem windshield fogged you face will be solved.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

6 best foods to relieve pain

The benefit of 6 Best Food to Relieve Pain

Pain Relieve food

Pain Relieve food

Gym is exciting activity, however for some people this activity could lead to the next day pain, In medical term, muscle pain after exercise commonly referred as Delayed Onset Muscle soreness (Doms).

Usually this happens due to perform high intensity exercise such as lifting weights or sprint, so the muscle tissue suffered minor injuries due to the exercise. Well, when the injury recovery, muscle tissue will heal yourself so that you will experience Doms. This process usually occurs one day after exercise.

Under certain conditions, Doms can interfere with daily activities. In fact, sometimes enough to make you lazy to practice again. Therefore, the appropriate steps necessary to reduce the pain caused by Doms. One of them is to eat 6 meals following:

Benefits of 6 Food to Relieve Pain

1. Wheat cereal
    Breakfast cereals wheat before exercise is very good, but you are also advised to consume cereal grain back after exercising. The content of carbohydrates can help eliminate fatigue by restoring glycogen supplies are reduced or depleted during exercise. It is very important to restore the energy supply after exercise to avoid drowsiness.

2.  Fruit Cherries
    The miracle fruit has many anti-inflammatory substances that can relieve muscle pain fruit is also rich in anthocyanin antioxidants that are beneficial to help healing. Some athletes actually often eat cherry tarts before exercise to avoid excessive pain. In addition, the consumption of fresh cherries also in the form of juice drinks.

3.  Beans
    All types of nuts have a high content of vitamin E that have excess dala restore muscle strength, against muscle pain, and treat injured muscle tissue. Eating foods rich in vitamin E such as nuts will help restore muscle strength and maintain the condition of the body when the next exercise.

3.  Give fruit
    Raspberry contains polyphenol antioxidants that can protect cells from injury. In addition to reducing muscle soreness, berries can also protect other cell injuries that can result in cancer. In general, the darker the berry color indicates the amount of antioxidants, such as the blackberry and blueberry.

5. Fish
    Fish generally have the main content of protein and essential fatty acids. These fatty acids can help reduce inflammation and fight muscle pain. If not so fond of fish, you can try taking fish oil supplements as an alternative.

6.  Eggs
    Eggs, including egg yolks, rich in protein and vitamin D were able to fight muscle pain and help muscle growth. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common conditions. Calorie content of egg yolk are good calories because it produces vitamin D and protein. But you should limit egg yolk consumption to maintain the body's cholesterol levels and diligent drinking low-fat milk fortified vitamin D.

Balanced with rest adequate so that the recovery process can run optimally. Good luck!

Prayer for psychological and health benefits

The Benefits of Prayer for more Calm & Peace Life

Prayer for psychological and health benefits
Prayer for psychological and health benefits
None of us could realized anything WHEN God is not willing. For me personally, I am certain of it. One example, in a condition, you may have to do things that (according to you) is the best, But apparently, you do not get a sweet fruit, even to approach it is still quite far away.

Simply put, these examples as well as an overview that I wrote above. Not everything went smoothly, because the way we will find small pebbles that sometimes make our feet hurt, or even tripped and fell.

Your word is your prayers. Not one of these expressions can be a trigger or a picture of what next to be passed. Because indirectly what was said, sometimes will make you have confidence not much different from what had been said. So, go hand in hand and balanced, that is prayer. For anyone, I believe that prayer is a most effectual way to solve everything in the instructions or ask. Because under any circumstances, only we surrender to Him and Him only we ask. below is 5 benefits of prayer;

5 benefits of prayer for psychological and health:

1. Increase the hardness of the hearts
someone who diligently pray it will definitely be strong in the face of disaster. In this case because he realizes that only God that he rested himself. Therefore, indirectly formed will have the power within him a feeling not easily discouraged. Even under conditions of falling, or a big failure.

2. Reduce stress
Pray also has the benefit of reducing the intensity of the stress caused by a variety of problems that occur in life. And in fact, people who are lazy will pray more susceptible to stress. Because he is not God as a resting-place, which actually is the Creator himself, the heavens, the earth, and along with its contents.

3. Lowering emotion
Someone who has a frequency pray more able to control emotions. Because everything he responds calmly and do not think negative thinking (prejudge either).

4. Increase endurance
Praying is believed to protect the body from diseases caused by psychological disorders.

5. Improving the ability of self-development
A diligent prayer will have the strength and the ability to develop themselves for more leverage. In this case because it will automatically arise a belief that God will give you a hint in the form of skills or talents that should be developed. He was also not limited to just understand the circumstances of a key to success, but also as an expression of gratitude to God who has given it.

Watermelon Skin : Prevent free Radical on Body

The Benefits of Watermelon Skin to Prevent Free Radical on Our Body

Benefits of watermelon skin

Benefits of watermelon skin

Benefits of Watermelon Skin - Most of us may think the hard skin of the watermelon does not have any benefit, Some people are just eating watermelon flesh of the fruit.

It is the fruit of watermelon has a freshness that is extraordinary because it is rich in natural mineral water that is able to eliminate hunger and treat dehydration. 

But not only the flesh of watermelon is rich in benefits, watermelon skin and it also has the benefit of very good properties for our body.

Benefits of Watermelon Skin

There are many benefits of watermelon skin that we can get and here are some of them:
1. Rich in antioxidants.
2. Helps remove ammonia from the liver.
3. Citrulline contained in watermelon skin can secrete nitric acid for vasodilation (widening of blood vessels).
4. Prevent bladder infections.
5. Issued intestinal worms.

That's 5 important benefits of watermelon skin that we can get to consume every day on a regular basis.

Efficacy Watermelon Skin For Beauty

The above are some of the properties and health benefits of watermelon skin for us. However, in addition to your health especially for women who have problems regarding beauty can also take advantage of the watermelon skin is to use it as a mask. 

The use of masks was able to restore the freshness of watermelon face after the move during the day. In addition, watermelon is also able to mask softens the skin, opening pores - pores are clogged due to dirt, dust or rest of your cosmetics, That was benefits of watermelon skin you can get by using it as your beauty mask, in addition to natural also healthy. Therefore, from now on you can use watermelon skin that you eat to be used as a natural mask.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Brushing Teeth - Avoid Dangerous diseases

The Benefits of Brushing Teeth to Avoid Dangerous Diseases

teeth brushing health benefits
Brushing Teeth - Avoid Dangerous diseases
Do not underestimate brushing teeth activity and the benefits of brushing your teeth because if we do not take care of our teeth properly, it would effects not only cause damage to the teeth, gums, and oral cavity alone. However, risk is also affected by the disease, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and stroke. That is expressed by dental experts based on research they did, one of whom was Professor Howard Jenkins of the University of Bristol in England.

Do you know what the benefits of brushing your teeth? Here is an explanation about the benefits of brushing your teeth.

Rubbing Dental Benefits

According to Indonesian Dentists Association, the activities aimed to clear brush our mouths from the rest of the food to be fermented leftovers did not last too long, so it can cause plaque. That way, we can avoid tooth decay.

Brushing teeth should also be done properly in order to clean the tooth surface of the plaque. Because the plaque will continue to be produced from time to time, and then brush your teeth regularly is the appropriate action in order to preserve teeth from any damage. There are various types of brushing teeth, is as follows.

Top 3 Type Brushing Teeth

Vertical movement. Direction of vertical movement is done with the brush up and down and over and under the circumstances jaw closed. The vertical movement of the surface of the teeth that leads to the cheek (buccal or labial). Meanwhile, the movement of the teeth that leads to the tongue and palate (lingual or palatal), upward movement is rubbed down with mouth open state.

Horizontal movement. Horizontal direction of movement is towards the front and to the rear is made from the buccal and lingual surfaces. Meanwhile, the movement of the brush area with a scrub brush chewable called.

Roll motion techniques or modifications Stillman. Brush your teeth in this way is very simple movement, highly recommended, efficient, and able to reach all parts of the mouth. Toothbrush bristles are positioned on the surface of the gums and slowly move through the surface of the gum so that the back of the brush head moves in the arch.

By brushing your teeth properly, you will get the benefits of brushing your teeth, including the following.

Top 5 Benefits of Brushing Teeth

1. White and clean teeth
By having clean white teeth sure there will be many benefits that we can. Health and dental hygiene can be a plus in each of our appearance. With teeth white and clean, we will be more confident when communicating with others. Another case if our teeth yellow because rarely brush their teeth. Our confidence would be reduced.

2. Overcome bad breath
Have breath odor would make us miserable. Many people will choose to avoid when we're talking. Actually, there are many things that can cause bad breath. One reason is from the food we eat.

The remnants of food left on the teeth will cause bad smell and makes us so smelly breath. Therefore, brushing teeth properly plus rinsing to cope with the smell of the mouth. Because toothbrush and toothpaste will help us eliminate the remnants of the meal.

3. Preventing tooth decay
Cause cavities due to the meeting between the bacteria and sugar. Bacteria will convert sugar from food scraps to acid. This will make the environment around the teeth to acid. Well, this is the acid that will make a small hole in the tooth enamel. If not prevented, then the holes in the teeth will get bigger.

To prevent cavities, you should brush your teeth 2 times a day about 20 or 30 minutes after a meal so that the pH in the oral cavity returns to normal. If there is a condition that does not allow us to brush your teeth, we can change it by rinsing with clean water.

4. Prevent Toothache
Toothache is not only experienced by the children, but adults, teens, and even parents can have a toothache. Toothache can be caused by many different things with varying disease. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are less aware of the dangers of dental disease that it can cause severe disease and death.

In a mass media in the United States, reported a 12-year-old boy died of the disease in the teeth (one tooth abscess). This is because the child never got treatment on his teeth because they come from poor families.

Some dental disease can cause complications, where the germs from tooth spread to the brain, an effect that is felt generally making a pain in the head. Some also cause disease in which blood vessels in the event of a blood clot in the brain it could lead to strokes and heart attacks. By brushing your teeth regularly, at least we can petrify them to avoid dangerous diseases.

5. Become More Confident
Our confidence will increase if the activity starts working with a fresh breath and clean teeth, especially those who worked in the field of marketing, teacher, doctor, customer service, and others.

Another benefits of brush your teeth after breakfast is to improve a person's self confidence. You can freely smile, laugh, and communicate with others without worrying about bad breath or worry there is still dirt on the teeth.

That was the benefits of brushing teeth, have you brushing your teeth today?

Friday, May 03, 2013

Lavender - Flower with thousand benefits

The Benefits of Lavender Flower

Appearance lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is indeed very interesting. Purple flowers are small and fragrant aroma. Flowers are often polished to a body scrub to avoid mosquito bites. As befits zodia, lavender also contains linalool.

Lavender contain with its natural aromatic nutrient known as one of twelve essential oils in aromatherapy, also have restorer content being used to balance moisture levels in the skin, while soothing and smoothing skin.

Lavender flowers known how sweet it smells very fragrant and fresh to use in the perfume industry. Buds or roots of the plant's flowers contain a fragrant oil extracts and has many benefits. Lavender flowers can protect our skin from insect bites such as mosquitoes. Extract or lavender oil is also used in the manufacture of soap, shampoo and body lotion. Or fragrant flower aroma is able to soothe our feelings, so we feel relaxed. As a result of this plant extract is also used for aromatherapy oils.

In addition, Lavender Flower also contains an antiseptic that kills germs and bacteria. So, besides useful in skin and body care, these flowers are also used as cleaners and fragrant floor.

Because lavender is a fragrant flowers which are able to harmonic heartbeat rhythm, so one can use lavender benefit to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Top 6 Benefits of Lavender

lavender benefits

lavender flower with thousand benefits

1. Benefits of Lavender flowers are often used as a mosquito repellent, remember those ads, right? "From the Original Lavender". But keep in mind that lavender also has other benefits, as well some of the benefits of lavender flowers:

2. Benefits of Lavender Flowers as Medicine Insomnia, Place a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow that will be used to sleep. Or place the buds dried lavender flowers on the pillow.

3. Benefits of Lavender Flowers as Medicine Headaches. Massage at the temples, behind the neck, and forehead using lavender oil, it can relieve headaches or dizziness that you are experiencing.

4. Benefits of Lavender Flowers for Healing Wounds. The trick is to dilute the lavender Oil by using olive oil or jojoba can. Mix one part lavender Oil with 10 parts of oil. Then apply to the wound.

5. Lavender Flowers benefits for digestive disorders. Drink tea lavender to solve various problems in your digestive system. How, to prepare 1 tablespoon of lavender buds, cook with water until boiling. Use the cooking water to make tea.

6. Benefits of Lavender Flowers to Relieve Stress and Anxiety. Place the lavender plants in a corner of your home, or place the lavender stems in a small vase and place it on the table. Well besides useful to relieve stress, can also repel mosquitoes.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Java tea leaves benefits

Benefits of Java tea leaves

Benefits of Java tea leaves

Benefits of java tea leaves - Java Tea (Orthosiphon Stamineus Benth) is a plant species that is usually used as

Thus the benefits of java tea however would not we get if we can not process it properly. Okay we just started, Here are some of the benefits of java tea are good for health. and how to use java tea leaves as medical purpose

an ornamental plant by some people who love plants, but who would have thought behind the beauty, java tea also has great merit, especially for health. Chemically java tea contain glycosides many orthosiphonin is a substance that serves to dissolve uric acid and phosphorus in our body, especially the urinary and bile conceived, and still much more content and other benefits from the java tea.

Benefits of Java tea

1.   Benefits java tea as diuretic
*    Fresh leaves java tea as much as 1/4 handheld boiled in a glass of water.
*    Simmer until the remaining 1/2 cup.
*    take it and let it cool, then strain.
*    Taken 2 times a day, every time I drink half a glass.
2.   Benefits of java tea for Urinary stones
*    90 grams of leaf java tea washed and boiled in one liter of water to boil and the remaining 750 cc.
*    After java tea cold, drink three times a day each third section.
*    Drink this mixture until the disease is cured.

3.   Benefits of java tea for Pain urination:
*    Brewed and drank a pinch of dried leaves java tea like other tea, may also be given if palm sugar.

4.   Benefits Java tea leaves for Sick waist:
*    7 leaves and 2 pieces of java tea washed roots.
*    Boil with a glass of water.
*    save it for one night,
*    drink it after ane night save

5.   Benefits java tea leaf for angina:
*    1 tablespoon leaf java tea with a glass of boiled water until the water half.
*    Drink as well.

I hope this article about the benefits of java tea, may be useful for you.