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Prevent anemia with the benefits of lychee fruit

Lychee fruit with 1000 health benefits - Lychee, tasty fruit native of Southeast Asia can be enjoyed in the form of fresh or processed into juice. 

Besides being delicious, lychee fruit also has many healthy benefits, one prevent anemia. Want to know the other benefits of eating fruit lychee?


Top 8 Health Benefits of Lychee

Lychee contains oligonol, an antioxidant that can fight the flu virus. Is also a powerful antioxidant believed to protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to the sun's UV rays.

High iron content in lychee well taken to increase hemoglobin levels in the body and prevent anemia.

Antioxidants in the fruit lychee are also able to protect cells from free radical damage, inhibit the growth of cancer - especially breast and prostate cancer.

Heart disease
Eating fruit lychee powerful lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. So that blood circulation becomes more fluent and reduced risk of heart disease.

Immune system
Lychee is a good source of vitamin C. Equipped with other antioxidants, eating this fruit makes the immune system stronger.

Blood formation
Lychee has a healthy minerals such as folate, manganese, iron, and copper in charge of forming red blood cells. Not only that, the vitamin C also helps the body absorb iron to the fullest.

On a diet? Do not hesitate to eat lychee fruit. The content of fiber and vitamin B complex in it can stimulate the body's metabolism and speed up the burning of calories.

High blood pressure
Research has shown that antioxidants in lychee can also lower high blood pressure. Potassium on lychees were instrumental in keeping the levels of salt in order to remain balanced in the body.

That lychees, fruit with an abundance of benefits. Feel free to eat and taste a variety of healthy benefits.

9 beneficial fruit to lose weight

Beneficial fruit to lose weight - Weight control is the best way to stay healthy and fit. Why? because maintain the Ideal weight would make you avoid various diseases, particularly heart. Therefore, you should pay more attention to what you eat to maintain ideal weight remains. 

Here are the fruits that are low in calories and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are important to protect us from disease, as reported by Boldsky.

Top 9 Beneficial Fruit to loose weight

1. Pineapple
Pineapples are free of cholesterol and fat. Pineapple is also rich in nutrients, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals. It is a powerful fruit to lose weight. This fruit contains 85% water which helps to keep the stomach remains full for a longer time and reduce the desire to eat.

2. Watermelon
This is one of the fat-free fruit. Watermelon is rich in vitamins A and C. Watermelon also helps reduce blood pressure and provide energy for the body. Also, have plenty of water. Therefore, watermelon can reduce your desire to eat more.

3. Bananas
Bananas are rich in soluble starch, which is able to accelerate the fat burning process. Bananas make the stomach feel full and energized all day.

4. Apple
Apples are a source of fiber rich foods. It also helps keep excessive appetite. Apples fill your stomach and also helps in cleaning your system.

5. Orange
A large orange contains less than 100 calories. Oranges are also rich in water substances. Orange is a source of energy and also helps in burning fat.

6. Kiwi
Kiwi fruit is a rich food source of vitamin C. It has a high amount of fiber which helps to suppress your appetite. The fruit is also good for digestion.

7. Lemon
Lemon is very helpful in weight loss. Squeeze the lemon half in the water, add a teaspoon of honey and drink. This herb is one of the best ways to keep the weight off. It helps in cleansing the system which in turn will help burn fat.

8. Berries
Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc., both for defecation. This fruit can eliminate toxins and helps in reducing bad cholesterol in the body, thus causing a healthy weight loss.

9. Peach
Peach provide the energy needed to start the process of digestion and also provide necessary sugar content by our bodies.

These are the nine fruits are good for health. Keep your weight remains ideal to avoid various diseases.

Addictive and Psychotropic Substances benefits in the Health Sector

Health Benefits of Addictive and Psychotropic Substances - The Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971 is a United Nations treaty designed to control psychoactive drugs such as amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and psychedelics signed in Vienna, Austria on 21 February 1971.

Is there any health benefits of Addictive and Psychotropic Substances?
Addictive and psychotropic substances was also used by physicians for medical purposes. These drugs are commonly used to anesthetize patients (anesthesia) and reduce pain. For clarity, we consider some marl utilization addictive and psychotropic substances in the field of health.

- Diethyl ether
In earlier times. diethyl ether is used to anesthetize the patient. The use of diethyl ether was first introduced by an American dentist named William Morton. Ether vapor that is inhaled by the patient caused him unconscious due to reduced central nervous system.

However, the use of diethyl ether can be detrimental because it is flammable and causes nausea. At the present time the use of diethyl ether for anesthesia has been abandoned and replaced with other substances that are safer.

- Chloroform
Chloroform has been used since 1847 for the purposes of anesthesia (anesthesia). This drug was used for many years until then known no side effects, which can cause liver damage. Therefore, the use of chloroform for anesthesia has also been abandoned.

- Halothane, enflurane. and methoxyflurane
These compounds are used in modern anesthesia. The compound is non-flammable and relatively safe for patients.

- Compound barbiturates
Barbiturates may be used as an official drug by prescription. Class of compounds barbiturates, such as phenobarbital (Luminal), used as an anti-seizure drugs in patients with epilepsy (epilepsy) and patients with brain damage. Another barbiturate compounds, ie thiopental, used for anesthesia.

- Morphine
Morphine was first isolated in 1805 by Friedrich Sertiirner, a German pharmacist. Morphine is used to relieve pain, but its use must be prescribed by a doctor.

- Methadone
Methadone is a synthetic compound (artificial). This medication is used to treat heroin addicts.

- Marijuana
Marijuana used as medicine to relieve pressure on the affected eye disease glaucoma. Additionally, marijuana is used to reduce nausea in cancer patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

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cranberry juice Powerful cure a bladder infection

The Benefits of cranberry juice to cure a bladder infection

The Benefits of cranberry juice

The Benefits of cranberry juice

A recent study revealed that cranberry juice can cure bladder infections. Extracts from the fruit can even make medical equipment free of bacteria.

Hundreds of patients had complications due to catheter use. The tools used to deliver fluids into the body and remove the urine causing bacteria and germs on the skin more easily enter the body and infect the tissues or blood.

Now, a recent study found that chemicals in cranberries can tame the bacteria that's harmless if used on the body. Not only that, cranberry juice can also prevent urinary tract infections up to 100 years.

"While the effect of cranberry in living organisms is still a subject that should be explored in more depth, but research shows that consumption of cranberry you can prevent chronic infection," said Nathalie Tufenkji professor from McGill University, Montreal, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Some studies reveal health benefits of cranberry that works by preventing bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. Now research suggests that cranberry powder can stop the bacteria that cause bladder infections to proliferate and move.

wish a slim body? eat slowly

Eating Slowly Beneficial to Have a Slim Body

eat slowly and have a slim body

The Benefits of Eat Slowly

Have you tried dieting but still did not get a slim body? It could be that, because you've been eating too fast so it was hard to lose weight.

Studies conducted at University of Rhode Island, USA, have found that eating too fast increasing food consumption. So that was reported by the Times of India.

In the study found men eat faster than women and those who are obese eat faster than lean body owners.

Research leader professor Kathleen Melanson, associate of nutrition to find someone who eat fast food consume 3.1 ounces in a minute, eat at medium speed of approximately 2.5 ounces in a minute, and eat slowly just 2 ounces in one minute.

"The theory that we're after are those who eat quickly is closely related to energy needs. 

That is why men and people who are obese eat faster to meet its energy, "said Melanson. Discovery were presented at the regular meeting of The Obesity Society.

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The Benefits of Mouthwash

mouthwash benefits

Health Benefits of Mouthwash

Mouthwash is often believed to make up more fresh. So, as far as the actual effectiveness of the mouthwash your mouth?

For some people, rinsing after brushing your teeth into a routine. In addition to making your mouth feel fresh, rinse was believed to nourish the tooth. Really?

Dr. James Jacobs, a former assistant clinical professor of Periodontics at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University as well as to practice in New York trying to answer that, as released everydayhealth.
"I see mouthwash as a positive habit that can help the health of your mouth," he said.

Here are some reasons that make mouthwash bring benefits when used:

- Mouthwash with fluoride will help reduce tooth decay and periodontal disease.

- Using mouthwash in general, which does not contain fluoride trap can help reduce periodontal disease.

- Makes my mouth feel fresh and savory aromas cause.

- Mouthwash can reduce the quantity and quality of dental plaque or bacteria in your mouth.

Once attached the benefits of mouthwash, the important thing to note is that you should not rely on such items as a means to maintain oral health. Instead, Dr. James said that mouthwash is the last step of oral hygiene in the morning and evening.

Another important thing is, not advisable to rinse with water after use fluoridated mouthwash. By mixing with water, fluoride can not be absorbed in the enamel.

"Therefore, I recommend patients to cleanse their mouths completely at the end. Gargle and then spit it out and rushed to sleep or go activity, "he advised.

Benefit from the presence of fluoride is that these substances will fight bacteria, so that the surface of the back teeth healthy and able to fight powerful sensitivity and cavities.

Nanoparticles predicted efficacy in treating blood cancers

The Benefits of Nanoparticles predicted efficacy in treating blood cancers

Previously, a study says nanoparticles can be a method to cure cancer. It is now proven by a new study from the University of Notre Dame have demonstrated the effectiveness of nanoparticles in treating multiple myeloma (MM), a blood cancer that attacks the plasma cells in the spinal cord.

During this refractory MM is because these types of cancer cells began to resistant to chemotherapy.

"Nanoparticles that we developed showed beneficial results. Firstly, the nanoparticles lower the cancer defense reaction against doxorubicin treatment. Secondly, this method makes the cancer cells take nanoparticle drugs. Thirdly, the toxic effects of the drug on healthy organs also revealed," he said Baar Bilgier one researcher, as quoted by Science Daily (18/06).

In the experiment, the nanoparticles protected by a special peptide that targets receptors on MM cells. These receptors causes the spinal cord tissue refuse any drugs, but the use of peptides attached to nanoparticles prevents cancer cells in the bone marrow.

The nanoparticles also carry medication with them. When a particle is attached to the MM cells, the tissue will absorb the particles so that the drug will be launched and make cancer DNA is damaged and die.

"Our studies in mice showed nanoparticles formula reduces the toxic effects of cancer drugs on healthy tissues, such as kidney and liver," said another researcher, Tanyel Kiziltepe.

Before developing the research to humans, the research team plans to develop a study to improve the design of nanoparticles and found the number and the maximum combination of chemotherapy drugs.

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Cure Lower Back Pain With Walking Backwards

The Benefits of Walking Backwards to Cure Lower Back Pain

Disorders of the spine bones, kidney disorders, and neurological disorders can cause back pain. In addition, the disc or fractured bones also trigger the onset of pain suffered. So many techniques and drugs developed to relieve back pain disease, one among the many healing back pain techniques contained in Buddhist Healing Touch is efficacious technique.

Here's how to do walking backwards therapy to relieve lower back pain:
Choose a quiet place away from traffic and pedestrians. The ideal time to carry out the exercise is in the morning when the air is still clean. Walking backwards can be done along the 40 meters and the distance gradually be increased. 

benefits of walking backwards
benefits of walking backwards
Backward walking exercise can be done with stride length and speed are varied. Occasional look towards the back to avoid crashing into something much less drop. Keep your legs should be straight and keep normal breathing. At run time, the position of the hand can be placed next to the body or can also be moved while beating the waist.

Treatment of back pain with the technique developed by the retreat of the Japanese people. Walking backwards is believed to strengthen the spine and back muscles flexing. At the time of the therapy retreat, make sure the thigh muscles more utilized than the buttock muscles or calf muscles.

This technique can reduce the backward pressure on the kneecap allowing people to train without whipped worry that can interfere with a vulnerable part of the body. There have been many people who claim that the disease is reduced even disappeared and no recurrence after walking backwards therapy.

Cure back pain with 5 activity following

Back pain is now not only experienced by middle-aged women. Teens and young women are also at risk of back pain due to an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise or sitting position is wrong. If you are a woman at the age of 20 and 30's who have experienced disruption in the back of the body, is to overcome some physical activity.

1. Change often Posture
Frequently change posture when sitting. This method is useful for preventing the body is not only concentrated pressure on the spine. But keep your body arches remain in the correct position when changing posture, the upright but still relaxed

2. While careful Sports
When lifting weights over your head, press the muscles in the buttocks. Cata will encourage the body in a position that automatically stabilizes your spine. With so may reduce the risk of injury to the back.

3. Sitting in Fitness Exercise Ball
Try sitting on the exercise ball workout, or rubber balls every day for 15-20 minutes. This exercise will strengthen muscles and reduce body middle back pain caused by too much sitting.

4. exercise Crunch
Crunch movement that focuses on abdominal and low back muscles can reduce lower back pain by 75 percent. When your abdominal muscles are weak, the muscles in the buttocks and back of the leg muscles have to work harder to be more stable spine.

5. Drink Vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of osteoporosis. According to the study, 80 percent of people who suffer from back pain known deficiency of this vitamin. So, consume vitamin D supplement every day or bask in the sun in the morning for 10 minutes.

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Natural way get rid of skin fungus infection

Fungal Skin infection diseases has a high prevalence in in the population tropical climates and high humidity. Fungal diseases can actually be cured, it's just often not treated until complete and one pick antifungal drugs.

Fungal Infection In Skin Type

Fungal Skin Infection Prevention

Avoid Fungal Skin Infection

There are two types of fungal infections of the skin tinea (its lay terms we call ringworm / scabies / water fleas) and tinea versicolor.

1. Tinea
Tinea infections caused by Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton. Tinea can affect areas of the skin (ringworm / scabies) or hand-foot (athlete's foot), nails, anus, buttocks, genital, hair, and scalp.

Transmission can be direct or indirect. Direct transmission of the direct contact with the skin or hair for good mushrooms from humans, animals, or soil. While indirect transmission can be through plants, wood fungus infestation, clothing, and dust. Can also be transmitted through contamination of clothing, towels or bed linen patients.

2. Skin Fungus
Skin fungus is caused by Malassezia furfur fungus infection. Infection occurs when yeast / hyphae / spores attached to the skin. Patients will undergo a skin disorder in which white people are the mushrooms will appear brown spots or red (hyperpigmentation), while in patients with brown-skinned or black fungus will look younger patches (hypopigmentation).

Patients complained of feeling itchy when sweating or itching without complaint at all, but people feel embarrassed because of the spots on the skin. The fungus spread by contact or personal equipment contaminated skin of patients and lack of personal hygiene.

prevention of fungal skin infection

1. Maintain personal hygiene
2. Make it a habit to take a bath at least once a day. Wash your feet twice a day and dry it by pressing (do not rub) with a towel.
3. Dry your skin thoroughly after bathing.
4. Make it a habit that every person store and use their own towel so as not contaminated with fungal or bacterial diseases.
5. Wash towels and clothing contaminated fungal with hot water to prevent the spread of infection.
6. Use antiperspirant to reduce perspiration and makes skin dry so it does not facilitate the growth of fungus.
7. Use socks and underwear from cotton, change regularly (at least once a day).
8. Use an antifungal powder on your shoes or socks.
9. Antifungal products generally need to be given up to two weeks after free skin fungal infection that completely lost without the rest.

Treatment of fungal skin infection

Fungal skin infection Medication can be done from the outside and inside. External treatment can be powder, anti-fungal creams and ointments that can be purchased over the counter. But, be sure to use the right fit hint that the fungus is completely gone completely. For the treatment of the (drugs taken), must be prescribed by a doctor.

With natural ingredients, overcome fungal infection on the skin can be done by slicing slant / oblique one finger fresh rhizome of galangal (Alpinia galanga) , then applied to the fungus infected skin. Do this every day after bathing until the fungus is completely gone.

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Benefits of long hairstyles

Hair is the crown of the body. Especially for women, has a long and healthy hair is indeed exciting. There are several benefits that a lot of women who keep long hair, including:

Black as well as Brown Cool trends hairstyles For Women
1. Change style to taste
By having long hair, you can make other people fascinated with the variety of hair styles. You can tie your hair in a ponytail on Monday. Models of woven hair on Tuesday. Then change its shape again in the following days.
Lovely Half Up Half Down Hairstyles
2. Show off the beauty of hair
Long hair is easier to show off the beauty and color than those with short hair.
Best trends hairstyles For Function
3. hair cut
To change the hair style, you can cut it a bit shorter than usual.

4. can experiment
For experimenting with new hair styles, you can do so without having to wait for hair to grow longer.

5. Can easily seduce men
It is a fact that many men are tempted by women with long hair. Men are more happy to see women braiding hair.

6. Deal with thin hair
One of the problems is thinning hair in women. But you can work around this by adding volume to hair appear thicker.

For those of you who have long hair then have to be careful in the way of treatment, because it is not easy to care for long hair to keep it as beautiful as commercials.

If proper care is done in less time to grow hair, can actually be dry and brittle so that loss. Here are some tips that will help you look beautiful in a way to maintain long hair:
1. Even if you feel too hot or feel overloaded with long hair who starts, do not hold yourself to the salon to cut hair. If you feel really need, treat hair only to salons, do not cut short.
2. You must make a change to style hair, can be curled or wavy, but do not make permanent changes.
3. It's okay with accessories such as hair clips or headbands.
4. If your hair is thick and curly, ask your hairdresser to thin hair that can be styled more easily.
5. Long hair so that you stay healthy, keep your hair moisture. Make sure rinse shampoo and use a conditioner that suits your hair type.
6. In order to grow long hair faster, you also need to consume good nutrition. Drink multivitamin and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Enough sleep is also important.
7. After washing your hair, do not immediately combed. If desired, use a wide-toothed comb.
Fashionable Long Hair Style For Women

Stunning trends hairstyles For Bridal

Attractive Long Hairstyles

Cute Long trends hairstyles Back Side View

Wonderful trends hairstyles With Butterfly as well as Snack Bow Hair Clip For Women

Sweet Wedding trends hairstyles With Flower

Fantastic Up-do trends hairstyles For Long Black Hair

The Benefits of 4 simple step for healthy ear

The Benefits of 4 simple step for healthy ear - Care and health care is not just to clean the ear with a cotton bud. Many some of which also have to be done for the health of hearing organ. Well, as quoted from several sources, including the following:
cottonbud benefits

4 easy steps beneficial for ear health

4 easy steps beneficial for ear health

1. Reduce the intensity of use of earphones: without realizing it, to listen to music using earphones especially with the volume too loud can cause disturbances in the organ of hearing. Exposure to noise above 100 dB for more than 1 hour per day within five years can cause a person to suffer from permanent hearing loss.

2. Stay away from too noisy atmosphere: too long in noisy atmosphere such as roads, music studio, or go to the concert can also aggravate the condition of the organ of hearing health. At least reduce its intensity is a wise move.

3. Use safety devices such as helmets with a good standard or ear protectors when driving. This step can also be done when you are in a noisy place because it sounds like a machine in a factory.

4. Always keep your ear hygiene: to keep the ears should also be careful. Never to clean the ear with a finger or a pointy object than a cotton bud. Although cotton bud fairly effective, their use should also be careful. Clean only the ears because if you clean up into the ear hole, cotton bud will push cerumen (ear wax) to a deeper place. If the wax accumulates in the ear drum can cause tinnitus or inflammation of the ear drum.

5. Simple way, use a soft towel soaked in warm water. Clean the outside of the ear canal slowly.

6. Make sure you check the health of your ears to the ENT doctor at least once a year.

hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits

The Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

It has long been known that in some parts of the body healing can not occur without oxygen levels in appropriate tissues. Most diseases and injuries happen, and often last long, at the level of cells or tissues. 

In many cases, such as circulatory problems, healing wounds, and strokes, adequate oxygen can not reach the damaged area and the natural healing ability of the body can not function properly.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides additional oxygen is naturally and with minimal side effects. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improve the quality of life in many parts of the patients body when standard medications do not work. Many conditions such as stroke, cerebral palsy, head injuries, and chronic fatigue have responded positively after getting HBOT.

Brain Injury or Stroke

When cells in the brain die, either due to trauma or lack of oxygen, blood plasma leaks out into the surrounding brain tissue that causes swelling of the brain and reduce blood flow. It's otherwise normal cells in a passive state or asleep because they can not function without an adequate amount of oxygen.

HBOT dramatically increase the oxygen carried in the blood plasma, making oxygen available to heal the damaged capillary walls, prevents plasma leakage and reduce swelling. The reduced swelling will cause the blood flow can be restored to the network is not functioning (neovascularization) and later the cells have the potential to function again.

Cerebral Palsy and Traumatic Brain Injury

CP patients and patients on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), multiple injured brain tissue may be "neglected" and does not work. HBOT can stimulate tissue "neglected" and return them to function more normally. On young children, cognitive function and flexibility can be improved. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, done in conjunction with other therapies, ensuring the best recovery for children with cerebral palsy and Traumatic Brain Injury (traumatic brain injury).

hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits for Beauty

HBOT is also attractive for other things. For example, to beautify the skin, cleanse toxins and even to regenerate damaged body cells. Actually many methods are done to maximize oxygen consumption by the human body, one of them with oxygenated mineral water.

Health Benefits of Salt

Salt is an important ingredient that can be found in every kitchen. Cooking without salt it sure tasted bland. In addition, salt is also a part of the natural elements of beauty treatments. Basically, there are two types of salt for skin. First, the bath salts were mixed in the tub. 

Another type of salt is a salt scrub your skin, which serves to peel the dead skin and get rid of acne. Here are some of the benefits of salt for skin, as reported, Boldsky.

1. Exfoliating or peeling
Salt scrubs can be used to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. In addition, salt scrubs are also completely organic because it contains silica sand.

2. pimple
Salt has anti-bacterial effect on the skin. That is why salt scrubs can help get rid of acne on the skin.

3. Oily Skin
If you have oily skin, the salt can be beneficial for your skin. Properties owned dry salt can help absorb the extra oil from the skin. This will get rid of the oily texture of your skin and also prevent acne outbreaks.

4. Eliminate body odor
Usually scented bath salts. When you mix them with your bath water, they can help you to get rid of body odor and makes you feel fresh.

5. Minerals for the skin
Sea salt is very good for the skin because it contains a lot of minerals. This mineral can be absorbed into the skin and make it healthy from within.

6. allergy
Salt can cure allergies and infections of the skin. You can mix your bath water with salt to get rid of minor skin infections.

7. Pain relievers
When your feet ache after a long day, pedicure with salt water to stop the pain. Soak feet in a tub of warm water that has been sprinkled with salt to get rid of the pain.

These are some of the benefits of the use of salt on your skin. Want to try?

Healthful Diabetes with Red Pumpkin & Cane Juice Benefits

For people with diabetes, healthy eating means understanding that those were not content exacerbating diabetes he suffered. Though not a food ingredient that was the main reason, but it's important that you understand the various types of good food to be consumed or not.

Recent research shows the benefits of red pumpkin (pumpkin) in diabetics salutary. Taste is sweet, but very good for diabetics. Pumpkin has a glycemic index (GI) is very low. 

Foods that have a high glycemic index will raise blood sugar levels. It follows, therefore why pumpkin is very good for diabetics.

Pumpkin can also improve pancreatic function network has been marred by diabetes. If the pancreas does not function properly it will be difficult to produce insulin which is very much needed by the body to break down glucose in the body.

To process, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg can be used as an additional spice in pumpkin as relatively friendly to diabetes. And it's important not to add sugar in processed pumpkin, because it will damage the function of a healthy pumpkin for diabetics. In addition, in processing pumpkin, not by way of frying, because the cooking oil will add calories and nutrients in pumpkin damage. Cook by boiling, steaming or baking.

Cane juice; natural sugar for diabetics
Cane juice contains natural sugar which is much better than raw sugar or artificial sweeteners. Sugarcane juice is used to keep blood sugar in balance so that both consumed for diabetics. It is important for diabetics to change your habits to benefit the sugar from cane juice.

It is important to note that, you should be careful in consuming sugar cane juice. Although it has great benefits for diabetes, which is not clean cane instead will be a source of disease.

When you save a cane, sugar cane porous tip try not to touch directly part or dirty areas, such as story boat (including new floors cleaned using a detergent), through the pores of the cane, the substances that exist in the story boat will be sucked into it. Hence, the cane should be stored with the supine position, not standing to avoid surface (tip cane) suck the bacteria elements that will be a source of disease.

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Health Benefits of Snake Bile

Cobra Bile Health Benefits

Cobra Bile Health Benefits
Cobra snake as one of the most feared because its venom is poisonous. Broadly speaking can be categorized into two: the snake neurotoxin and hemotoxin. Neurotoxin type is a poison that can paralyze the respiratory system and brain damage. While hemotoxin is toxic to the cells that destroy blood cells to clot and can lead to death.

Benefits cobra bile

There are about 20 types of enzymes in snake venom and the composition of each enzyme varies with the type of snake. The snake could contain harmful enzymes pulse but could be useful. One of the enzymes contained in the venom is proteinase that can cause skin and muscle tissue of victims die quickly. According to research in Australia, in particular dose of this enzyme could cure cancer. 

Choline esterase enzyme is one that is quite popular. This enzyme normally attacks the nervous system and the muscles become loose. This enzyme can be used to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

In addition to the enzymes found in snake venom, snake body organ is also believed to be a cure for a disease. In Indonesia, until now there has been no research on the benefits for the treatment of snake organs. The rise of organ treatment using the snake over to the experience.

One organ snakes commonly used drug is a snake bile. Bile itself is a collection of toxins that have been frozen. Benefits cobra bile in the sines is to dissipate the heat, making a good skin, the lungs are good and make your heart stronger.

In addition, the benefits of cobra bile is able to make the body become immune from cobra venom itself. The trick is to take the cobra bile in order for the body to form antibodies of the snake bile. Not only are believed to snake bile is very nutritious. Cobra blood is also believed efficacious treatment benefit and increase stamina. Not a few special shop selling herbal concoctions cobra blood and bile cobra

Eating Shellfish Beneficial Prevent Cancer

Eating Shellfish Helpful Prevent Cancer - A study done in Washington to determine the benefits of shellfish to cancer patients, found that the type of protein that is owned by marine animals is useful in fighting cancer.

This makes the scientists created a form of protein that is similar to the protein shell for the purpose of treatment of cancer patients.

Live shellfish habitat that is in the sea with strong currents, making the shellfish must be attached to an object that does not float. Said Herbert Waite, a molecular biologist from the University of California, is so strong that it is attached to the shell capable of withstanding loads adults.

"The mussels can attach to rocks and can withstand the weight of an adult," he said, quoted Liputan6 of News.

Glue-like substance in the shells is called byssus. This material is expected to make a strong animal attached to various objects in the sea. The uniqueness of this byssus was studied by scientists, and produce findings that byssus, including the type of protein, can be used to build body tissue is damaged.

Phillip Messersmith, a biomedical engineering professor at Northwestern University, said: "Shell has a role in the reconstruction of tissues in the human body, it is useful to improve the premature rupture of fetal membranes, or premature birth and other serious complications."
It also includes repair abnormal cells that cause cancer, in order to get back to normal.

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Healthy kidneys with wine benefits

Healthy kidneys with wine benefits

the benefits of wine for Healthy kidneys

 There is good news for wine enthusiasts. Apparently, this drink was able to reduce the frequency of kidney stone formation. "But this does not mean we can consume up glasses or in large quantities," said dr. Parlindungan Siregar, SpPD-KGH from the Kidney and Hypertension, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, on one educational media on Tuesday.

He said the 30 cc of wine per day is enough to nourish the body.
Surprisingly, this is different when you are drinking grape juice. The result is not exactly a healthy kidney, even triggering the formation of kidney stones by 37 percent. "Scientifically it can not yet be answered properly. Yet in fact, the wine can reduce the frequency of kidney stone formation, and this has been proven," he said.

In addition to grape juice, apple juice it also can lead to kidney stones by 35 percent, instead of orange juice can reduce kidney stones by more than 25 percent.

7 ways to naturally nourish the kidney

Disorders of the kidneys is often overlooked because the initial symptoms are very vague. By implementing a healthy lifestyle, we can maintain the condition and renal function in order to remain optimal. Well, here are 7 natural ways to make kidney health.

At the end of the text, there is an image that can be matched to the color of our urine, whether we had enough to drink enough water or not.

Tip 1:
Drink Lots of Water White

Tip 2:
Limit Consumption of Sodium / Sodium

Tip 3:
Expand eat vegetables and fruits

Tip 4:
Avoid snack at random

Tip 5:
Stop or limit alcoholic beverages

Tip 6:
Be careful with the consumption of herbs, medicinal herbs and vitamins

Tip 7:
Note the use of cosmetics

Healthy, Sexy and Beauty with Neon Eyeshadow

Healthy, Sexy and Beauty with Neon Eyeshadow

Neon Eyeshadow Collection Summer Love by Lise Watier

So trendy with its bright colors and electrifying, here's Neon Love by Lise Watier, the latest collection of summer make-up of the Canadian brand.

Here's the official description of the collection: The electrifying colors borrowed from an imaginary nature, a sophisticated paradise, a tropical getaway to dream ... For its collection of summer 2010, NEON LOVE, Lise Watier has completely abandoned the exploring a fantasy world with vivid colors, where dream melts at
reality. This summer, we invite you to dare beyond neon nail polish, creating a look punchy and powerful look. LOVE NEON colors appear more exuberant, more fresh and more licentious than those that characterized the eighties: the pastel-acids as intense iridescent lime green, candy pink and aqua blue ice, blend colors to more neutral sometimes dark, to exalt the palette colors. The belle of the season is a true woman of modern times, a beauty who seduced by his energy and exuberance. Her dark hair and a tanned look deliciously mysterious incense, enhanced with a bold and electrical makeup, lime and pink. His proud attitude and confidence go into his smiling rosy.

Wow, what a dream it all. And it is quite true that the collection takes us on a journey through time, in the 80s!

This is a collection with which he must dare, but which, once made the jump, we do not regret, because the colors give joy to live in our tired mine who was looking forward to summer!

Here are the products of the collection that I had the chance to test, to the delight of our eyes.

Quartet Neon Love

Available in two harmonies, and Bronze Shine, pallets reveal an energetic and optimistic spirit. Both versions visibly brighten the eye, but the version I tested is Shine, which offers an iridescent lime, a white-frosted pink, a pink and a light taupe. I liked it, even if such colors will not necessarily for everyone, it has the merit of being different and punchy.

Solos eye makeup

For those who do not like the pre-established harmony, Neon Love Collection also offers the choice to let himself loose with three shades of eye lids Solos, a bright orange, the other turquoise vibrant, and third, to complement first two, pearl white.

I tested the white snow, I found ideal to apply under the eyebrow, with any other color of paint in addition. This color really brightens the eye, and is more mat than the other two, more niche.

Lime Shine Eye Makeup

4 Shine Eye are put forward on the collection, 3 of which are perfectly aligned with their respective solo. This is the Eye Shine White, Blue Lagoon and Orange-Copper. The fourth, Lime, it blends perfectly with the Quartet Shine, for him to add even more luster.

Neon Glitter Lash & Line Duo

Available in 5 colors, these adorable little tubes contain a multitude of colored sequins in a clear gel that can be applied in two ways: as an eyeliner with the brush included, or the tip of the lashes (or the full length!) applicator with the mascara type integrated on the stem of the eyeliner.

And it shines in all its glory, with colors as "neon" as Sunshine, Opal, Peacock, Fuchsia and Lime. I tested fuchsia. I found the original color, but less easy to wear on the eyes than the other four.

Havana Duo Kiss & Glow

Ideal partner for our summer vacation, Havana Kiss & Glow Duo contains two products: a glitter scented with the aroma of gourmet holiday which deposits on the skin a very light veil glistening face as much as the body. It beautifully sublime tanning. The second product is well hidden in the cap. When opened, you discover a compact lip gloss glittering bronze, with a mirror as a bonus, for natural sun-kissed lips.

Kiss Lip Gloss Pencil

So there, this product is my favorite of the collection. Available in four shades, it is actually a big jumbo pencil, which contains an ultra-creamy and comfortable, more like the balm lip gloss, but still well coated. It is so comfortable to wear, I feel like I reapply every 5 minutes! And plus I love the sweet aroma that emerges is a treat for the senses!

The color I tested is Tender Pink, a dusty rose, romantic and cloudy, with a glossy finish good enough to eat. The other colors are Fuchsia Passion, Romance and Bronze Coral Desire. I liked Tender Pink, because the color is very natural on the lips, and especially not too dark, which is beautiful with a tan. It seems also that this is the color worn by the mannequin in the photo.

Neon Love Desirable

And to top it all, the collection also offers a fruity fragrance and cheerful limited edition: Desirable Neon Love. It smells sweet berries.

This is definitely a colorful collection, but surprisingly enough laptop.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

11 Benefits of Eating Meat Chicken

11 Benefits of Eating Meat Chicken

11 Benefits of Eating Meat Chicken - Chicken meat has become the most sought after today. Prices are not too expensive and it tastes good makes it a favorite. And, the chicken was known to have many health benefits. With notes, chicken meat used is selected from healthy chickens, fresh, and not eaten with fat. As quoted Boldsky, there are 11 benefits that you can feel by eating chicken meat:

1. Build muscle. In the lean chicken meat, contained more protein. People who want a muscular body can take boiled chicken to help increase muscle mass.
2. Chicken meat contains zinc which can maintain a healthy appetite.
3. Phosphorus and calcium content in chicken meat can strengthen bones.
4. Although it contains cholesterol, chicken meat also has niacin can lower cholesterol levels. Choose lean chicken meat and cook without using oil or butter.
5. Chicken is rich in minerals that help boost the immune system. Thus, hot chicken soup is suitable for flu patients.
6. Chickens can help growing children. Therefore, protein amino acids in stimulating chicken growth and a stronger body.
7. Selenium content in chickens reduces the risk of arthritis.
8. Chickens have vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid which affects a sense of calm to the nerves. Eating chicken can relieve the stress that you feel.
9. Your heart is also healthier to eat chicken. Because the chicken is also rich in vitamin B6, which lowers homoseistein that cause heart attacks.
10. Eating chicken during menstruation, can relieve stress as the presence coming months.
11. Men can also increase testosterone by eating chicken meat.

5 Foods That Beneficial Prevent Stress

5 Foods That Beneficial Counteract Stress - Stress can be caused by many things, such as work, family problems, traffic congestion, even love affairs. But in all these things, a strong body condition will make a person able to cope with stress easily.

Consumption of certain foods with few nutrients, in various studies proved able to counteract the pressure experienced by a person. As reported by Magforwomen, the following is a type of food that is able to fend off pressure:

1. Chocolate
Recent research reveals that the consumption of 1.4 ounces of chocolate (dark chocolate) every day in 2 weeks can reduce the hormone cortisol or stress hormones. Chocolate also stimulates the production of serotonin, a natural antidepressant in the body. Endorphin also caused the emergence of a good mood. Besides chocolate can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Consumption of just a cup of hot chocolate before bed, and you'll calm down when you wake up.

2. cheese
Besides enriching the flavor of the dish, the cheese is also efficacious reduce stress. This is because the cheese trigger serotonin production in the brain.

3. blueberries
Although small, blueberries have great benefits. High vitamin C and antioxidant that can protect cells from cancer-causing free radicals. Blueberries are also able to prevent stress and keep skin from aging.

4. almonds
Benefits of almond vitamin B12, as well as vitamin E and potassium and zinc it efficacious trigger serotonin production. Vitamin E will boost immunity and lower blood pressure. As a result, the stress can be countered easily.

5. fish
Omega 3 in fish keeping adrenaline under control and reduce your stress level. Increase consumption of tuna and salmon, then you avoid stress and depression.
Bee venom Beneficial Overcome HIV Virus

Bee venom Beneficial Overcome HIV Virus

Bee venom Beneficial Overcome HIV Virus - research to overcome the HIV virus continues to evolve. Most recently, a new study shows that bee venom can kill a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown that a toxin called melittin that is found in bee venom can destroy HIV virus by destroying the part. The bee venom nano particles smaller than enables HIV to destroy most of the HIV cell, as reported by huffingtonpost.
Melittin attacking inherent physical property of HIV. In theory, there is no way for the virus to adapt to it. Viruses must have a protective layer, double-layered membrane that covers the virus.

This study was conducted over the news because of the emergence of Mississippi with a baby who is said to have cured HIV. The mother was diagnosed with HIV during labor and the infant receive such treatment only 30 hours after birth. The child is now 2 years old, and has been treated for about a year and shows no signs of infection.

With the advent of this discovery, the researchers expected to take precautions against those at risk of HIV. So that cases of HIV could be reduced and the transmission can be stopped.
6 Foods That Beneficial For Soothing

6 Foods That Beneficial For Soothing

6 Foods That Beneficial For Soothing - Eating certain foods can actually make a difference in our health and mood. The content of nutrients in it, affect the production of hormones and the immune system. Well, some of these foods can affect broadcast by Allwomenstalk soothing to the soul who was upset and stress.

Want to know what kind of food is it?

1. Avocado. It is anti-stress food was delicious. At the avocado has many important B vitamins that are beneficial to brain cells and nerves healthy. He also rich in beta-carotene, lutein, folate, vitamin E, and glutathione. This can block the absorption of fat that cause stress.

2. Yoghurt. Yogurt contains a lot of nutrients to the body health, and potassium to improve mood.

3. Salmon. This fish has omega 3 which is a major contribution to brain function and good mood, and calming effect.

4. Eggs. Eggs are a source of protein and vitamin D, and vitamin B. Everything is useful for the improvement of mood and mood.

5. Asparagus. Asparagus has a good content of folic acid to combat the stress and confusion. Also tryptophan which is an essential amino acid, is used to produce serotonin.

6. Berry. All types of berries, both to improve depressed mood. So do not hesitate to pick strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries when you're stressed and upset.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

healthy and sexy with the benefits of belly dance

Belly dance or belly dance is not only able to make your body more flexible but can also burn calories in the body.

While doing this exercise, use a dress with tight hips, so that the movement of the hips easily visible.

Belly dance has a long history in the Middle East and Africa. There are several theories that reveal where Belly Dancing originated, but that is not of Arabic from Greek, but there is also a saying derived from Romawi.

The first belly dance including religious dances. Self-esteem, body structure and setting a good breath, desperately needed if one wants to do the belly dance. Sensual movements make belly dancing look very beautiful.

There are some basic belly dance movements, the rotation of the hip, hip vibe, head of the snake movement, hand winding, and a wave of stomach. Each movement can be combined with each other and can create a very sexy dance and sensual.

Belly dancing is very good for women because it can improve blood circulation. If you are experiencing
menstrual pain and irregular circulation, belly dancing can be an alternative sport. During belly dancing, breathing should be arranged properly. You will be trained breathing so as not to run out of breath while dancing.

Breathing techniques are applied in the same belly dance with breathing techniques wind instrument players and singers. For example, when making a wave motion belly dancers will focus on breathing and not on muscle movement.

Belly dancers will be trained to breathe using your stomach and not the lungs, so oxygen is absorbed much more. Many women complain about the state of the sagging belly fat even though his body is not included. To overcome this, belly dance is the right choice.

Belly dancing makes all your muscles moving and can shape it for the better. Not only belly dance, other dances also an excellent exercise for heart health and increase muscle strength and body flexibility.
Position your body will be well formed, muscular movements more supple and less prone to injury.

In addition to making her feel sexy and sensual dancers, belly dance also has many health benefits. What is it?

Top 6 Benefits of Belly Dance

Improve flexibility
Repeated movements will increase flexibility of the body, so you know how far your body is able to be moved.

Strengthen muscles
Belly dance is a dance that moves the focus on the muscles that are rarely used in everyday activities. This dance can flex and strengthen the abdominal muscles, buttocks and thighs during practice.

Lose weight
Intense repetitive motion that requires a lot of calories. So that the excess calories in your body will be reduced and result, weight is also eroded quickly. For maximum results, combine with the fitness and other physical activities.

Ideal body shape
Shake with graceful body movements during the dance, will be put on the joints and ligaments of the lower spine back into position. Thus forming a perfect posture.

Increase stamina & confidence
Belly dancing can improve stamina, as well as toning your muscles naturally. Not only that, you will feel confident enough while performing various activities after doing belly dancing movements. Especially if it were not for the stomach and the body is more sexy after doing belly dance routine?

Improve Blood Circulation
Improve Blood Circulation system that is very important in maintaining the balance of the body's biological system as a whole.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pretty Green Eyes with Benefits of Eye Makeup Styles

Eye Makeup Styles benefits

Pretty Green Eyes Makeup 

Soft and subtle makeup beautiful green eyes can help achieve a fresh look every day, or one that is a bit romantic. The use of color and application, and your eyes may carry out this aspect.

The Choice Of The Right Eye Makeup

Although there are times when you want to go for a more dramatic look, one eye of fancy, or a sexy style makeup, beautiful makeup is versatile enough for many occasions. You can use this type of makeup for the weekend every day, and in those moments you want to look sweet and romantic. The key to creating the right look is the use of colors that work best for your green eyes in the middle of the light shades and avoid the hard styles of the application. These ideas will help you show off your gorgeous eyes.

The Colors of Your Green Beautiful

For the most beautiful green eyes, work with colors and tones the skin and hair.

*) Lighter Hair / Skin : red hair or strawberry blond and fair skin, green eyes, try eye makeup in shades of purple, green, blue, tans, taupes, peaches. You may even want to experiment with grays.

*) Medium : For light to medium skin and brown or red with green eyes, brown neutral medium purple plums, gold and copper hues, and cocoa, light and shadow burn can carry out your eyes better.

*) Dark Hair : For ladies brown and dark hair with green eyes, any purples, greens, medium, and grays can complement your hair, eyes, skin, and the combination of a nice look.

*) Dark Skin and Hair: For darker skin and hair, experiment with the medium brown, mauve and green blue.

9 Ideas Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Use eye shades pale line middle and green eyes and the pearl, gloss, matt and formulas for a smooth and beautiful. Jump pigments, as these are often better for a more dramatic look.

Beige Beauty

Using your fingertip, a creamy blend beigy or shade (up to three shades darker than your skin tone) along the line of the upper and lower lashes. Curl lashes and finish with two coats of mascara one or two shades darker than your natural lashes. This gives a charming, very natural that still draws attention to her green eyes.

Soft Copper

Point of a copper eyeliner along the upper eyelid and blend gently with your fingertip or eye pencil tool. Add an outline with a touch of green shadow, and highlight gently sweeping copper tone lighter, but complementary, below the brow bone.
Nice and Bright

Use a cream or white coating on the inside of the lower eyelid and a pale teal or purple shade based on the fold of bright green eyes. Add a touch of color shade along the lash line up to define the mild eye. Use a touch of white shadow under the brown bone and at the corner of the eye and blend the shadow crease well.

Precious Gold

Use eyeliner metallic gold to the top of the ad line lower lashes. Skip eye shadow, but apply two coats of mascara on curled lashes. Gold can really bring out green eyes, and focusing on a type of makeup, gold pencil offers a beautiful look that does not seem exaggerated.

Basic and Beachy

Get inspired by the sand and sea to look pretty. Sweep a peach or a soft sand colored eye shadow on the eyelid and the crease. Then apply a coating soft teal or water to the top cap only (for the clean look) or both lash lines for more emphasis on the eyes. The duck water or contrast well with green eyes, sand or peach shade creates a good supplement.

Soft Gray and Smoky

Many stars in the colors of blue or green eyes have been removed from gray eyeliner very well, so can you. For an appeal smooth and smoky eye shadow applied with an orange base to the crease and a peach or copper tone lighter at the top. Then use the eyeliner gray to lightly line the upper lash line. Apply the liner under the eyes a little stronger. Then blend gently with your finger or a brush eyeliner for smoky effect. The combination of the shade of orange-gray base coat and actually carry out your eye color, but is a more gentle than most smoky eyes.

Cream and Cocoa

To look good is neutral enough for the couple of days, a shadow in soft cream eye color with a medium-thick line of cocoa-brown eyeliner on the upper eyelid. By definition a little more, you can also add a touch of cocoa soft or dark gray shadow in the crease.

Trio Simple and Romantic

Using a blue green or green shirt, the line of the upper and lower eyelids with a fine line. Merge into a line a little thicker with a suitable light colored gray or charcoal for a smoky effect, and the use of a peach or peach / pink eye shadow combination.

Pretty Green Eyes Mascara

Even the use of the mask only with green eyes can look stunning. Unless you have dark hair, you may want to stay away from dark black mask. Opt for those with a copper, purple, green or nuance to call attention to your gorgeous eyes.

Pulling Pretty Eyes

Although it is easy to go overboard on the makeup of the eyes, The trick to this style of eye makeup is to rely on soft color, mixing, and light tones. Keep your brush mixed by hand and stay away from the spectacular palettes.

Choosing the right color combinations for green eyes, along with a soft makeup style can give you the beautiful look as you want, if you want to keep your eye makeup fresh and simple for a night out or for a everyday look that improving their eyes.