Monday, July 22, 2013

Eating Shellfish Beneficial Prevent Cancer

Eating Shellfish Helpful Prevent Cancer - A study done in Washington to determine the benefits of shellfish to cancer patients, found that the type of protein that is owned by marine animals is useful in fighting cancer.

This makes the scientists created a form of protein that is similar to the protein shell for the purpose of treatment of cancer patients.

Live shellfish habitat that is in the sea with strong currents, making the shellfish must be attached to an object that does not float. Said Herbert Waite, a molecular biologist from the University of California, is so strong that it is attached to the shell capable of withstanding loads adults.

"The mussels can attach to rocks and can withstand the weight of an adult," he said, quoted Liputan6 of News.

Glue-like substance in the shells is called byssus. This material is expected to make a strong animal attached to various objects in the sea. The uniqueness of this byssus was studied by scientists, and produce findings that byssus, including the type of protein, can be used to build body tissue is damaged.

Phillip Messersmith, a biomedical engineering professor at Northwestern University, said: "Shell has a role in the reconstruction of tissues in the human body, it is useful to improve the premature rupture of fetal membranes, or premature birth and other serious complications."
It also includes repair abnormal cells that cause cancer, in order to get back to normal.

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Eating Shellfish Beneficial Prevent Cancer
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