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Healthy kidneys with wine benefits

the benefits of wine for Healthy kidneys

 There is good news for wine enthusiasts. Apparently, this drink was able to reduce the frequency of kidney stone formation. "But this does not mean we can consume up glasses or in large quantities," said dr. Parlindungan Siregar, SpPD-KGH from the Kidney and Hypertension, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, on one educational media on Tuesday.

He said the 30 cc of wine per day is enough to nourish the body.
Surprisingly, this is different when you are drinking grape juice. The result is not exactly a healthy kidney, even triggering the formation of kidney stones by 37 percent. "Scientifically it can not yet be answered properly. Yet in fact, the wine can reduce the frequency of kidney stone formation, and this has been proven," he said.

In addition to grape juice, apple juice it also can lead to kidney stones by 35 percent, instead of orange juice can reduce kidney stones by more than 25 percent.

7 ways to naturally nourish the kidney

Disorders of the kidneys is often overlooked because the initial symptoms are very vague. By implementing a healthy lifestyle, we can maintain the condition and renal function in order to remain optimal. Well, here are 7 natural ways to make kidney health.

At the end of the text, there is an image that can be matched to the color of our urine, whether we had enough to drink enough water or not.

Tip 1:
Drink Lots of Water White

Tip 2:
Limit Consumption of Sodium / Sodium

Tip 3:
Expand eat vegetables and fruits

Tip 4:
Avoid snack at random

Tip 5:
Stop or limit alcoholic beverages

Tip 6:
Be careful with the consumption of herbs, medicinal herbs and vitamins

Tip 7:
Note the use of cosmetics

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Healthy kidneys with wine benefits
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