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Healthy, Sexy and Beauty with Neon Eyeshadow

Healthy, Sexy and Beauty with Neon Eyeshadow

Neon Eyeshadow Collection Summer Love by Lise Watier

So trendy with its bright colors and electrifying, here's Neon Love by Lise Watier, the latest collection of summer make-up of the Canadian brand.

Here's the official description of the collection: The electrifying colors borrowed from an imaginary nature, a sophisticated paradise, a tropical getaway to dream ... For its collection of summer 2010, NEON LOVE, Lise Watier has completely abandoned the exploring a fantasy world with vivid colors, where dream melts at
reality. This summer, we invite you to dare beyond neon nail polish, creating a look punchy and powerful look. LOVE NEON colors appear more exuberant, more fresh and more licentious than those that characterized the eighties: the pastel-acids as intense iridescent lime green, candy pink and aqua blue ice, blend colors to more neutral sometimes dark, to exalt the palette colors. The belle of the season is a true woman of modern times, a beauty who seduced by his energy and exuberance. Her dark hair and a tanned look deliciously mysterious incense, enhanced with a bold and electrical makeup, lime and pink. His proud attitude and confidence go into his smiling rosy.

Wow, what a dream it all. And it is quite true that the collection takes us on a journey through time, in the 80s!

This is a collection with which he must dare, but which, once made the jump, we do not regret, because the colors give joy to live in our tired mine who was looking forward to summer!

Here are the products of the collection that I had the chance to test, to the delight of our eyes.

Quartet Neon Love

Available in two harmonies, and Bronze Shine, pallets reveal an energetic and optimistic spirit. Both versions visibly brighten the eye, but the version I tested is Shine, which offers an iridescent lime, a white-frosted pink, a pink and a light taupe. I liked it, even if such colors will not necessarily for everyone, it has the merit of being different and punchy.

Solos eye makeup

For those who do not like the pre-established harmony, Neon Love Collection also offers the choice to let himself loose with three shades of eye lids Solos, a bright orange, the other turquoise vibrant, and third, to complement first two, pearl white.

I tested the white snow, I found ideal to apply under the eyebrow, with any other color of paint in addition. This color really brightens the eye, and is more mat than the other two, more niche.

Lime Shine Eye Makeup

4 Shine Eye are put forward on the collection, 3 of which are perfectly aligned with their respective solo. This is the Eye Shine White, Blue Lagoon and Orange-Copper. The fourth, Lime, it blends perfectly with the Quartet Shine, for him to add even more luster.

Neon Glitter Lash & Line Duo

Available in 5 colors, these adorable little tubes contain a multitude of colored sequins in a clear gel that can be applied in two ways: as an eyeliner with the brush included, or the tip of the lashes (or the full length!) applicator with the mascara type integrated on the stem of the eyeliner.

And it shines in all its glory, with colors as "neon" as Sunshine, Opal, Peacock, Fuchsia and Lime. I tested fuchsia. I found the original color, but less easy to wear on the eyes than the other four.

Havana Duo Kiss & Glow

Ideal partner for our summer vacation, Havana Kiss & Glow Duo contains two products: a glitter scented with the aroma of gourmet holiday which deposits on the skin a very light veil glistening face as much as the body. It beautifully sublime tanning. The second product is well hidden in the cap. When opened, you discover a compact lip gloss glittering bronze, with a mirror as a bonus, for natural sun-kissed lips.

Kiss Lip Gloss Pencil

So there, this product is my favorite of the collection. Available in four shades, it is actually a big jumbo pencil, which contains an ultra-creamy and comfortable, more like the balm lip gloss, but still well coated. It is so comfortable to wear, I feel like I reapply every 5 minutes! And plus I love the sweet aroma that emerges is a treat for the senses!

The color I tested is Tender Pink, a dusty rose, romantic and cloudy, with a glossy finish good enough to eat. The other colors are Fuchsia Passion, Romance and Bronze Coral Desire. I liked Tender Pink, because the color is very natural on the lips, and especially not too dark, which is beautiful with a tan. It seems also that this is the color worn by the mannequin in the photo.

Neon Love Desirable

And to top it all, the collection also offers a fruity fragrance and cheerful limited edition: Desirable Neon Love. It smells sweet berries.

This is definitely a colorful collection, but surprisingly enough laptop.

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