Thursday, July 19, 2018

gastroenteritis prevention

Prevention of gastroenteritis

Here are some ways you can do to prevent the occurrence of intestinal infection:
  • Washing hands. Wash the whole hand (including the sidelines of the nail) to clean. Use soap, then rub
    your hands for about 20 seconds, and rinse with clean water. If there is no soap and water, use a cleaning wipes or hand sanitizer.
  • Always wear personal equipment. It is advisable to use your own cutlery and drinkware, such as cups, plates, spoons, and forks. Avoid wearing cutlery alternately with others. Make sure every family member has their own towels.
  • Keep the distance. If you are forced to make contact with a person infected with gastroenteritis, try to keep a distance from it. Do not touch items used by an infected person.
  • Cleaning stuff. Clean items, places, and also surfaces touched by an infected person. Objects such as table surfaces, taps, door handles, spoons, forks, and other equipment used by gastroenteritis patients living in your home can become a medium of transmission of the virus.
  • Rotavirus vaccine. This vaccine is given to prevent diarrhea due to rotavirus. There are two types of rotavirus vaccine spread in Indonesia, namely rotateq and rotarix. Rotateq is given three doses at infants aged 6-14 weeks, 4-8 weeks later, and 8 months of age. While rotarix is ​​given two doses at the age of 10 weeks and 14 weeks (6 months).

In addition to some of the above efforts, there are some things you can consider to prevent gastroenteritis. If you are traveling or in a public place, you should be careful in choosing foods and beverages that you consume. Here are some things to avoid:
  • Avoid eating raw foods, either vegetables or fruits that have been peeled or touched by the hands of others.
  • Do not eat meat that is half-baked.
  • Buy bottled water to avoid consuming contaminated water. Including when you brush your teeth, it is advisable to keep using bottled water.
  • Avoid consuming ice cubes that are not guaranteed cleanliness, because it could be the water used to make ice is contaminated by the virus.

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