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Trik Jitu Menggali Ratusan Kata Kunci Yang Banyak diCari

Penentuan niche dan melakukan riset kata kunci adalah bagian dari konten strategi, penerapan konten strategi yang salah akan mengakibatkan blog atau web sepi pengunjung, alias sia-sia saja membuat artikel kalau tidak ada user atau pengunjung yang datang ke blog atau website, bayangkan saja sudah capek-capek buat artikel ternyata tidak ada yang baca.

Dalam banyak kesempatan, saya selalu melakukan riset kata kunci menggunakan Keyword Planner milik Google, ini salah satu senjata andalan yang sering saya gunakan untuk menentukan niche dan kata kunci.

Tapi belakangan saya lebih banyak menggunakan senjata baru yang bisa membantu menemukan ratusan kata kunci yang seringnya tidak ditemukan dalam tools lainnya.

pada kesempatan ini saya akan membagi pengetahuan tentang bagaimana saya menemukan kata kunci yang betul-betul dicari oleh pengguna internet

ok, langsung saja kita gali lebih dalam bagaimana cara mendapatkan kata kunci yang memang dicari oleh user atau pengguna internet cukup menggunakan pencarian google, yups betul banget kita akan mendapatkan ratusan kata kunci turunan yang dicari oleh pengguna internet dengan memanfaatkan google suggest.

Google Suggestions

Google telah menyiapakan layanan saran google atau google suggestion dan autocomplete sejak tahun 2008, hal yang mendasari mengapa hal ini menjadi begitu menarik adalah karena hasil yang disarankan atau disuggest oleh google adalah betul-betul berasal dari hasil aktivitas carian pengguna yang menggunakan google dan berdasarkan volume carian atau popularitas hasil carian.

Cara Menggunakan Google Suggestions

Sekarang bagaimana cara mengggunakan google suggestion untuk kepentingan SEO atau untuk mendapatkan traffic ke blog atau web? caranya mudah, anda tinggal mengetikkan keyword yang anda inginkan, maka akan muncul usulan keyword di bawahnya.

Ya, cara ini terhitung mudah dan praktis dibanding menggunakan keyword planner tool. Hanya saja cara ini mengandung kelemahan. Kelemahannya adalah terbatasnya keyword yang bisa dimunculkan. Sehingga mungkin anda perlu mengulang-ulangnya untuk mendapatkan data keyword yang diinginkan.

berikut ilustrasi cara memanfaatkan google suggest untuk mendapatkan kata kunci atau keywords untuk niche blog atau website  dan kata kunci turunan untuk artikel blog atau website.

Jika anda memilih niche Wisata dan ingin mengetahui artikel seperti apa yang banyak dicari di google maka ketikkan kata kunci semisal "tempat wisata" dan google suggest akan menampilkan saran tentang kata kunci tempat wisata yang sering dicari di google

Selain suggest dari google dibagian atas seperti yang ditampilkan gambar diatas, google juga menampilkan related article search atau artikel yang banyak dicari yang berhubungan dengan kata kunci yang anda masukkan, misalkan dengan kata kunci diatas  maka dibagian bawah halaman googel juga akan muncul tampilan seperti ini
Sekarang dengan berbekal pengetahuan sederhana tapi powerfull diatas, harusnya anda tidak lagi kesulitan dalam menentukan artikel yang seperti apa yang harus anda tulis dalam blog atau web anda untuk mendapatkan kunjungan atau traffic yang berlimpah dari google khan ;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Strengthen your memory with ginkgo biloba benefits

The Benefits of ginkgo biloba to Strengthen your memory

ginkgo biloba benefits

ginkgo biloba benefits

Ginkgo "maidenhair tree" biloba is one of the most common herbal supplements used. This herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Ginkgo biloba is still reliable in alternative medicine until this time due to a variety of health benefits.

Originally Ginkgo biloba
Maidenhair Tree or also known as Ginkgo biloba, extract from ginkgo biloba tree originating from China. This tree can grow to as high as 30 m. Ginkgo biloba leaf width, slightly hairy, and shaped like a fan.

Usefulness of Ginkgo biloba
Many believe that ginkgo biloba may help improve a variety of health conditions, including respiratory problems, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, impaired memory and concentration, and Alzheimer's disease.

Types of Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba supplements are available in capsules, tablets, and liquid. In addition, there are also dried ginkgo biloba leaf that can be consumed as tea.

Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), ginkgo biloba is an herb sellers in America are sold in supplement form. Ginkgo biloba has received wide acclaim for treating various health conditions, but should only be used under medical supervision.

Here are top 5 benefits of ginkgo biloba:

1. Claudication (claudication)
Ginkgo biloba is believed to have benefits for patients with claudication, a painful foot condition that is caused by blockage in the arteries.

This herb gets "A" rating from the NIH, that is supported by strong scientific evidence.

2. Dementia
Ginkgo biloba also gets "A" rating for the treatment of dementia. Ginkgo biloba can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's, but it is not clear whether the benefit is comparable to commonly prescribed drugs.

3. Improve Memory
Several studies have shown that ginkgo biloba can improve memory (memory). However, it is still uncertain because other studies conducted by the National Institute of Aging found that there was no improvement of memory in study participants.

4. PMS
Ginkgo biloba is also useful to reduce the emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as mood swings and irritability. However, further research is still needed.

5. Sexual Problems
Ginkgo biloba has traditionally been used to treat sexual problems. Although able to provide some benefits to this problem, but further research is still needed.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Are Bananas Good For You?

bananas benefits
Benefit of banana : Make Brain Smarter
Benefit of banana : Make Brain Smarter

Based on how the consumption of fruits, bananas are grouped into two classes, namely desks banana (dessert banana) and a banana if (plantain, cooking banana).

Bananas are consumed in the form of fresh table after the ripe fruit, such as bananas, milk, king, a thousand, and sunripe. Processed bananas consumed after being fried, boiled, baked, such kepok bananas (traditional food popular in Asian), Siamese, cotton, horns, and uli. Bananas can be processed into various products, such as sale, cakes, or wine (in Latin America).
Bananas have excellent nutritional value, such as providing high energy compared to other fruits. Bananas are rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. Bananas also contain vitamins, namely C, B complex, B6, and serotonin is active as a neurotransmitter in the smooth functioning of the brain.
Benefits of bananas very much. Efficacy bananas ranging from overcoming anemia, overcoming constipation, reduce morning sickness; reduce hangover effects, lowering blood pressure for people with high blood pressure and many more benefits of bananas. 

Healthy Benefits of Banana
Banana Benefits
Other Benefits of Bananas
bananas is an alternative healthy food for people with hypertension. Bananas are very well suited for people with hypertension / high blood pressure. Patients with hypertension are encouraged to reduce food high salinity. Bananas are ideal for people with hypertension because bananas are very minimal salt content.

Bananas are rich in potassium, high potassium content is also good for people with highblood pressure. The combination of high potassium and low salt makes the linings of fruit are beneficial for people with high blood pressure.

The competent authorities gave permission for the feasibility of food in the United States (FDA) has recognized the benefits of banana fruit producers so as to allow it to claim that the benefits of bananas can lower the risk of stroke and blood pressure.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Benefits of Juice dates

juice dates benefits - Date is one fruit that comes from Mecca who have a variety of benefits and properties that are good for our health. Distinctive sweet taste and make dates enjoy doing a lot of people, especially people Indonesia. For that reason, the fruit is very suitable for consumption because of tremendous benefit to our body, even the juice of dates are also very good for women who are pregnant.

Benefits dates juice

Here are some of the benefits of dates palm juice for our bodies:
  • Help on diet program.
  • Overcome sluggish and tired.
  • Help bone growth because it is rich in calcium.
  • Treat stroke.
  • Treating anemia.
  • Prevent cancer.
  • Slow aging.
  • Nourish the skin.
  • Overcoming rheumatism.
  • Streamlining the digestive because it is rich in fiber.
  • Increase the platelets in the body.
That's some of the benefits and efficacy of palm juice that we can get by eating a date every day on a regular basis.
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dates juice Benefits For Pregnant Women

dates juice benefits, despite several benefits over the palm juice, palm juice is also very good for women who are pregnant because it can help stabilize blood and nutrients back postpartum. In addition, there is a date in a hormone similar to the hormone oxytocin which can help to stimulate contraction of smooth muscle wall of the uterus during labor. Therefore the benefits of palm juice is very well taken for pregnant mothers, especially those that are pregnant in order to assist in the birthing process.

Benefits of  Dates in Estrogen Hormone Sets:

Have known of the other elements in the composition and function of dates which are very similar to the hormone estrogen. Among the functions of this hormone, among others: The functions of bone, breast, skin, uterus, FSH hormone that stimulates the scrotum, Producing yellow body (corpus luteum) LH in the ovary that hangs on a large ligament, balance ions and minerals in in the body, heal menstrual cycle, body fat distribution, insulin production, production of sperm in men.

That's some of the benefits and efficacy of palm juice for health. Eat dates to get the benefit of a million tiny little pieces that have a sweet taste.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Benefits of pubic hair care

If cared for properly, pubic hair men and women can bring a lot of healthy benefits for the body, what is it? refer to the following article

Some functions of pubic hair include:
1. Provide a sense of warmth around the pubic area
2. Function as a sign of sexual maturity
3. can reduce friction during intercourse
4. Protective region where the growth of pubic hair area because this area is quite sensitive
5. Therefore in the pubic hairs area there are many apocrine glands that function to secrete pheromones, the smell of pheromones can attract the opposite sex, however the fur should not lengthen 

Here are the health benefits to be gained when men and women do routine pubic hair care :

Benefits of pubic hair care for men:
  • When Treated and shaved, will make the penis look bigger.
  • Pubic hair shaved, will make your oral sex more attractive to women 
  • pubic hair that was not cleaned, will increase the likelihood of bacterial growth and cause an infection.
Benefits of pubic hair care for women:
As with men, when the pubic hair in women is often shaved and trimmed, reducing the possibility of skin infections in the vagina. Therefore, drought and heat can increase the chances of something like that.

Pubic hair care tips for men and women:
Prior to shave and clean it, it's good for a hot shower first, in order to open the pores that exist around the pubic hair. Not only that, a warm bath also to soften the pubic hair.
Do not forget to moisturize after pubic hair care, in order to avoid irritation.

Equipment for the treatment of male pubic hair:
Choose the right cream to soften the hair follicles, and use the right knife.

Equipment for the treatment of female pubic hair:
Choose the right razor to shave the pubic area. Then, choose a gentle moisturizer and baby powder to reduce irritation after shaving.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

Efficacy watermelon seeds contain lycopene is good for the body, lycopene serves as an anti-cancer agent, which means to eradicate cancer cells in the body. 

In addition to the anti-cancer substances, so if a problem with the kidneys, it is better to use watermelon seeds as a cure. 

Efficacy and Benefits of Watermelon Seeds. The content of watermelon seeds rich in iron, potassium, vitamins, fat and calories are important for day-to-day nutrition. could also know the manufacture of dairy that produces milk watermelon seeds watermelon seeds to the diet.

Some Benefits of Watermelon Seed

  • diuretic
  • Healthy kidneys
  • Soothing bladder inflammation
  • Moisten intestines
  • eradicate cancer cells

In addition, it contained lycopene in watermelon are also good for your face. In addition to the elderly, watermelon seed can recover health after illness and also sharpen memory efficacious. 

For the men, lycopene is also useful to improve male fertility and also the passion. In fact, according to one study, watermelon seeds has a function equivalent to the famous patent medicines but has no side effects. 
According to a study contents protein watermelon seeds is almost equivalent to soy. 

So a watermelon seed milk is very fitting for those who are allergic to cow's milk or for those who want to diet. 

Water Melon Seed to cure edema
  • watermelon seeds to dry, then ground to a powder
  • Take the powder as much as a spoon, then pour the hot three-fourths cup
  • Once warm, add one tablespoon of honey
  • Toss well and drink immediately once
  • Do twice a day Watermelon Seeds 
Efficacy for diabetes
  • Take 1 handful of watermelon seeds
  •  watermelon seeds Boil one liter of water to boil (45 minutes) in a pot covered
  •  After a cold, drink like tea and do every day

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Is it safe to do yoga while pregnant?. Basically, all kinds of low impact aerobic exercise, such as swimming and walking, safely carried by pregnant women. "Importantly, the exercise does not cause excessive fatigue,". Well, if you want to try something different, yoga can be an option. Here are the questions being asked of the mom candidates about this Yoga for pregnant woman:

Is it safe to pregnant women do yoga?
Generally yes, unless your doctor stated otherwise. "Yoga includes exercises are relatively safe, as more focused on breathing exercises," said dr. Ifsal. However, in the first trimester, pregnant women usually feel nauseous, and tended to decrease food intake, so you have to be extra careful. If you are not completely fit, wait until the pregnancy enters the 4th month.

Types of yoga are most suitable for pregnant woman?

Pre-natal yoga. This type of yoga is designed specifically to train the muscles of the uterus and pelvis, to support the development of the fetus and to prepare the body for childbirth.

What are the physical benefits of prenatal yoga?
Merging movements (asanas) and breathing (pranayama) in yoga shown to reduce various complaints during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the prospective mom usually does experience a variety of complaints such as pain in the waist and back, pain in joints, constipation and swelling in the legs. In some candidate mama, grievances felt even to disturb daily. Well, prenatal yoga movement can facilitate digestion and the body's circulatory system.

Impact on the mind?
According Riana A. Singgih, a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor Yoga Institute, Pune, India, and the Light Yoga studio owner, Simprug, South Jakarta, controlled breathing during pregnancy can harmonize body and soul. How can? Controlled breathing facilitate the release of hormones that can cleanse the body of toxins. In addition, this breathing technique to train the mind to release the pent-up emotional impulse, such as stress, anxiety, and anger. By doing so, you are more calm and ready to face during pregnancy and childbirth.

Whether the fetus can also enjoy the benefits of yoga?
Yes I Do. Prenatal yoga movements designed specifically to train the muscles of the uterus, in order to support the movement of the fetus in the womb. By doing so, the fetus can develop and move to the optimum. Yoga also makes prospective mama more relaxed, and the condition is good for the fetus. Remember, when stressed, the body secretes the hormone cortisol. Not only harmful for the mother, these hormones can also interfere with the growth of the fetus.

Is it true that yoga can be beneficial to the process of childbirth?
Is Right! Yoga can train the pelvic floor muscles, in order to become stronger and more elastic. Blood circulation around the pelvic area is also more smoothly, making it easy to perform normal deliveries. With breathing exercises performed during yoga, you will get used to perform short and rapid breathing, as well as long and deep.

Long, deep breathing exercises to calm mama candidates to go through the pain in labor, as well as trigger the nervous system that facilitate the opening and stretching the vaginal wall. All of this is very beneficial for the delivery process.

When should I start yoga?
You need to let the body adapt to the changes that occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. If you have never done yoga before pregnancy, you should wait until the second trimester or at least until the nausea or dizziness began to decrease. If you are accustomed to doing yoga before pregnancy, continues to do since the beginning of pregnancy (unless you nausea or severe fatigue in the first few weeks).

What else needs to be considered?
Consult your gynecologist before start doing yoga regularly. Do yoga under the supervision of an instructor or in a special prenatal yoga class, so you get a briefing about the movement and correct breathing. If you had a miscarriage, wait until the pregnancy reaches 16 weeks and then you can yoga. Do not force the body to perform movements that actually makes you uncomfortable. So, learn to understand your limits. Good luck!