Monday, July 29, 2013

wish a slim body? eat slowly

Eating Slowly Beneficial to Have a Slim Body

eat slowly and have a slim body

The Benefits of Eat Slowly

Have you tried dieting but still did not get a slim body? It could be that, because you've been eating too fast so it was hard to lose weight.

Studies conducted at University of Rhode Island, USA, have found that eating too fast increasing food consumption. So that was reported by the Times of India.

In the study found men eat faster than women and those who are obese eat faster than lean body owners.

Research leader professor Kathleen Melanson, associate of nutrition to find someone who eat fast food consume 3.1 ounces in a minute, eat at medium speed of approximately 2.5 ounces in a minute, and eat slowly just 2 ounces in one minute.

"The theory that we're after are those who eat quickly is closely related to energy needs. 

That is why men and people who are obese eat faster to meet its energy, "said Melanson. Discovery were presented at the regular meeting of The Obesity Society.

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wish a slim body? eat slowly
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