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Cure Lower Back Pain With Walking Backwards

The Benefits of Walking Backwards to Cure Lower Back Pain

Disorders of the spine bones, kidney disorders, and neurological disorders can cause back pain. In addition, the disc or fractured bones also trigger the onset of pain suffered. So many techniques and drugs developed to relieve back pain disease, one among the many healing back pain techniques contained in Buddhist Healing Touch is efficacious technique.

Here's how to do walking backwards therapy to relieve lower back pain:
Choose a quiet place away from traffic and pedestrians. The ideal time to carry out the exercise is in the morning when the air is still clean. Walking backwards can be done along the 40 meters and the distance gradually be increased. 

benefits of walking backwards
benefits of walking backwards
Backward walking exercise can be done with stride length and speed are varied. Occasional look towards the back to avoid crashing into something much less drop. Keep your legs should be straight and keep normal breathing. At run time, the position of the hand can be placed next to the body or can also be moved while beating the waist.

Treatment of back pain with the technique developed by the retreat of the Japanese people. Walking backwards is believed to strengthen the spine and back muscles flexing. At the time of the therapy retreat, make sure the thigh muscles more utilized than the buttock muscles or calf muscles.

This technique can reduce the backward pressure on the kneecap allowing people to train without whipped worry that can interfere with a vulnerable part of the body. There have been many people who claim that the disease is reduced even disappeared and no recurrence after walking backwards therapy.

Cure back pain with 5 activity following

Back pain is now not only experienced by middle-aged women. Teens and young women are also at risk of back pain due to an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise or sitting position is wrong. If you are a woman at the age of 20 and 30's who have experienced disruption in the back of the body, is to overcome some physical activity.

1. Change often Posture
Frequently change posture when sitting. This method is useful for preventing the body is not only concentrated pressure on the spine. But keep your body arches remain in the correct position when changing posture, the upright but still relaxed

2. While careful Sports
When lifting weights over your head, press the muscles in the buttocks. Cata will encourage the body in a position that automatically stabilizes your spine. With so may reduce the risk of injury to the back.

3. Sitting in Fitness Exercise Ball
Try sitting on the exercise ball workout, or rubber balls every day for 15-20 minutes. This exercise will strengthen muscles and reduce body middle back pain caused by too much sitting.

4. exercise Crunch
Crunch movement that focuses on abdominal and low back muscles can reduce lower back pain by 75 percent. When your abdominal muscles are weak, the muscles in the buttocks and back of the leg muscles have to work harder to be more stable spine.

5. Drink Vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of osteoporosis. According to the study, 80 percent of people who suffer from back pain known deficiency of this vitamin. So, consume vitamin D supplement every day or bask in the sun in the morning for 10 minutes.

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  1. There's an idea:) Part of this is really maintenance and exercise. But self-treatment can only do so much; we need to prepare for the long term; for overlapping ailment. These are just symptoms of a larger condition, and we need to ensure that the overall condition is well. We would need to provide for that, for our families as well as ourselves. We would need to get insurance.


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