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Avoid Exercising above 9 Hours Night

In addition to implementing a healthy diet, we are also encouraged to exercise regularly. Sports is one of the keys to keeping your body healthy and fit. However, due to busy, a lot of us who exercise at night. In fact, exercising at night is not really recommended. Why is that? The simple answer is because it can increase the risk of injury.

Avoid Exercising above 9 Hours Night

Doctors Sapto Adji Hardjosworo, an orthopedic specialist Plastica Premier Hospital, said that the evening is a time to rest the body and the rhythm of the body had been prepared for it. Sports at night increases the risk for injury. According to him, the sport should not be more than 9 hours a night.

Naturally, humans have biological rhythms, known as circadian rhythms. The rhythm is influenced by the hormone melatonin, which is also called the sleep hormone. If it was dark, then this will increase the production of hormones that give a sense of sleepiness.

Exercising at night will make the imposition of the body, which in essence is ready to rest or sleep. That is, exercise performed at an improper time.

In addition to the risk of injury is high, the impact of exercise performed over 9 hours of quality sleep a night is disturbing. This is because the heart rate is racing faster when exercising, so the body needs time to lower it again.

According to doctors, after doing exercise in the evening, usually accompanied by restless activity would sleep, nightmares, sleep but as awake, and waking up feeling refreshed. Therefore, if only had time to do it at night, exercise should be done no later than two hours before bedtime.

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Avoid Exercising above 9 Hours Night
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