Saturday, August 24, 2013

more healthy and beauty with sawdust

Women do have a thousand and one way to treat the body in order to stay beautiful and charming. Powder saws can be utilized.

Presumably sounds strange when a woman immersed himself in the former powder sawn. Wood powders that resembles the sand piled all over the face, leaving only grow alone.

Strange indeed, but that is one method to care for beauty and fitness which appeared in Japan. Sawdust was used instead of lotion that sometimes makes uncomfortable because sticky.

In Japan, this method is becoming a popular trend that many women. This method is believed to make the body more refreshed and younger looking skin. Not only that, some sort of spa treatments also can relieve muscle aches and stimulate blood circulation.

However, not all sawdust can be used. In Japan, they use fir sawdust, named Yoshino Cypress growing in Nara Prefecture. The powder was then finely ground and then mixed with the fermented rice bran also naturally ferment.

Fermentation that is believed very effectual to make the body more fit for being able to activate the organ performance, optimize metabolism, improve blood circulation and immunity. Also stimulates sweat without making enlarged pores and removes sebum from the skin naturally.

The trick is simple enough. Powder like sand was laid in a crib as a bed. Then, we lay down and the powder poured into our bodies to bury the body, leaving only the face. Much like the people who play sand on the beach.

Enzymes contained in the sawdust to make the body feel warm to 40 degrees centigrade. Then the body will sweat like I'm exercising. Unnoticed, sweat profusely.

Spa with sawdust method is apparently not a new trend. In Japan, the way this has been done for a long time, about 70 years ago.

In Japan, one of the salons that provide this treatment care is Kousoyokuen Leaf salon in Shinjuku, Tokyo.


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