Saturday, November 16, 2013

5 important benefits of egg white consumption

During this part of the popular egg yolk health is. But did you know that the egg white was also beneficial to health.

Here are 5 health benefits of white egg for as reported from

benefits of egg white
5 important benefits of egg white consumption
Can generate energy
Egg whites contain high protein called albumen. Albumen which is easily absorbed by the body can provide an instant shot of energy into the body.

Strengthen muscles
Protein present in egg white can also serve to increase the amino acids that are beneficial to the formation of bibs. Lutein, carotene is one of the substances in the egg white can also strengthen bones.

Can you lose weight
Low calorie egg white protein will help you in burning fat. Therefore for those who are trying to diet, it does not hurt to put the egg whites into your diet.

Can lower cholesterol levels
Egg white protein contains low cholesterol levels compared with egg yolk. So do not hesitate to enter the egg whites into your diet as it can also lower your cholesterol level.

Reduce stress
Potassium levels in the egg whites than either to repair the nervous system is also good for relieving stress and depression.

White eggs turned out to save a lot of benefits for your health. Therefore, do not hesitate to put the egg whites in your healthy menu.

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