Friday, November 29, 2013

claimed to be the most soothing music

the most soothing music in the world
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One way that is done by someone to make themselves calm is by listening to music. Each person must have a taste of their music that they deem to calm. However, researchers have formulated the music they claim as the most soothing music.

The song, entitled Weightless which lasted eight minutes is a beautiful blend between guitar, piano, and the sounds of nature. Music is suspected to lower the heart rate, blood pressure, and stress disappear, as reported by the Daily Health Post ( 26/11 ).

This music has been used in a study of 40 women. They were asked to complete the puzzle sabil listen to some types of songs, one of which is the song Weightless. While participants completed the test, researchers looked at the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and their brain activity.

As a result, participants who listened to the song Weightless is 11 percent more relaxing than the participants who listened to another song. This song can also reduce anxiety by 65 percent. This song was made by Richard Talbot from Marconi Union in collaboration with a therapist named Lyz Cooper from the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

One of the unique features of this track is no melody is repeated. This makes the brain continuously stimulated by a tone can not guess what will appear next. The tone on this music claimed to be able to make people very relaxed.

Even so, this song can make a person sleepy slowly so that should not be listened to while working or while driving.

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