Saturday, November 02, 2013

Health benefits of lemon and honey

Have you heard the efficacy of a combination of honey and lemon juice? The combination of the two produces a sweet refreshment, but also to restore power after a long daily hard work.

Reportedly this healthy beverage consumed daily and effectively cope with a variety of things, one of which is to balance the weight. But, that's not only benefit of lemon and honey?

There are several benefits that you can pick through the herb lemon and honey, as follows:

Helps heal digestive problems
Do not think that sour taste of lemon is not good for digestion. Instead of lemon and honey is able to blend into a natural remedy for those who suffer from digestive problems.

Natural Detox
Require natural detox? Well, this is the most appropriate beverage. In addition to helping you lose weight effectively. This juice also make your skin more clean and glowing. You can serve it cold or warm to suit your taste.

Prevent kidney disease
Kidney diseases are caused various things, one of which is the lack of drinking water, excessive calcium in the body, holding urination. Gradually crust occurs in the kidney that usually causes the pain of kidney stones. Overcome this problem, you can do therapy with lemon and honey drink water. Lemon will help to remove excess calcium through urine. However, make sure you consume enough water, at least 1-2 liters a day.

Cure a sore throat
If you have a sore throat and felt the problem would cough, rapid drinking better blend of lemon juice and honey. Honey itself contains an ingredient that can kill the bad bacteria causing sore throat or flu. While the hot water and lemon can help clear the throat of mucus.

Against colon cancer
Honey is a good antioxidant that can prevent the formation of tumors in the body. By eating honey on a regular basis, then you can prevent the formation of cancer in the colon.

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