Saturday, November 30, 2013

healthy mouth with this 4 food

Saliva can eliminate the sour taste so that your teeth will not be easily perforated . Saliva also contains calcium and phosphate which increases defense enamel .

Besides saliva , there is some good food consumed to protect dental health . What is it? Here it is , as reported by Best Health .

1 . Chewing sugarlessEating sweets , especially chewing gum can increase saliva production which is good for hygiene and dental health . Saliva produced while chewing gum will control the pH in the mouth and keep the teeth are not easily perforated . But make sure you eat chewing gum that contains no sugar so as not to harm the teeth .

2 . Cheese is good for teeth and mouth because it contains a high pH . high pH which is owned by the cheese can neutralize the acidic pH can make a quick dental cavities . If you eat foods that are sweet , and no cheese around you , you should close the food by eating cheese .

3 . CranberryDuring this cranberry fruit known as a potent prevent bladder infections . Though the fruit is also good for oral health . Substances suspected role in cranberries can cope with a hole in the tooth and mouth disease .

4 . healthy snacksHealthy snacks will not ruin your teeth , it can strengthen teeth and make healthy mouth . Some healthy snacks can you eat is fresh fruit , raw vegetables , yogurt , pumpkin seeds , beans , and boiled eggs . According to a Canadian dentist Dr. Alastair Nicoll , these foods contain sugar that is not easily broken down into acids , so it is good for the teeth .

Those are some foods that should be consumed to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth . Also, make sure you also take care of and maintain oral hygiene so as not susceptible to the disease . Good luck !

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