Monday, November 04, 2013

Avoid this habit get healthy eyes

healthy eyes benefits

There is a proverb that says eyes are the windows to the heart. Not only is it eye is also a reflection of our health and emotional well.

Maintain eye health can give your face look healthy and fresh. Here are some tips to maintain eye health as reported by magforwomen.

Top 5 habits to avoid to get healthy eyes

1. Do not Rubbed your eyes
If your eyes itch, do not immediately rush rubbed your eyes. Your hands may not be clean, can contain germs that can hurt the eyes. Should expose it to water or eye drops in your eyes.

2. Rest your eyes
If you are facing the computer for too long your eyes would be sore. Do not force your eyes to constantly work. Rest your eyes for a few minutes to avoid pain.

3. Expand the vegetables, fruit and fish
In addition to protection from the outside, you should protect it from the inside by eating nutritious foods and are rich in vitamin A.

4. Perform regular eye tests
It never hurts to get your eye test regularly. This can help diagnose and prevent eye conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

5. Replace contact lens regularly
If you use contact lenses, then you have to replace it on a regular basis. You can not wear them for a full year. Additionally keep your contact lenses in order not to tarnish your eyes.

Regardless of your age, eye health is very important to be maintained.

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