Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Benefits and Efficacy of Noni Leaf

below there is information from the leaves of Morinda citrifolia benefits that will be useful for all of us, because it has been very reliable noni very powerful for our health.

Benefits and Efficacy of Noni Leaves

In addition to the benefits of the fruit turns the leaves of Noni with the Latin name Morinda citrifolia L also has properties that are no less great than his men, one of them is as a remedy for body slimming.

Drinks are of course better than cure as natural as without involving chemicals. Of course the natural way treatment therapy is not as fast as chemical treatment, therefore, required patience and get rid of boredom to consume natural medicine.

For those who want to have a slim body below is the recipe
provide :
Handful of noni leaf
Handful of yellow leaves Java
Intersection dribbles half the little finger
Lemon juice 1/2 point
How to make :
Mash all the ingredients together until smooth
The crushed material was then given a glass of boiled water ( 200 cc ), stirring until smooth
Wring the cloth to separate the waste water with
Drink the potion every morning before eating. If you do not like the taste may add a little honey.
In addition to drinking the potion of course supported by proper diet, for example, avoid fatty foods, high carbohydrate, snacking habits, eating before bed, drinking sweet drinks, drinking alcohol.
Expand eat vegetables and fruit, if necessary, reduce the high carbohydrate foods, such as rice or potatoes replaced corn or potatoes, enough sleep, and do not forget regular exercise.

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