Saturday, October 26, 2013

Healthy Benefits of Bitter Food

Although it feels unpleasant on the tongue, but bitter foods are known to help prevent asthma attacks. Recent studies show that bitter foods can help breathing more smoothly.

Bitter taste will stimulate the taste receptors on the tongue. This will eventually affect the cells in the respiratory cavity muscle that helps calm breathing air and make it easier.

Some bitter vegetables like kale are also known to be able to open airways that have been contracted and tense when a person feels an asthma attack. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts hope the discovery could pave the way for the treatment of asthma patients better in the future.

"I'm interested because someday researchers could use this food to reverse the situation for the better asthma patients without side effects," said lead researcher Dr. Ronghua Zhuge.

Bitter taste receptor normally serves to signal to the body if they find dangerous or poisonous food. Researchers feel that this receptor cells on the tongue only. But lately they found that these cells exist throughout the body.

No bitter taste receptors on the muscle cells could be useful to relax the esophageal contractions and the muscles become more relaxed when in contact with food are bitter.

When an asthma attack occurs, the channel between the cell membranes in the respiratory tract open so that calcium can enter the cell and cause contraction. This is what causes a person having trouble breathing. This study found that bitter foods could close the calcium channels so that the cell back calm and not contracting.

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Healthy Benefits of Bitter Food
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