Friday, October 18, 2013

top 7 lifestyle for a healthy heart

To get a healthy heart does not merely have the medical treatment or food that may just apply and should not be eaten.

Some habits or lifestyle contribute to maintain normal heart works. A study reveals, among other things, that a volunteer force.

Researchers from Canada involved 106 students who voluntarily participated in the study for 10 weeks and found cholesterol levels, body mass image (BMI) and decreased inflammation after following services than their counterparts who are not involved. The key is to be voluntary, without coercion.

top 7 lifestyle for a healthy heart

1. laugh
This practice increases the blood flow. A study called the laughing increased blood flow the same amount as when moderate exercise or lowering cholesterol levels due to taking the drug.

2. People who are easy going
Have a light hearted attitude, sociable, more relaxed and simple have a lower risk of heart disease threat

3. optimistic
Be an optimist. Harvard researchers analyzed more than 200 studies and found that the most optimistic have lower risk of heart disease.

4. You have a pet
Have a good pet for heart health. A study found more than 2000 people who have pets and those suffering from blood pressure or high cholesterol more likely to survive heart disease.

5. Active in physical touch
Hugging, kissing, touching and even make love not only reduces stress and lowers blood pressure but also make the heart healthy.

6. Simple physical exercises or mild exercise
Sitting too much is bad for health. People who spend most of their time sitting had a 54 % higher likelihood of dying from a heart attack.

So when it breaks or when it works, sometimes stand and walk to stretch your body.

7. enough sleep
Not excessive or less correct is enough sleep for health. Study in 2012 found that sleeping too much or too little closer to the risk of heart attack.

People who sleep less than six or more than eight hours are more likely to suffer a stroke, heart failure and heart attack. Bed while sleeping environment and atmosphere also affects the quality of sleep.

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