Thursday, October 03, 2013

Here's The Easiest Way Breast Cancer Detection

The Benefits of Breast Self Examination Techniques

benefits of breast self detection

breast cancer self detection

Breast cancer can be detected early through a few checks for example by mammography or ultrasound. But, there are way easier and cheaper to detect breast cancer through breast self-examination techniques.

"Handle does it feel breast lumps. Moreover, in the armpit or on the neck also examined a lump or not. Then felt pain in the breast or not, " said Chairman of the Pink Ribbon Program Titien Pamudji from Jakarta Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPJ).

The information given in the press conference Titien Reebok Pink Ribbon Fun Walk 2013 at CityWalk Sudirman, Central Jakarta, Thursday (03/10/2013).

In addition, another sign that must be considered when performing breast self-examination is a thickening of skin, changes in the size and shape of your breasts, wrinkled skin, discharge from the nipple, and some swelling in the upper arm.

Well, here are the steps perform breast self-examination :

1. Standing in front of a mirror with your arms dangling down. Notice if there is a lump or change in the shape and size of your breasts.

2. Raise both arms up behind his head, repeat the inspection at the side of the body.

3. Press firmly on the hand and hip and elbow arm movement forward with a shrug. This movement will tense muscles and makes breast lumps more easily visible.

4. Raise your left arm and touch the breast with his forefinger, middle finger and ring finger of your right hand. Do the twist, to the bottom, or the movement from the middle out to feel a lump.

5. Slowly squeeze the nipple, note whether the discharge is not normal.

6. Lying down with your left hand under the head. Put a small pillow under your right shoulder. Feel the entire surface of the left breast in a circular motion, from the middle out, or up and down. Repeat the same method to examine the right breast.

7. Notice the top of the breast near the armpit because that is where many found breast tumors. If a change occurs, consult a doctor immediately.

that was 7 step to breast cancer self detection. if you find this article is useful to read, please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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