Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Health Benefits of Apple Skin

Apple Skin Health Benefits

Many people peels apple before eating it. It is quite concerning because a recent research suggested that the chemical behind the apple skin’s waxy shine contains ursolic acid. 

Researchers in University of Iowa point out that the acid is being credited with a host of health benefits from building muscle to keeping the lid on weight. The chemical is proven to help improving the mass of muscle and prevent muscular atrophy on lab rats. The result that is most likely applicable on human’s muscle.

Apple peels is also known to reduce body fat, blood sugar, cholesterol and trigliserida. Given that, it’s no wonder the peels often become the ingredient for muscular disease and metabolism problem such as diabetic.

The Benefits of ursolic acid

 “Muscle atrophy is a quite general issue. The condition affects most people especially when under treatment for some illness of for ageing. However, there’s no known cure for it,” said Christopher Adams,  an endocrinologist and senior study writer.

Atrophy rises because of muscle wasting or lack of physical exercise. For most people atrophy is caused by not enough utilizing muscle. Think of astronauts who are lying in bed for a long period, away from earth gravity.  

We learn the gene of muscle activities on people with atrophy and use the information we gathered to work on a chemical component that can block atrophy. One of these chemical is very important known as ursolic acid and it is we found a highly concentration amount at apple peels, “he added on.

Researchers suggested that ursolic acid can reduce muscle atrophy and pushing the growth of muscle such as insulin-1 (IGF1) to bulk up muscle. “It is done by supporting two hormones that develop muscle, insulin -1 (IGF1. Since the acid increase the mass of the muscle, it reduces the atrophy. The interesting part is, for rats, the peels show some additional benefit which is reducing body fat, controlling the blood sugar level and cholesterol,” he concluded. 

In addition, even the ursolic acid increase the muscle mass on rats, it doesn’t affect its weight. Rats that consume ursolic acid have lower body fat.

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