Monday, October 28, 2013

do not lie down at least 2 hours after eating

After eat or consumming food is usually a big plus desire to sleep, or at least some direct lie down. You should not make this a habit again. At least, avoid sleeping position within two hours after eating.

Medicine specialists Doctor. Ari Fahrial SpPD - KGEH, MMB, FINASIM, P.hd, FACP suggested body should remain in an upright position for at least 30 degrees even though drowsiness attack. To ensure the upright position, use the backrest.

Ari said, actually this condition by gravity. Sleeping position will automatically open the hull valve. While the upright position ensures hull valve remains closed.

"When the stomach on sleeping position valve will open, as a result of stomach acid out and meet the upper body. Fact gastric acid is needed to process the food consumed," he said at the seminar lay Chest Pain, Symptoms of Stomach Acid, Saturday (26/10/ 2013).

Ari explained after eating should not be in a position to sleep for about two hours. Therefore, during the time of the stomach in full condition. At the same time the hull is in the stage of preparing food. Facilitate sleep position and acid stomach contents up the esophagus out.

Ari further advised to set the time between meals is not too late. This is to prevent drowsiness attack when eating was too late. Types of dishes at dinner also should not consist of red meat, chocolate, or cheese potentially debilitating stomach valve.

Weak stomach valve which lead to disease Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). GERD disease, Ari added, actually a disease due to poor lifestyle. This disease is caused by the consumption patterns of plant and animal that is not balanced, eat often too late, or too much caffeine consumption. This disease must be avoided.

"Balance the consumption of vegetables, fruits, meat, caffeine, and alcohol. Besides eating habit on time so as not to consume an excessive, which would be bad for digestion especially the stomach valve," said Ari.

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