Thursday, November 22, 2012

stay young with this 8 miracle food

Benefits of healthy Food

Age may getting old, but the appearance is always fresh and fascinating is best way, isn't it? Well, the secret of eternal youth is laying on top of your dinner plate. What are antiaging foods you need to consume to stay young? read the benefits article below

Aging is going to arrive. But, we can 'outsmart' by implementing healthy food and beverages to be consumed daily. Here are 8 delicious foods to keep people from dr. Phaidon L. Toruan:

8 food to forever young

1. Steam fish garlic sauce.
2. Two egg whites and one egg yolk (boiled or poached - put eggs in boiling water, remove from heat when it is white).
3. Ice blended plain yogurt or kefir, with a mix of strawberries and bananas.
4. Handful of toasted almonds once every day.
5. A glass of warm or cold green tea in between meals.
6. Baby carrots are eaten raw or flushing hot water briefly, Consumed before the main meal, or for a snack.
7. Some types of lettuce as a salad dressing vinaigrette, before eating.
8. Fresh fruit, 3 times a day

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