Monday, April 01, 2013

Benefits of Beach

This time we will explore the benefits of the beach, the beach has many benefits to human life, than that the beach is one place that can relieve fatigue and a place to make the mind becomes more relaxed. So what other benefits of beach?

1. Tidal agricultural areas.

Beaches can also be used as a farm, one of which is to tide farming. Besides the fishermen, coastal communities can also work as a farmer.

2. Salt Pond area.

This is what we use every day, making a more savory dishes, salt. The salt comes from this area, ie the area of ​​salt ponds

3. Industrial development area with beach style.

Wave power plant built coastal region

4. Natural Attractions

Beach is one of the favorite objects nature

5. The area of oil palm and banana

Beaches are also known to contain nutrients of land suitable for cultivation of coconut, coconut many can flourish beach.

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