Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Benefits of Chewing Food with Correct and Slow

Chewing is part of the process of digesting food. Everyone is always advisable to chew food properly and slowly. Unfortunately, because of the lifestyle that haste makes many people chew and swallow food quickly away. Though there are many benefits to be gained when we chew food slowly.

Some of the benefits and advantages that we will get when chewing food properly and slowly among them:

1. More satisfied
When we eat slowly, your brain sends a signal that makes so feel fuller, thereby reducing the size of the meal. Knowing when to stop eating helps a person lose weight and prevent excessive weight gain.

2. Helps digestion
When the process of chewing food, saliva will break down food particles and soften. This makes the food easier to get into the digestive system. The enzyme alpha amylase and lingual lipase enzymes in saliva help break down carbohydrates and fats. This enzyme is produced by the salivary glands.

3. Maintaining oral hygiene
When chewing food properly, saliva helps fight bad breath and plaque. Hydrogen carbonate in saliva neutralize plaque formation. In addition, saliva also kills harmful bacteria and food particles swept around the teeth.

4. Increased saliva production
When chewing food, your mouth will salivate more. Saliva helps to soften food and also help change the texture. As he chewed, nutrients and vitamins from the food particles are absorbed by saliva will increase the body's energy and break down the food particles more easily.

As mentioned, saliva kills bacteria that may affect digestion. If the food is not chewed kkta eat properly and be devoured, the digestion will require more time and bacteria from food can cause gas that makes us often fart or abdominal pain.

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