Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Benefits of Lucid Dream

Believe it or not, lucid dream that could generate millions. How can that be? any kind of benefit Lucid Dream?

These benefits Lucid Dream
1. Fantasy and Adventure
The first thing that used to go to the brain is you can fly, entered into the world of Harry Potter, compete in the Hunger Games, make your own world out of the sand, fighting dragons, and other fantasy and a lot ideas again. In the real world, you are under arrest by the reality, but in a dream, there is no such thing as natural law. There is no such thing as running out of ideas to Lucid Dream

2. Inspiration
Inspiration from the dream itself? Yes. The dream has become a source of images, music, the building, which is very interesting. In your dreams, you can make music that is new, and has never played with someone else, even if you can not play music. In the lucid dream can wake you wrote your own home, and see the results. So you do not need it to make the first prototype.

3. Exercise
Lucid dream is a golden opportunity. Why not? In the lucid dream, you can do what you want, including exercise. Have mercy on those who are not able to lucid dream, because they could not first practice, before practice in reality. For example: You're afraid to do a backflip. In the lucid dream you do a backflip so in the real world you even dare to do a backflip.

4. Stop Scary Dream
"I never dreamed there was a long black haired girl coming toward me in the dark woods. I realized looks much like a ghost in the movie. Whuuush! I'm dreaming! I immediately remove power from the hand to the ghost. Ghost is dead, and I flew to ..... "

The above quotation is taken from my dream journal. In the lucid dream, you can fight your fear. Whether it's a ghost, your teacher, or animals.

5. Problem Solve
You can really confide same subconscious, and, guess what? Subconscious must have been a good listener. He will always answer you. You can ask different problem to him and he will answer you. For example: You're at a park, and you shout "How good my study?" And suddenly someone appeared in the park, putting on a headset, listening to a song, and learn. You know what that means?

That's it useful! Still remember at the beginning of the post, I said the dream could generate millions? Avatar, the film that produces a lot of money, made in his lucid dream James Cameron. If you pay attention, plot and setting of the film very similar to lucid dream!

Tell us what you dream Lucid benefits below! Good stead to be installed here! (Real)

Lucid dream: A dream realized
Hunger Games: Game killings
Prototype: replica
Avatar: The film is full of fantasy created by James Cameron (Lucid Dreamer).

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