Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bitter Leaf Benefits as Anti Malarial

Healthy Benefits of Bitter Leaf

many benefits this bitter leaf, bitter leaf benefits are as follows this bitter leaf, to treat diseases such as diabetes, typhoid, and there is also the bitter leaf to treat the itching and prevent cancer, perhaps due to a distinctive bitter taste of these leaves.

But that has been widely used and recognized efficacy of the leaf is to prevent malaria because it leaves is referred to as anti-malarial drugs.

Beside that, the leaves are also useful for maintaining endurance or stamina. Maybe that's why the leaves are widely used for boiling medicinal. For the treatment of typhus usually bitter leaf coupled with turmeric and ginger then boiled and drunk boiled water 3 times a day until healed suffering from typhoid. While for better diabetes bitter leaf was eaten or chewed directly in the state are still fresh.

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