Saturday, March 09, 2013

Ingredients and Benefits of Spinach For Body

Spinach is a vegetable that is identical to the cartoon character Popeye. In the cartoon, Popeye would be strong after eating spinach. In fact spinach does have a variety of content that is essential for building muscle. Spinach is also rich in iron which is good for oxygen in the blood. Various Benefits of Spinach abortion In addition to the oxygen in the blood and muscles, spinach is also good for bone strength. This is because the spinach is rich in calcium, which is crucial bone growth. Because it is very good spinach consumed by children. Serve fresh spinach menu for your child to be more adequate calcium needs. Lastly, spinach also contains vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and antioxidants which are efficacious to reduce inflammation. Efficacy spinach can reduce the inflammation makes the joints move more easily. Eating spinach is also good like arthritis and asthma sufferers often. Enjoy a bowl of spinach also definitely refreshing after a workout or after work. According to a source, one serving of spinach (248 grams) has 533 percent of the recommended daily amount for vitamin A. And also contains 133 percent of the recommended amount of vitamin C, 28 percent for calcium, and 43 percent for iron. So do not hesitate eat spinach as a healthy vegetable menu at home.

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