Friday, August 09, 2013

5 Nutrition For Healthy and beauty Hair

Hair is like a crown for every woman. No wonder that all kinds of treatments they do to stay healthy hair and be more beautiful. Ranging from buying a shampoo and conditioner with high prices, cream bath, until hairmask. Yet for healthy hair can also be a variety of vitamins. What is it? Find out here, as quoted from fow Women Mag.

1. vitamin A
Vitamins that can strengthen the hair roots. No need to buy vitamin A and wiped to the hair, but you can also get vitamin A from supplements or foods such as carrots, vegetables, tomatoes, and green vegetables.

2. Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin B complex to nourish the hair consists of vitamin B, B6, B12, and biotin. Vitamins can help reduce hair loss and can prevent the growth of gray hair. Not only that, this vitamin is also claimed to make the hair more shine.

3. vitamin E
To get strong and healthy hair, blood circulation in your scalp must be maintained. With vitamin E, it can help blood circulation running properly. This vitamin can also make your crown becomes softer, and avoid hair cracking.

4. Folic Acid
Vitamin B complex also contains less folic acid, so you do not have to use it terpisa unless recommended by a doctor. Folic acid helps prevent the onset of gray hair and more healthy, and glowing. It also can strengthen the roots of your hair, moisturize the scalp and reduces hair breakage.

5. biotin
Another name for biotin is a vitamin H. Function for the hair to improve the elasticity of the hair, preventing dry hair, damaged hair and reduces risk. Biotin can also help produce keratin which is an essential element for hair health. Not only that, vitamin H it can reduce age-related gray hair.

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