Monday, August 19, 2013

Sesame Oil - Strengthen Bones, Teeth, and Heart

The Health Benefits of Sesame Oil

Although not as popular as olive oil, sesame oil is also known as the healthy oils. In China and Korea, for example, the public is already familiar to use it to process food. It was none other than the intended use to create a distinctive taste as well treatment. What are the benefits of sesame oil?

Top 6 Health Benefits of Sesame Oil

1. Heart healthy
One of the benefits of sesame oil which is heart healthy. This is because the oil works launched by minimizing blockage of blood vessels. It also lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol, through the polyunsaturated fat content (sesamin and sesamol) contained therein.

2. Prevent Cancer
Because it contains antioxidants that can get rid of free radicals in the body, sesame oil can protect the body from cancer and other dangerous diseases.

3. Overcome Hypertension
Reported Boldsky, a study in Japan showed that a diet rich in sesamin (phytoestrogens contained in sesame oil) to prevent happening hypertension.

4. Diabetes control
Sesame oil is rich in magnesium that can protect your body from insulin deficiency.

5. Health intestine
Some type of oil used for cooking tends to increase the amount of fat in the body because it is hard to digest. But not so with sesame oil is easily digestible and healthy colon. This oil is also often used for digestive problems.

6. Improve immunity
Zync The content contained in sesame oil also boosts the immune system. It also strengthens bones and teeth.

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