Monday, September 02, 2013

Baby Burp Benefits

Do you have to burp baby every time? why baby should burp? the baby burp after feeding, the goal that the baby did not vomit and give baby good air circulation. These benefits and how to Burp the baby.

Why could help?
Generally, babies tend to swallow air while eating, and it made ​​him bloated. Burp will remove all the air bubbles that often made him feel uncomfortable.

When to do it?
Burp the baby when Mama is shifting breasts while breastfeeding or after taking about 30cc or more milk. If the baby is swallowing milk formula too fast (this is the trend, yes), frequently make the baby burp.

How to burp baby?
In the upright body position, put him on the shoulder. Another way is to sit her on his lap, or get down on his lap. Gently, rub and pat his back towards the top until both sides of the shoulder.

Do not hit it because it will make your child feel scared and will not remove the air that is inside. After a few minutes patting him, enforce his body again.

Why should relax?
"If Mama is not never been burping a healthy baby, it does not mean something bad is going to happen," said Ari Brown, MD, author of Baby 411. At the age of 4 months, most babies can burp without help. Of course, the little Mama too. In fact, he knew, why, when and why he should do so.

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