Sunday, September 01, 2013

Bra strap Mark, Apparently Become Chronic Breast Cancer

Benefits of Using Right Bra Size

Breast cancer is haunting many women today. There is a lot of information that describes the symptoms and prevention. However, there is an important fact that you need to know.

Lisa Roberts, is one alive who is now feeling what he never thought before. A breast cancer is deadly and incurable appeared in her breasts.

She did not experience any symptoms or lumps, but rather is due to the grooves formed by the former use everyday bra. That is, a bra that is often used is not really fit to be one factor in the occurrence of cancer.

This story knocked conscience many people who later donated funds for medical expenses to the United States. Lisa bear three tumors as well as in parts of the spine.

Lisa's own hopes his story can make a lot of people, whether men or women, to remain vigilant with breast cancer and always check the condition of his body to avoid cancer.

She said that most people mistook the bump just looking to find that their bodies had cancer. Though Lisa itself did not even experience any symptoms of pain or lumps.

Precisely churned through bra that is the beginning of the emergence of the deadly disease. Lisa has now become one of the patients who received donations from the Kick Cancer Campaign. Although otherwise not be cured, but Lisa still hoping he can be healthy again.
Ladies, always keep and consult your health condition. Do not be afraid to check, in order to prevent more serious symptoms.

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