Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fear of Breast Cancer

Many women you know may have breast cancer. It could be friends, co worker or relatives. It seems that this cancer has been stalking you, it haunts everywhere you go. There has been more than a few media pointing out this issue of breast cancer threatening today’s community especially women.

The first time being diagnosed of breast cancer can hit you hard. When the doctor brings you the news, you are probably terrified. Mostly this is because many people only have little knowledge about the cancer. If you have had it before, you may be haunt by the thought of it comes back, or it may be life threatening.

Breastcancer.org explained that having this kind of fear doesn’t mean you definitely infected with cancer. If you have had it in the past, it doesn’t indicate that the cancer will return. Nonetheless, it is only normal to be caution and aware of this condition, considering the rise of breast cancer is all over the news recently.

Fear of breast cancer is not like other psychological fear, and experts from other field share the opinion. The thought we have and the background knowledge of breast cancer plays major role in this matter. It’s necessary to recognize that you share the same fear with so many others out there. However, despite fear is normal, it’s not something to be taken lightly.

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Fear of Breast Cancer
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