Friday, September 13, 2013

Hair Care DIY: 4 Simple Step to Keep Hair Moisture

For woman’s hair is like a crown, to not a few men consider beautiful hair is a plus for women. As women, we certainly want to experiment with our hair like colored, permed, straightened, etc every day before go to work. 

When we do hair treatment, sometimes we forget that the hair moisture can be reduced and eventually the hair becomes damaged.

If your time is up at the office and did not get time to go to the salon to do hair treatment, then you can keep your hair moisture by following 4 simple ways.

4 Simple Step to Keep Hair Moisture

1. Look for products that contain a hair moisturizer Anti UV that can keep your hair from the heat of the sun. Complete with eating fruits that contain high antioxidants such as grape, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, and others.

2. Use hair conditioner or hair vitamins that prevent hair breakage and split ends. Careful use conditioner on oily hair, because it will make the hair limp, it's good to use conditioner 2 days or 3 days.

3. Mango butter and olive oil for hair is also very useful to keep the hair moisture.

4. If you routinely colored or permed your hair, then you'll want to wrap your hair with coconut oil or coconut milk every night in order to keep hair soft. Besides coconut oil moisturizes, also can make the hair stays black and thick.

Do not need an expensive product and a long time for hair care. Simple and brief but routine will produce the same results as your favorite salons.

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