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Make Love in This 5 Time for Easily Orgasm

Sexual satisfaction is not only influenced by the place where you do it. But there are certain moments that also affect the level of satisfaction in sex.

Dr. Laura Berman explains that the couple can reach orgasm in intercourse will get an experience of extraordinary love, which can strengthen the bond between couples.

Here are 5 best time to get satisfaction and pleasure in sex.

1. Morning
Male body produce more testosterone can increase sexual desire and male fertility, so the more excited during sex.

Richard Longhurst, a sex expert at the U.S. said that the sun can make the mood to be more warm and cheerful, and can bring the passion for sex. Several previous studies also mentioned that the chances of the sperm to fertilize an egg bigger when having sex in the morning, because men's testosterone production reaches its peak.

2. Weekend
This moment became the most special moment for couples who are both busy. Try to decorate the rooms to be more comfortable and romantic. Put candles and aroma therapy at the end of the room to increase the sex drive. Play romantic music and nyamankan yourself with each kiss and fondle each other.

3. A day before menstruation
Laurie Watson sex therapist and author of "Wanting Sex Again" states "When the accumulation of blood adds to the load on your uterus, contractions may be more pronounced when the labial and clitoral orgasms and tend to be more sensitive. Try doing a sexual relationship even though you are so easily annoyed (because PMS) and uncomfortable, because sex can make a happier mood. "

Another study revealed that the abdominal pain experienced when menstruation can be mitigated by way of lovemaking. This is because orgasm triggers contractions that deal with pain. Plus the emergence of the hormone oxytocin, which is produced when sex is considered instrumental reduce abdominal pain.

4. Year-End holiday
Just like the moment in Sunday's final, year-end holidays will give you peace and comfort during sex. In fact, you have more time for romance and sex.

"When there's a lot of pressure of work and you have plenty of time to solo, it's easier to get a moment longer lovemaking. No need to rush. Teased her husband in the morning with intimate whisper in the ear, followed by an intense eye contact during lunch. "Said Terence Watts a psychosexual expert.

5. After Exercise
A study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Forida found that people who diligently exercising will feel confidence despite not getting into shape. Confidence is what will make a person more expressive in love. In fact it is claimed to make you dare to have sex in a state of light.

So, you think when the best time?

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Make Love in This 5 Time for Easily Orgasm
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