Saturday, September 28, 2013

the benefits of stretching after wake up

Every morning after waking up, almost everyone felt compelled to stretch. Do you know the benefits of stretching after waking up?

In addition to making people feel better, stretching after waking up really makes people to "wake up". Not only that, there are several other benefits of stretching habits.

Here are top 4 the benefits of stretching are usually done when you wake up:

1. Muscles more flexible
After sleeping through the night, waking people often stiff and tense muscles. This is usually caused by doing the same reclining position in a long time.

Once awake, you will unconsciously stretching to restore flexibility in the hand, back of the neck and legs. A more flexible muscle will make you wake up more easily and eager to undergo daily tasks.

2. Joint flexibility
Causes of body rigidity are the lack of daily physical activity, being overweight, poor diet, good sleep patterns and cold or humid environments, according to the Healthy Back Institute.

Stretching in the morning to help improve range of motion, and stiffness that often accompanies people who are inactive and overweight. Decrease the flexibility of the joints may increase the likelihood of a person experiencing arthritis or have a low balance, which can lead to injury.

3. Improve blood circulation
Stretching in the morning dramatically increase blood circulation. When doing stretch, blood will move faster and circulate to the muscles. Good blood circulation will help you to move and perform functions of activities throughout the day.

4. Relieve stress
Stretching also helps relieve stress and tension. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning, especially when you have to face a stressful day.

Doing a few minutes of stretching in the morning will help relieve tension and allow you to face a more positive day.

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