Friday, December 20, 2013

2,000 Step to a Healthier Heart

THE rarity of someone doing physical activity today is believed to be one cause of the increased incidence of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, lifestyle changes through simple physical activity should be done to reduce mortality from cardiovascular disease.

A study showed that simple physical activity such as walking can have a major impact on health. Researchers say that increasing physical activity by 2,000 steps every day can cut the risk of cardiovascular disease, including stroke.

In other words, changes in lifestyle can have a significant effect on health, regardless of whether a person is obese. In addition, both the impact of physical activity are also felt by people who have never exercised even before.

Therefore, the researchers recommend physical activity such as walking to people who are overweight. In addition, experts say that walking is excellent for parents who may be struggling during the exercise to be healthy.

"The benefits of this activity looks useful activity, regardless of weight or level of intensity in the beginning. Therefore, these findings provide strong evidence of the importance of physical activity in the population at risk,"said Dr.. Thomas Yates of Leicester University, told Express.

In addition, Dr. Thomas said that the research results provide new evidence related to cardiovascular disease. According to him, changes in physical activity levels by increasing the number of steps to substantially reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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