Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Prolactin Hormone benefits for sexual desire

Low sexual desire in men? Pay attention to the levels of the hormone prolactin.

Prolactin was not only instrumental in women. Men are also affected by the influence of the hormone, which stimulates breast development and milk production in women. Prolactin is produced in the pituitary gland located below the brain.

The study found that men with low levels of the hormone prolactin has a general and sexual health poor. Turns prolactin plays a role in providing sexual satisfaction for the body. These hormones work together with the role of dopamine in the onset of sexual desire.

In the study, researchers involved 3,000 European men aged 40-79 years. They underwent tests to determine levels of testosterone, prolactin, cholesterol, and blood sugar. They also underwent measurements of body mass index ( BMI ).

In the final stage, the respondents answered questions about sexual and general health. Including whether respondents consuming alcohol and smoking. Research results published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The result, according to LiveScience reports, men who have low levels of prolactin have poor sexual and psychological health. Men who had prolactin levels below average, tend to experience depression, poor sexual function, and do not enjoy orgasms. Men also tend to be healthier in general, indicated a high BMI, blood sugar, and low physical activity.

The results of this study conflict with the allegations of the results of previous research on the function of prolactin. In this research, high levels of prolactin inhibit sexual desire and performance.

In fact, high levels of prolactin which tends to have a positive effect than negative in maintaining male sexual desire. This research demonstrated in mice that using drugs to increase levels of prolactin. As a result, the increase in prolactin encourages sexual desire in mice. Still not known how prolactin affects sexual function in men.

Terrkait low production of prolactin, a theory is, it is associated with poor health in general, men who consumed alcohol and smoking. The low prolactin signal then becomes reduced production of other hormones that affect sexual desire.

Noteworthy, although there is no research, hormones that affect a man's sexual desire, it is also associated with the production of breast milk in women. Low levels of the hormone prolactin potentially lower milk production.

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