Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why Need to Eat Before and After Sports?

Sport has the benefit of being able to increase the metabolism so as to burn more calories in the body. However, intake of energy to perform exercise movements are also not to be missed.

Sports requires energy, let alone the type of exercise you do is strenuous exercise. To obtain optimal energy during exercise, you need to eat beforehand.

Energy does not actually have to be food. The body has a reserve of energy called glycogen. When required, glycogen is converted into energy. That is why some people can exercise without eating beforehand.

Eating before exercise is an action to get extra energy so that one can exercise better. However, not all food is good to eaten before exercise. Should choose low in fat and high protein foods. And eat two to three hours before the start of exercise or one hour if only eat small portions.

After the exercise was not to say you do not need anymore energy. Exercise burns glycogen which is the "content " of the muscle. So after that, you should immediately replace it with proper food intake.

According to JJ Vigrin, nutrition and fitness experts from the United States, eating after exercise is important for muscle repair process called back or muscle protein synthesis. The body requires the intake of carbohydrates to replenish muscle energy and protein to help rebuild muscles.

" The first hour after exercise is the golden period of the formation of the muscles, so now is the best time to mengasup nutrients needed in the process, " he explained.

Although carbohydrate is recommended, but should avoid fructose as carbohydrate sources. Virgin said that fructose may slow fat burning after exercise. So avoid juice drinks or fruit juice after exercising.

Instead, choose complex carbohydrates in combination with protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

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