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8 Ways Leaving Smoking

leave smoking 8 ways
8 Ways Leaving Smoking
So you intend to quit smoking but do not know why? "Because smoking harms health," is not enough reason. To get great motivation, you need reasons that are personal and powerful. For example, just because you want to protect the family from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Or the threat of lung cancer is frightening for you. Or perhaps you want to look younger. To be sure, choose a good reason to make it easier to say goodbye to cigarettes.

1. Get support
Tell family and friends that you intend to get out of the shackles of cigarette smoke. Support of them will raise your spirits. If you do not need to temporarily join with friends once a smoker.

2. Set stress
One of the reasons people smoke are nicotine to help them relax. When you quit smoking, then you need another breakout to deal with stress. Try massage, listening to music, or explore a hobby, it could be positive escape. Avoid stressful situations first few weeks after you quit smoking.

3. Avoid coffee
Some activities may encourage you to smoke. Alcohol and coffee are the most powerful triggers for smoking. If you normally smoke after eating, now try other activities, such as brushing teeth or chewing.

4. Sport
Let's move. Sports activities can reduce and eliminate dependence on nicotine addiction symptoms, such as feeling weak and dizzy. Even mild exercise, such as walking or mowing the lawn garden, is enough to help you know.

5. Consumption of vegetables and fruits
Let's not go on a diet when you want to quit smoking. If you fear the agency will expand, focus on low-calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables. Research conducted at Duke University found that these foods will make cigarettes taste bad.

6. Choose a gift
Do not be stingy reward yourself. You can raise money "ration" cigarettes to buy goods which had long coveted as a reward for your success do not smoke.

7. Pharmacological therapy
Sometimes, a failed attempt to quit smoking not because of a lack of effort, but the brain stimulation that has been contaminated with nicotine is more powerful and influence a person to continue smoking. To fix this, do non-pharmacological treatment with drugs to stop nicotine addiction gejaka (craving) on ​​nicotine. Ask your doctor to prescribe.

8. Do for health
You know, so we quit smoking, many health benefits that can be achieved. 20 minutes after quitting smoking, blood pressure will go down. One day later the oxygen and carbon monoxide levels in the blood return to normal and reduced the risk of heart attack. In the long term, the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer, also declined.

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